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  1. Have a look at PHF26 and .PHF26R for those special profiles.
  2. Customer brougth in a key to duplicate. Belongs to a Kärcher wiping machine. Any idea??
  3. Got some keys in for a Spanish Landrover . Didn't find it into the app. It's an oldtimer Landrover Santana. Any idea??
  4. Looking for a Keya-key, Silca didn't find an proper alternative. Perhaps one of the collegues??
  5. Key suits a work case. Thougt about a L&F but didn't find him. Code on the key start with a D. Suggestions??
  6. Silca YW1P when the head isn't standing in the way. Otherwise there are the original Abus T82 keys.
  7. Defintely the Silca IJ1. Just look that you put him the right way. It doesn't look the same but fits well.
  8. Have a look at Börkey 1366. Elca Evva Profilzylinder.
  9. Silca HN3 fits perfectly. Found the lock also in the Junie catalogue. As already written, these keys can't be made on code by us. I'm going to give the importfirm a ring to see what can be done. Otherwise there is always the possibility to exchange the cores. Thanks for your help.
  10. Have cut the MLM1 with Unocode but doesn't fit in.
  11. Customer has 80 locks without keys. Brought in one to search the blank. The number on the lock is 7387. Tried already with a MLM1 and a HW4R but they didn't fit in the lock. Any idea? I have to make them on code because the rest of the lockers are still closed.
  12. Thanks, used a Silca Ronis RO4R but had to make it thinner. Succeeded.
  13. Client came in with a key for a trailerlock. Marked CCP. I found the keyblank in Ilco 1645 but did not find any crossreference in Silca, JMA,.. Ilco isn't found in Belgium, so if anybody has an idea, ...
  14. Want to cut a dimple key YA94 on my Silca Futura but found that I had to buy some new parts, so I would like to cut this key on my Matrix. Any idea which tracers and cutters I need?
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