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Entry level computerised engraver

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Because it's for business you can't afford, long learning curve or to add engraving as a service just to permanently hate it.

As you are a permanent fixture on this forum :wink: you probably have heard how people hate engraving.

I can fully recommend any roland engraver, see here to find the size to suit https://www.rolanddg.co.uk/products/engraving-machines/benchtop-engravers


The power of roland lays in its precision and the best software on the market, easy to use, simply designed to do the job over and over again without user hesitation.


The best advice I could give, is at least do not buy anything unless you go and see Roland in action at their show room.

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Hi rick have a look here http://mrfixitwholesale.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=119 these are in my opinion the best value for money machines around with the most flexible easy to use software. Also after purchase you won't be stung asking for more money saying you need a dongle to open up that engraving option your software doesn't include that like other machines. Pop up to my warehouse and see the machines in action in my engraving workshop so you can have time to play with the machines and see. What they can do for you.

But most importantly any machine I sell I will give a 10% discount for shoe repairer forum members and can supply on monthly payments so no need to raid the piggy bank.



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