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Bunk wheel/crow wheel

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Woodware Repetitions hold or held all the old Barnsley tools after they ceased trading. But the are so antiquated they have no web presence and even still type their invoices. I brought from them only a year or two ago so I assume they are still with us.

Get yourself a meths burner from them also. heating up the tools makes a massive difference to the end result.

And whilst your at it. get an iron to close down your stitching grove the times I see pictures on social media of a half tidy repair with a ragged stitching grove, its like those who get pictured the union jack inside out like Laura Kenny at the cycling last night, both wind me right up!

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Hi, I know it’s 3 years late, but we still make them here at Arford Enterprises in Kettering, Northants. Our website is in need of an update really to give us more of an online presence, as there does seem to be quite a lot of interest in bunk/fudge and crow wheels as well as seat wheel/sliding box wheel which we make also. 

I’m not sure if you’ll pick this thread up after this amount of time, but feel free to contact us if we can help. 


01536 483662

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