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  1. to be honest we'v had it for about two years and it was my boss who bought it, he's pretty much retired and he and his wife have got health issues so i try not bother him so much about work.. we'v just always put of using the new one but this started to effect the quality of the repairs especially because we use JR Leather and its pretty tough stuff.. il will try find out though
  2. whitfield Profesional. just managed to get round the toes but what should have taken 2min took 20 min. got a feeling its just going to be a case of wearing it in over time.
  3. iv just changed over to a new groover as the old one was blunt BUT i'm now terrified of loosing my fingers. What can i do to maybe wear it in a bit faster? got a few leathers to do but going round the toe seems to a bit the tricky part... never struggled on the old one but this thing is razor sharp.
  4. I know this could be a touchy subject but its important, iv been thinking about the impact of brexit on the shoe repair industry. I know there's no definitive answer but what are everyone else's thoughts on the impact of brexit on shoe repairs, suppliers, foot fall ect.... already asked a couple of reps what there companies are doing in preparation and it dosen't seem to be alot. i can only imagine that this is a good thing and there feeling confident...Discuss
  5. We’v already got a fudge wheel it’s the sort of triangle patterns you get round the stitching we were after. Here’s an example. Gonna have a look at Randy leather but I wouldn’t have thought they still produced them
  6. I was wondering if anyone could help.. trying to locate a bunk wheel/crow wheel, used for decorating soles usually around the heel breast and around the stitching. Not even to sure if bunk wheel/crow wheel is the right terminology. Can’t find them anywhere. Cheers
  7. Trying to identify this leather working tool, It looks like a fudge wheel type of thing. I’m hoping someone on here could help. Didn’t know whether it could be useful for work, found in an antique centre priced at £70 Cheers
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