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  1. Matt@Silca

    The Silca 109 catalogue

    These catalogues are available from your Silca supplier
  2. Matt@Silca

    Link to manual

    I will try for you.
  3. Matt@Silca

    Link to manual

    Now added as a download on this forum
  4. Matt@Silca

    Silca Lancer Plus Manual

    Silca Lancer Plus Manual View File Silca Lancer Plus Manual Submitter Matt@Silca Submitted 12/20/2018 Category Information  
  5. Matt@Silca

    Silca Lancer Plus Manual

    Version 1.0.0


    Silca Lancer Plus Manual
  6. Matt@Silca

    Silca books

    These books are available free from your Silca supplier
  7. Matt@Silca

    Silca Air4

    When you get this message, there is more info required from the remote. If you have a 2 button remote, then usually holding both buttons together will send the 'source code' signal. If you are unsure or want some specific instruction, visit the Silca YouTube channel where there are many instructional videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwFJ8WFLZw_AjV8uoFfWTLg
  8. Matt@Silca

    Orion SJ251 Operating Manual

    I have managed to find PDF copies in Italian and Spanish if you would like a copy?
  9. Matt@Silca

    Silca software issues

    Hello Adam, Give me a call on 01293 531 134. I will do what I can to rectify any issues. Best regards Matt
  10. The image of the page itself appears quickly enough, but the time it takes for me to be able to scroll down (i.e. for all elements of the page to fully load) is certainly slower for me. Perhaps I'm just getting more impatient the older I get!
  11. I like the new look and features! just a shame that the site is now slower than before. (it appears to be the banners at the top slowing everything loading)
  12. Matt@Silca

    Engraving Kit for Futura



    This is a brochure providing information about the new engraving kit available for both the Silca Futura and Futura Pro machines.
  13. Your description of the issue does sound as though the capacitor needs replacing. The Silca part number for this is D900013ZR and is available via your supplier.
  14. Matt@Silca

    Chevrolet Impala

    In 2020 Silca will be celebrating a 250 year anniversary.