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  1. Cisa Silca CS206 ( HD N9CS) or Universal 5 Pin blank should work for this one.
  2. This one he is talking about as the opposite to the up and down handle , I thought anyway
  3. Turn the top of the handle (clock wise ) it will loose , anti clockwise it it will lock machine movement up and down , this help you to lock the machine while cutting laser keys . The opposite is only to help you move the machine around , no any other use
  4. No much available TBH. What you are struggling with ? setting up the machine? which cutter/tracer/Clamps to use ? or how to cut each particular key on it or .. maybe all
  5. Just did one used JMA MASL1 based on previous advise in this forum. You need to ask Customer to being in the padlock as the MASL1 is longer and thicker than the original bank, so it requires shortening and filling. See the attached photos. Hope this helps
  6. Thanks Count Muppet, Used 3 keys,2 were working perfectly but the first one was a bit fiddly. Took me more than 15 mins as all keys has to be amended by hand. Qouted £20 but Customer was happy to pay £30 ( a tenner for couple of pints )
  7. Thanks all for your assistance . I managed to make couple of keys for the lock ( Hand made), both work good . It was easier to order one, but I did not find any to be the exact replacement and customer did not want to temper with the door as he is renting the Motorhome! Now, I do not know how much to charge but thinking about £20 for the 2 keys and the extra time spent on hand making the keys ?
  8. Thanks all for your replies .. The latch and deadbolt to be in a very similar position as customer wants a replacement lock. The other issue with this is the case is very Narrow/thin and all the other locks I have are thicker than this.
  9. It depends on your area , but blow are the popular ones around me.. Mul T Lock 76 Yale Superior /Magnum Brisant- Ultion Cisa Astral Corbin Avocet Gatemate For the machine I recommend RST Mustang or Silca Matrix ( Massive price difference between the two thou )
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