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  1. you reported it to hinkleys so it can be locked
  2. futura12

    Auto locksmith

    get a big bank loan cos onc you start it never ends even half what you need 60000 investment
  3. the problem is people work cheap if every one did proper prices people would earn proper money
  4. well worth 5 i paid 8000+vat for mine
  5. will this do the old zavira remotes and old corsa remotes as i have abrites it let me program the key but not the remote
  6. i have one of the best on the market and i can get back up if car wont start if u use cheap clone and blow bcm or car dont start your going to get big hefty bill my advice is save up and get ad100 and add as you go if u use mvp pro paying 25 for each time you do a car your not going to make money you think as people are doing car key remotes for 65 and 70 pounds to reinvest you need to charge at least double up i have been doing for 3 years and spent well over 60000 and not even got half of what i need , once you start to invest it don't stop and every person will gladly help you spend with offers and deals . you need adequate insurance if you have a no start as some will be main dealer only and if guys of road for 14 days you need insurance i'm not trying to scare you but its happens even to people doing for years
  7. hi have orange 5 and tango but i think the adapters are wrong for this the chip is 95c080 but when i solder on these not reading the chip please can any one help me with the correct adapter for this i would really appreciate and help guys please adapters are the chip is of renault clio 3 SSOP8/DIP8 ADAPTOR NO SSOP8/DIP8 Adaptor im uploading pisture to show SSOP8/DIP8 Adaptor