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  1. Marigolds !!! welders gloves !!!!!! I’ll have to come on this forum more often Ha ha better than telly
  2. Order these on eBay they are used on caravans I ordered one the other week came next day
  3. Ian platt

    Best all round engraving machine???

    You should also be asking which company gives best after sales very important I run u- marq universal and Gravograph m40 g have to say I had a problem when changing my laptop lost soft ware on Gravograph machine and they made me pay £170 for new software dongle it lasted just over a year then fell apart they wanted to make me pay again for dongle I’ve ended up with a basic package down loaded it’s crap The same happened with laptop for u-Marq machine replaced by Umarq no charge Universal machine great machine
  4. Ian platt

    Brass memorial engraving

    Single line font what do you mean by open font? I painted with cellulose paint and wiped off left it an hour probably leave longer next time and didn’t put enough paint on at first Found it dried quickly so had a little trouble spreading will put more on next time photo below what price do you charge for brass engraved ??
  5. Ian platt

    Brass memorial engraving

    What size cutters are you using for text about 4.5 mm I used o.2 and thought text was beginning to go to wide before I had it deep enough
  6. Ian platt

    Yale superior

    Oh not another one I’m still having trouble with the first ones been nothing but trouble using futura Cut two then next can’t get to work
  7. Hi all I’ve decided to have another go at brass memorials I sell lots of the gold plastic as in photo but get asked to supply brass so I bought some brass and a new 0.2 cutter and had a go I’m using the universal 300 machine but couldn’t get it to cut deep I tried with and without the nose cone can anyone tell me the correct way thanks in advance
  8. Hi can anyone on here cut me a key to this old ford door lock it’s a fh type blank FO-4P (Sks) by the no’s on disks please
  9. Does any one know the key blank for these handles please
  10. Well spotted graham I’ll have to ask what happened to the body had a quick look as I was leaving work I’ll check with customer tomorrow
  11. Need 5 of these anyone any idea who may supply thanks
  12. Hi I’ll take I’ve pm can you contact me thanks
  13. Blank required and can they be cut on futura
  14. Ian platt

    Zadi key needed

    Thanks I’ll try and order