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  1. Ian platt

    Alco key I.D

    Yes rick there is, but that looks easier and thanks lock stock
  2. Ian platt

    Alco key I.D

    Any idea for this one for a trailer lock thanks
  3. Do anybody know the blank used for these locks? Thanks
  4. Hi does anyone know the cutting card and blank for this lock please it’s off a box on a motor bike key no is 343 stamped on lock pic attached thanks in advance
  5. Ian platt


    We too have had a couple of tracers break for no reason reported t o birch said they’d sent out a replacement but never received ended up buying one from 3D group see what they are like
  6. Any idea about these keys first one I’ve came across e.g can a future cut them or who keeps the blanks? Thanks
  7. Anyone help with this key blank please
  8. Ian platt

    Used watch batteries

    Anyone got a contact for anyone who buys used silver batteries? Thanks
  9. Thanks for replies i acquired the safe was going to sell on thought it would be better to sell with 2 keys I'll chance selling with just the one key
  10. Anyone found the blank for these just started to get asked for them thanks
  11. Hi does anyone know the cutting card and blank ref for these please lock stamped 019 thanks in advance
  12. Hi this is a long shot looking for a key like the one in the bottom left of picture I also nee a replacement a lot barrel as the one in picture any ideas where I may get either many thanks in advance
  13. Hi mask up the surrounding area rub off the engraving with wet and dry start with rough then smooth depending how deep engraving is only rub in one direction then polish with metal polish or duraglit remove masking tape then lightly polish the whole tankard no problem works a treat hope this helps
  14. Can anyone help ID this key please thanks,