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`safe ventures pick training

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To be fair, I have never really got on with this one either.  I know the principles and the old caterpillar pick seems to do the trick.  Its certainly easier for opening.  However, I find the Safe Venture pick is very easy to damage and often gets stuck.  Just my opinion.


It's easy to say "what's not to get", but he wouldn't be asking if he wasn't having a problem.


Be very gentle with it!  Don't put it in the ignition because the chances are it won't come back out.  Make sure that the lock is well lubricated.  Slide the wire part in first and make sure thepick goes right in before you start picking and then it's as per the caterpillar type.  Instructions should be able to assist with the rest.  

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ive used these for many years , deadly accurate decode , yes its a balls ache to have to calibrate/set the reader once open , but never lets you down. i removed the wire , i keep it in case ever needed but rarely use it. like most i use the catarpillar tool mostly due to speed and ease of use , but the SV still comes out on a regular basis .

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I use mine always  to do a new key use caterpillar to unlock if keys inside

I find the 4s (the ones that don't move)

Then gently work down to the end using each line as the guide find the one that is sloppy (turn gently until it moves and you can feel the bar going into place)

and when open hold it and set the marker if using clockwise no4 is the first one when you turn it clockwise then read it from one end to other and you should end up with the code (if you done it right) if not start again and keep on going until its done right you will get there and the more you do it the better you become readings are perfect everytime


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