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  1. Thanks Graham, AB38P is wider which can be filed down but the main problem is is not deep enough, this makes the cut not as deep as the cut on the original key. I believe this key is same as the Yale one in the attached photo that Dave the Locksmith mentioned in the above post.
  2. Just an update... Ab38P doesn't work for this key, not even going into the lock The lock looks like a bike lock but used for locking a gate . Any other suggestions or shall I wish customer Good Luck !
  3. Thanks All, just cut 2 , see how will it go .
  4. Anyone come across this key and are there any blanks for it available. No name or codes on the key. Flat laser key with a groove in the middle in both sides. Appreciate any information.
  5. Thanks , I just check the Union key gauge, the key is going in the 905 keyway which is UNI31 , does UNI31 work for these , any ideas?
  6. Can anyone one recommend best match blank for this key or is still patented?
  7. Thanks all, Did not have MER34R in stock unfortunately, tried LAS14 but did not work, customer paid for the key and OK to comeback next week. Thanks again.
  8. exp121260

    Crappy padlock keys

    What blank can be used for Amtech padlock one Graham, I had one in today did not know what to use ~? thanks Riz
  9. Can anyone one recommend best match blank for this key , from the code I believe it is silver line cabinet key.
  10. I Still have lots of issues with this big brass key, is the SKS Chubb 373 the solution for this key?
  11. Thanks... where I can find this blank, had a look in couple of my suppliers websites, none stock this key?
  12. Thanks all, TL1R worked for the plastic top ( had to remove the bottom edge) and BOM1 worked for the other one.
  13. exp121260

    Key gauge panelway

    This the HD one, it is not perfect but better than the slica and SKS/JMA, I have all but prefer the HD one.
  14. Thanks Auto Key Wizard & Graham. Customer based in Luton and I thought if some one close or based there that will save customer postage cost, now he will send the lock to me and I will give a go, if unsuccessful will forward it to you guys. regards Riz
  15. Anyone in here based in Luton and can take a broken key out of a lock and copy customer and additional key. The lock is a camlock for BMW Alpina Alloy wheel cap. Customer has a spare key so you do not have to copy the key from the broken one. The blank also is a DOM Window blank. This is how the lock and the key look like,