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  1. My claim is in as of a few days ago it will be a nice way of paying off some debts cheaply, that plus the self employed grant and the 10k business rates relief I cant believe how much they have stepped up to the mark (financially at least)
  2. If it is the 10k I dont actually mind taking a bit of time off and working for a supermarket for a bit, will be a nice change of pace
  3. Yes i get full relief, but I cant find anywhere where it says UP TO £10,000, everywhere I have read says quite plainly a static £10,000 Trust the government to not make things clear ey?
  4. Cant get these for love nor money, how do you get them? getting 50 requests a day at least Cheers
  5. So they are gonna give me £10,000?? ill believe it when i see the bucks in my account, looks like we might all be off to Aldi to stack shelves for several months to me
  6. Thank you guys yet again the forum comes through
  7. I’m not sure Graham, my Dad took my daughter to go get it - I think it was that way on but not 100% sure why do you ask mate?
  8. Does anyone have any knowledge about this machine please? good? Bad? Terrible? Ok? my daughter has just been given one and obviously needs to know it’s capabilities and how to work it? thank you in advance guys kind regards carl
  9. Hi all obviously ive got the D and the C blank but not the A blank can anyone help? cheers Carl
  10. I didn't vote - I tryed to but was so busy at the time I had other priorities (business, family), if they destroy democracy and force another vote I will make the time to vote Out I was never one to believe it would be easy but I never imagined it would take this long and going forward I don't expect us to be better off for at least 5-6 years and plus - but I do think it is absolutely necessary and like has already been said we need our freedom and control back not to mention the countless amounts of money that shifts from our country to other ones.......that part simply has to stop. I predict another vote coming with 3 options designed to dilute the Leave pool.............watch wait and see 1.Stay 2.Hard Brexit 3.Soft Brexit Thereby diluting the leave votes and giving the majority to the Stay voters If there's one thing you can trust about a politician it is to be totally and utterly Dishonest they are all and I mean every single last one of them, lying, cheating, scheming, dishonest scumbags of the highest order that don't have one single iota of integrity about themselves their job or their soul - Rant over
  11. 64594 64599 JMA LF-7D goes in the locks just one of each please If anyone can help please pm and ill send funds through paypal and give my delivery address cheers Carl
  12. Anyone got any of these or know where i can get them (blanks not pre cuts) cheers
  13. Any ideas what the smallest finisher available is?
  14. Hi does anyone know what cutter knob size I order for the Gravograph is200? The brass thing that holds the cutter/diamond in place 1/8", 11/64" or 1/4" all the best
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