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  1. We’ve just reopened reduced hours and it is quiet but worth opening we’re told not eligible for any grant this time
  2. Hi does anyone know who might supply numbers like these in picture thanks
  3. Hi anyone know blank or these please sure I’ve had the before can think of blank reference thanks in advance
  4. So rang our local council and was told they would get back to us did so but said it would be a decision for someone higher and they would get back to us but may take a week !!!!
  5. Hi are there anyone opening this lockdown are we allowed to open ??
  6. Ok thanks I’ll try and sell new locks instead it’s an building just been taking over
  7. Key for bi fold doors camlock looks like lf30r but thinner blank
  8. Does anyone cut these to code or know where I can order I think it’s meroni MER39
  9. No problem I’m moving house so sorting through my garage when I get time I’ll separate and send in post If you message me your address I’ll post them this week !
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