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Had the same problem with some Mercedes keys, the HU39P. Looked the same but didn't work.  Although I had cleaned the original key and decoded it, it didn't work. So I decoded the original key again and wrote the code down, afterwards I decoded the new key and saw that at one point there was a different code. Adapted it and the key fitted.

Futura searchs the code as its given by the factory. A worn key can give a false code because of wrong measerements. 

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the whole of the cut seemed too far to the right, so when i put the key i'd cut in my manual machine it took some off all along one side of the cut, but didn't even touch the other side.


I've had my machine a couple of years now and very rarely had any problems with track and Lazer or dimple keys.  With edge keys the decoding is a little less accurate.  If you wanted to test it, if I have a blank you could send me the code and I'll run one off for you.

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