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  1. Thanks Falsh, Could you private PM me some info about the machine i.e make , model and couple of photos , you town as well please. I will pass the info to him and if interested he will be in contact. Thanks Riz
  2. I have always used 2mm cutter and Tracer for these keys without issue. however, I am not sure whether this issue is due to the size of cutter and Tracer you have used (2.5mm) . It's some time due to the side croove of the key not locking correctly in the jaws or the customer key is worn down badly.
  3. exp121260

    abus master key

    Silca AB95 is the closest I can think of .
  4. Thanks Ian, I will pass the info, but he based in North Wales so 10 hours return drive !
  5. A friend of mine looking to buy in a good condition second hand Mortice and Tibbe Machines , if anyone have one at reasonable price please PM me. Location matters , Midlands and north England preferred for collection. Thanks
  6. exp121260

    Joma key id

    SLICA LF23R OR LF19R , I think .. OR
  7. exp121260

    Sudhaus / cheney lock

    I have some old stock as well, please message me tomorrow morning to remind to have a look for you.
  8. Have you looked at SCHLAGE Silca SH3 OR SH5?
  9. exp121260

    Key id please

    Thanks Dave, I have the same rates as you but I cut the snap short so not all prices appear as this forum is not trade only website.
  10. Thanks Peter, I would be happy with 250w . Could you please check if you do the 250w so I can order couple.
  11. Need couple of these Heat Cabinet lamps, where I can source them please. Thanks
  12. exp121260

    Long Mortice key G3R

    Thanks Gray, Much appreciated. I cut it on Eclipse blank before your reply, if Eclipse fails will try 407/SL as suggested in the previous post.
  13. Can balnks or pre Cutt keys be obtained for this key? Customer said it is going in only half way, so what short version will do this key. Thanks