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  1. Selling on behalf of a friend £750 ono northeast based
  2. The video was started after I had removed the top die, wouldn’t put a watch in without a die on top and bottom the back goes on completely flat but pops off after a short time longest it stays on is 15 mins. yes it’s a first for me been fitting them 20 years Frustrating back to skagen it goes
  3. Any ideas got this watch back that won’t go back on wasn’t tight to come off but every time I put back on it pops off watch the video FullSizeRender.mov
  4. Here’s one I opened yesterday it’s on a pvc door, window company that fitted came out removed glass then said customer should contact a locksmith. door was jammed solid they had the wrong key and the handle would press down but not release the dead bolts. I removed handles ID’d the gearbox, opened the cylinder drilled a hole and released the hooks and rollers replaced gearbox and cylinder and re aligned the door as in picture. get to know all your gearboxes then most can be opened like this or by removing cylinder and working through the cylinder hole. it’s not always fractured it’s sometimes the doors just dropped and is so tight the cylinder won’t throw with the key
  5. Hi I’ve opened loads as with a lot of pvc doors remove the handles then you can normally I’d the gearbox there’s normally a lot to see around the cylinder and spindle if not you can drill a couple of holes in as the handle area to I’d the centre case once you recognise the case you cane normally move the relative parts either through the holes or break out the cylinder and work through cylinder hole get to know all your gearboxes and how they work not that many differs on composite does era Gu Lock master. The most popular were I am never had to cut cut hooks
  6. Ordered these blanks thinking they look the double of the Yale platinum 3 star keys, they have a extra groove, anyone know if this blank would still work?
  7. Any ideas this blank is for some plant machinery think it’s HAKO thanks in advance !!
  8. Contacted Silca made them aware of the problems they told to go back to where the machine was purchased and they would sort out any issues did that and someone came out spent half a day on machine seemed ok when he left but we soon began encountering the same problems I get the point about depth keys but the point is i bought the machine ultimately to cut the Yale superior keys and cut car keys by code and it has been a problem from day one can except the early problems with the new machine but we are still stuck with a machine we were sold to do a job that It simply doesn’t do
  9. I would like to be able decode Ultion and HU101 but when struggling to do that, I can’t find myself wanting to pay more money for updates.
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