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  1. https://www.replacementkeys.co.uk/john-deere-jd2-ignition-key.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwiY6MBhBqEiwARFSCPn5RcuoC8Ift1Xe7G4ckNIZgRp1-BRjuNEgllfSUkRg8jNx_NmxB7RoCpUYQAvD_BwE maybe
  2. try lineing up from from the end of the key rather than than the collar
  3. give it up as a bad job and take them to a shoe repair shop and help him her make a wage
  4. had mine 34 tears and i just use a little universal oil from pound shop and its still running fine
  5. Green Grizzly had a few things now all with good service
  6. talking to birch the other day they now have a new suppler should come on stream soon
  7. birch loads of keys out of stock
  8. pound shop over the road from me sells ten for a pound but also renata 99p each
  9. 44 years plus two years sat and holiday lad five aqnd half days a week (anybody else still have half day) lawrence
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