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  1. Not the main grant but there’s a discretionary grant which we’re entitled to due to lack of footfall. We haven’t received it yet but other business that are still open have started getting theirs. I know a cobbler who was denied the main grant because they were allowed to stay open so they said she wasn’t entitled to the grant, she eventually managed to close but only after getting environmental health involved. It seems to be different rules for different councils.
  2. We just asked our council if we could stay open and they said yes. I thought it was key cutting that gave us the option to stay open.
  3. Yeah my guess was borders and Covid, I’m just not getting a straight answer from anyone which is more annoying. Iv got about 7 or 8 pairs of boots and shoes for vibrams and dr marten units. Some of them are from the back end of January so I can understand customers frustration. many thanks chris
  4. Anyone else that’s open having problems with half fulfilled orders. We’re only receiving half of what we order yet the website says it’s in stock. Mainly shoe repairs materials. Vibrams, dr martens, etc. Customers are getting a bit miffed off with me now. Is there a reason why it’s never been a problem before?
  5. What glue does everyone use for pvc plastic glue. We’ve always used birch tek 2020. It’s served us well I was just curious if there’s anything better? And if so why?
  6. Hi does anyone know of a supplier that supply fell running soles.. I have a couple of customers who are in need of sole replacement on their trainers but colleges and birches don’t supply them.. cheers Chris the key cobbler, Kendal Example below
  7. Terry is still here, nige unfortunately was made redundant a few weeks ago. Only terry running it now. We get on well with them both.
  8. We have heard their going to be closing the one opposite us, which you could say it’s a good thing but they are a high street name which do bring folk into town. that’s actually two shops with the wall knocked through so I would imagine they will be paying two lots of rent and maybe two lots of rates. There’s only a que every now and then and it’s usually for dry cleaning..
  9. I get stressed with one, we also have one in morrisons but that’s on the outskirts of town. Still takes business away from the high street.
  10. Yeah it can be good for business, especially with all this queuing. they’ve just made one of the lads redundant and manning it with the other bloke. We get on well with them and there pretty open about what they take and what’s going on behind the scenes.
  11. Yeah we’re in Kendal. You should have popped in we haven’t had any other cobblers pop in for a while.
  12. Just out of interest how close are timpsons to you... this is my daily headache. Luckily we’re fairly busy and have some loyal customers but when their busy and you’re not it’s hard not to notice and vice versa. This pictures from our front door chris the key cobbler
  13. to be honest we'v had it for about two years and it was my boss who bought it, he's pretty much retired and he and his wife have got health issues so i try not bother him so much about work.. we'v just always put of using the new one but this started to effect the quality of the repairs especially because we use JR Leather and its pretty tough stuff.. il will try find out though
  14. whitfield Profesional. just managed to get round the toes but what should have taken 2min took 20 min. got a feeling its just going to be a case of wearing it in over time.
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