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  1. Does any one know the key blank for these handles please
  2. Well spotted graham I’ll have to ask what happened to the body had a quick look as I was leaving work I’ll check with customer tomorrow
  3. Need 5 of these anyone any idea who may supply thanks
  4. Hi I’ll take I’ve pm can you contact me thanks
  5. Blank required and can they be cut on futura
  6. Ian platt

    Zadi key needed

    Thanks I’ll try and order
  7. Can anybody identify a key blank that will fit this lock please, it’s for a pannier set off a Ducati motorcycle
  8. This is a key for a milenco van lock any ideas ?
  9. Don’t know why he snapped it off I told him i would have got it out however he left the lock with me and there was no way it would come out I Had to strip the lock and knock it out with a hammer and punch before it wound come out We have since cut another key for the lock which also worked but also stuck in the lock we managed to get it out we found that after filing the front end of key it worked and came out easily so I’m not sure whether it’s key cutting problem or a lock problem
  10. Had a customer order a Yale superior cut to code on futura we’d been having a few problems with the machine Cut the key customer came back a week later with the cylinder and our key snapped off inside the lock he said he had to call out a locksmith who also couldn’t get the key out so he snapped off the head and replaced the cylinder as the key we had cut was working ie turning and opening door there was a thumb turn on inside but wasn’t a factory fitted one it was an adapted one like a disability aid I’ve stripped the lock and attached some photos of what I found there is damage to one side of the track at the tip of key any thoughts to weather this is a lock fault or key cutting fault ?
  11. Ian platt

    ultion blanks

    Thanks will do
  12. Starting to get asked for these keys 11s 12 s and 13 s anyone supplying the original blanks and can anyone supply cut to code thanks I n advance
  13. Ian platt

    asec vital key blank

    6 pin Yale blanks work fine on these hd 16hl.
  14. Ian platt

    futura tracers breaking

    Hi hibsjo I’ve also been told either a loose wire or defective one checked wire wasn’t loose so awaiting new wire which still hasn’t arrived !!!!!