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Hi Guys, 

Just wondering if any of you guys on here operating your business from Timpson Style Kiosk/Pod in a retail parks? 

An opportunity to open one has come up near me but I have no much information on these sort of business venture. 

Trying to work out; 

Fixed Kiosk or trailer/ movable - which one is better. 

What source of electricity is best , Diesel generator could be enough to operate key cutting machines ? 

What are the obstacles of having these business and what size/style Kiosks are good. 

Any info/advise would be much appreciated!


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I've operated a business from a kiosk-style set up in a retail park, so that I can share some insights from my experience. When choosing between a fixed kiosk and a movable trailer, it largely depends on your business concept and location. A designated kiosk offers a stable presence, while a portable trailer provides flexibility, which can be advantageous for exploring various places.

Regarding a power source, a diesel generator can power essential cutting machines and other equipment, but you should consider noise and emissions regulations, especially in retail park settings.
Regarding obstacles, finding the right location with sufficient foot traffic and understanding local permits and regulations are essential. As for the size and style of the kiosk, it should align with your business concept and the available space in the retail park.

While running my kiosk business, I found tools like AdSpy handy for understanding competitors' advertising strategies. If you plan to market your business, this tool can provide insights into your competitors' ad campaigns on various social media platforms, which can be a valuable asset for shaping your advertising efforts effectively.

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Thanks berty for your advise. 

Location is good with plenty footfall and there is no competition close by. 

I do prefer fixed kiosk as I wouldn't be interested to move around due to the specific rules and regulation each retail park has. 

My biggest issue would be the power supply, the retail park said if we supply the  power , there will be restriction on your kiosk location ,as we need to dig the car park for the power cables ect. they recommended( a kiosk with pre fitted) solar power but I think this would not provide enough power to run all machines and heating in the winter. It would be expensive initial set-up cost all together & rent also more than I expected for a small pod at a busy retail park! 

Thanks for your contribution .. much appreciated ! 


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