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  1. almeriasecure

    Blank for versa 6 pin cylinder

    They do work Graham. I got a box in yesterday & as I stock Versa cylinders I tried a few with no problems.
  2. almeriasecure

    Key ID

    Cheers LKDIY
  3. almeriasecure

    Union key

    Thanks for the suggestion, however, it's not the right blank. It wont go in the cylinder.
  4. almeriasecure

    Union key

    Does any one know if this key blank is available?
  5. almeriasecure

    New Cylinder Machine

    Good Choice Gavin. I have two, one in the workshop & the other in the van.
  6. Any ideas what blank for this key?
  7. almeriasecure


    Where did you get your Futura from? I purchased mine from Aldridges & get get great customer support from Dave.
  8. almeriasecure

    Defu dimple key cutting machine.

    Not sure about the Defu but I purchased a Chinese dimple/laser key cutting machine through Bangood. It ended up in the skip. I now have 'proper' dimple & laser key cutting machines. So my advice is don't waste your money with a cheap Chinese machine.
  9. almeriasecure

    Key ID please

    I had the SKS rep Steve visit me today & it turns out I wasn't far wrong. Good old Steve said the key blank is a JMA ALP-2. Thank you for the suggestions.
  10. almeriasecure

    ABUS Key ID please

    There is a slight difference.
  11. I am trying to ID this key blank. The nearest I can find is a JMA ALP-6. Any other suggestions please. It's for a portacabin door lock & has a number 149 stamped on the blade.
  12. almeriasecure

    avocet attkk

    Graham,I know you are good but not that good. Even you could not get a BRS2 to fit an Ultion. BRS2 is for Brisant E.
  13. almeriasecure

    avocet attkk

    Silca BRS2 is the key blank I use.