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  1. the trg sprays tend to flex with the shoe so would help
  2. try match with a trg spray then finish with birch etc clear gloss spray
  3. algsoul


    the service I get from birch is not to bad the one thing that does bug me is I send payment within a month but if you are waiting for a credit note it takes them up to four months lawrence
  4. tried the Vibram ones and not very good to soft
  5. algsoul


    knuckles and wrist with banging my hammer every day
  6. out djing Friday night played this one at the ritz brighouse 350 punters all claping at the end of the record wow
  7. if you don't get sorted pm me Monday/Tuesday think I have a spare at work that you can have
  8. https://www.charlesbirch.com/p-6835-leather-stacked-heel-covers-shaped.aspx Charles birch
  9. algsoul

    Easter weekend

    just Monday off for me
  10. algsoul

    Clasp for bag

    if stuck buy a old bag/satchel from age uk etc and use that