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  1. sad news for you and your family lawrence
  2. closed(door shut) but in cleaning and service machines every other day for four hours to give me something to do
  3. seem little bit better than city safe rep told me just not as much electro playted as normal silca
  4. VIBRAM 1014 TETON UNIT BLACK - SIZE 39/40 LENGTH 11 1/2 INCH these would look nice charles birch
  5. https://www.charlesbirch.com/p-6822-duradotbc-snap-fasteners-15mm-brass-finish-bag-of-50.aspx any good ???
  6. does it matter one tells the other and the other tells there mates = more trade
  7. https://www.lbslondon.co.uk/ or charles birch ltd
  8. merry cristmas to all on the forum lawrence
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