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  1. damen.rudi

    Key ID

    Thanks, used a Silca Ronis RO4R but had to make it thinner. Succeeded.
  2. Client came in with a key for a trailerlock. Marked CCP. I found the keyblank in Ilco 1645 but did not find any crossreference in Silca, JMA,.. Ilco isn't found in Belgium, so if anybody has an idea, ...
  3. Want to cut a dimple key YA94 on my Silca Futura but found that I had to buy some new parts, so I would like to cut this key on my Matrix. Any idea which tracers and cutters I need?
  4. Searching for a key that I have to make 30 copies of. Made in Turkye.
  5. IJ1 Silca for sure. We cut them regulary. Take attention how to put them into the machine. The two sides are different.
  6. damen.rudi

    roller shutter switch key blank

    Silca IJ1 works perfectly. Just look that you put the key in the right position.
  7. Customer came in with two keys of a mobilhome. The base is a Fiat. Please, identification.
  8. damen.rudi

    Caravan key

    Silca BAJ1RP will do the job. Greetings
  9. Got a lot of problems with no mark keys. Most of them I find with my Lector but sometimes....... The other side looks similar. IMG_0515.JPG.pdf
  10. Searching for a key for a trailor. Thanks for reply
  11. damen.rudi

    Thule roof rack

    I make the Thule keys always on code. Herefor I use LF12, VO12, REN3R.
  12. damen.rudi

    New Era Key ID

    Have a look at Trelock, Silca TRK4CP. Axa is a dutch brand that works regulary with Assa and Trelock. Common keys for AXA are AX1RP, ASS96 and the whole Trelock series.
  13. damen.rudi

    Key ID

    BAJ1RP will fit. Otherwise a Zadi ZD17RAP or a ZD10P. Suits mostly caravans and motorhomes.
  14. A man came in and said to me: I'm a good customer. Can you fix this for me today? By the way, you have really nice renewed since the last time I was here. Said to him. Thank you very much, the renovation was in 2009. Another customer told me: I always come here, by the way the last time I was here there was an elderly person repairing the shoes. Allright, Sir, this was my father, he passed away in 1987. So I can go on and on.... The only thing they're interested. How can I get my stuff repaired the cheapest and easiest way. Have a nice weekend.
  15. damen.rudi

    A R C key blank

    Have you tried to put a key into a Camillo Bianchi or a Silca Lector, Optika machine. Often these machines give you alternatives that will fit into the lock. Worst case scenario, the machine gives an image of a key you can modify.