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  1. Some hardware stores stock blank door handles and the euro lock shape is cut out with a press to the size you require. Please dont ask me which ones do this in the UK but they are out there somewhere.
  2. it's a good job that ordered 50 then, you probably ordered the rest because I think we are going to see a good demand for these. And the 15% is good.
  3. Extra special thank you to Howard K for your help which led me to this. Davenport Burgess XVH185 / 1679R.
  4. Thank you for your help. I have managed to find these key blanks on a USA site but the cost is rather expensive to ship to the UK. Probably cheaper to replace the ignition switch.
  5. I need to id this key blank. its for an electric caterpillar plant machine. Brand on key is CH and there is a number 601 stamped on the key blade.
  6. In defence of Brisant i have to say that the business model is to sell lock cylinders in large numbers. Locksmiths purchase very few compared to the door manufacturers. However, by limiting the number of key blanks means that Brisant will also gain revenue from duplication. I said in defence, but that is far as I would go in praise. I think the practice is very short sighted and does not seem to be one that has longevity. There are many other cylinder manufacturers out there to choose alternative brands to use. If I come across a cylinder that I can not cut keys
  7. Update on Steve Hick. I have reliable information that Steve is alive and well. Hi is driving vans and small trucks and is very happy.
  8. We have a Nexam 25 forklift with the code 530 on lock face plate. We have tried JGH1D (JMA) this does not work both sides (not wide enough). Tried BT2 (Silca) Not good, Tried LF12 ( Silca) too thick. Anyone out there know this.
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