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  1. It seems like new add-on business opportunity for our trade !!
  2. Thanks graham, I actually looked at both and AB14 was much slimier . cut one and told customer to check and if doesn't work to come back with the padlock.
  3. Had this key in today, loner than all Master blanks I have on board. What is the exact blank for this key please.
  4. These are gauge 6 while the other Yale ones are Gauge 5. Best practice will be, every time customer brings one , copy 2 , one for customer and one for yourself ( number it so you know winch one is it.) Funny enough, someone said his mum lost the Yale one type and did not know which one was it, the key-cutter man give him one of each C number to try & and find the correct one. Customer come back and said most of the 10 keys he had working in the lock ! he just chose the one he thought it looked like the lost one. So, rubbish locks and possibly the same with these and one might work for all !
  5. This is a very high rent payments. However, once someone told me the ratio of annual rent charge should be about 10% of the annual income , this way is manageable and should be OK.
  6. Hi all and hope you are all safe and well ! Just a general thought about how you all managing your business rent payments ( not relevant to the ones own business premises) It seems like we still have few weeks in lock down , more uncertain future months and rents are eating away most of the funds received from government. Some landlords are generous enough or afford to not take the rent for couple of months but most want their rent regardless of the current situation. In residential and business rental contracts , there is a term that specifies that rental premises must be safe for the tenant to live or for business safe to operate from. Due to the current situation, we are all closed as it's not safe for ourselves and the public to operate and stay open. While the premises not safe to be used, why the rent should be paid. I understand that this a national level issue and not in the hands of the landlords, but it just doesn't make sense to me. Legally the rents should be paid and how long this should continue.. I am more worried about after the Lock down, as speaking to business owners near me ,many have plans not even Saty open after the Lock down. Any thoughts on that much appreciated.
  7. A local company contacted me wanting some spare keys for this padlock. They sent a photo on FB and when I saw it I new it's cheap Chinese Padlocks and blanks might not be obtained. Asked them to bring the padlocks and tried keys on my dimple board. JMA AMG10 did go in but didn't look like the original key at all ! Cut one and it did work perfectly. So share this on here just for future reference if any of you come across it.
  8. Just for future reference SILCA LC14R ( JAM LIN-19D) worked for this key. Once again Thanks Auto Key Wizard
  9. Went to Boots to buy some medicine today, their shelves was full of Hand Sanitisers , Wilko on radio advert also saying they have them in stock. So everyone be-careful before ordering a lot from CB as stock level at Supermarket soon going back to normal levels.
  10. Thanks much appreciated. Bought one from ebay ..
  11. Customer wants couple of this key for a machine used on its work site. Can anyone one recommend a blank for it or if they available pre cut what is the ref number please. Thanks
  12. Any Laser/dimple machine should do them but you need correct cutters. Mustang will be my first choice if you already do not have a laser/dimple machine. below cutter/tracer from SKS . Hope that helps..
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