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  1. Ian platt

    Motor home key id

    Za10p done the trick thanks !!
  2. Ian platt

    Key blank I’d

    Thanks graham !!
  3. Ian platt

    Motor home key id

    Thanks for replies
  4. Any ideas this blank is for some plant machinery think it’s HAKO thanks in advance !!
  5. Ian platt

    Futura woes

    Contacted Silca made them aware of the problems they told to go back to where the machine was purchased and they would sort out any issues did that and someone came out spent half a day on machine seemed ok when he left but we soon began encountering the same problems I get the point about depth keys but the point is i bought the machine ultimately to cut the Yale superior keys and cut car keys by code and it has been a problem from day one can except the early problems with the new machine but we are still stuck with a machine we were sold to do a job that It simply doesn’t do
  6. Ian platt

    Futura woes

    I would like to be able decode Ultion and HU101 but when struggling to do that, I can’t find myself wanting to pay more money for updates.
  7. Ian platt

    Futura woes

  8. Ian platt

    Futura woes

    So you have pay for upgrades for your your to work?
  9. Ian platt

    Futura woes

    After re updating machine checking preferences the machine on this one key still decided to ask for a 02T trace and I think we can all guess what happened AGAIN. 7D9BE13A-2E98-4A3E-887C-C19421FCD9AE.MOV
  10. Ian platt

    Futura woes

    Sorry for the late reply, The machine has always asked for 02T tracer for every key it decodes but only started snapping the traces about a year ago, I tried a conductor test from tracer to jaws and tracer to key as your able to see in the options if it is making a connection and both were
  11. Ian platt

    Futura woes

    Yeah there’s always user error, I actually caught this one on video, this was after about 4 tracers 12DEC01C-4C02-4F0A-B699-33BBAB3BE84C.MP4
  12. Ian platt

    Futura woes

    I’ve had problems with it snapping tracers for a long time, not decoding keys properly, no matter what software version I’m running or how many times I calibrate the jaws
  13. Ian platt

    Futura woes

    Correct, that’s exactly what was in and all up to date