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  1. I believe Lee based closer to you or there are many London area repairers on here who can help. I am based around Midlands, If none of the guys down south can help message me I should be able to repair it for you.
  2. I have done one like this one in the past. Normal shoe repair glue with Black/Beige Rubber heels and it will stick OK. NO nails and screws as the clear Heel base will break into pieces.
  3. Thanks Tony, I have the manual but I was not sure about this one. Once more Thanks
  4. Thanks Graham, if fact I have this one but I thought there will be one which you can slide in lower and upper Grooves !
  5. I bought mine knew and did not come with one. There are 4 clamps but not specifically for HU66. If you have one, please send me a photo in case I am missing one. Thanks ...
  6. Just wondering if there is a HU66 clamp available to be used on Mustang machine ?
  7. I have cut this key on one of the ZADI key blanks but is there a specific key blank for it? Thanks
  8. This key called V10 or KBZH6 on SKS website . NWK does not supply these keys as blanks but they can supply them cut to code. You can do them yourself " very easy if you have laser machine" - order some ZO1 from CB and pre drill all on customer key and then cut them as you go.
  9. CS32R worked for this key as it was long and wide enough .. Thanks all for your support.
  10. Thanks for your help Graham.. Can CS32R do this one as well ?
  11. Thanks all for your assistance.., I had a look at the JMA version of TE7 but I wasn't sure if its the right blanks as the customer key had an extra groove that the blank did have (highlighted below). Do this extra groove make any difference or the blank without the groove will work? Thanks
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