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  1. Thanks all again, It seems YA86/BS1 worked for this key !
  2. Thanks for the information. Where do you get originals from please?
  3. This is the one.. Thanks EST
  4. Thanks Graham, I cut one on YA86/BS1 and customer will come back on Monday if it has not worked, then I will get the one from you. As always thanks for your assistance.
  5. Is YA86 correct blank for this key or it is a districted Yale section key. Thanks for assistance in advance
  6. Are blanks available for this key or can they be copied to code. Any information much appreciated!
  7. I have ordered 10 pairs and will send you 2 pairs next week Rick. As Count Muppet said above can be used for laboutins and couple other expensive brands. Normal pinned PU TOPS can be used on these Heels but could be risky, so worth having couple of pairs in stock.
  8. Thanks almeriasecure & OS keys for your assistance, much appreciated. MAR1 / JMA EUB-2 looks good to me and will order some today.
  9. Need to do 4 of these but had a look at all the blanks I normally cut post Box key on but none match and the ones that have similar profile not wide enough... Any suggestions on what blank should be used for these keys please
  10. That is what I have done now, didn't want to as it only needed twice in last 3 years !
  11. Any one stock these and can send me a pair of 3MM (115) PIN , smallest size in black through the post. I am happily pay for the TOPPIECES and first class postage. If anyone can help please PM me , otherwise I have to order 10 pairs from CB or T-Colledge.
  12. The Top 6 Dimple keys in my area are; Mul-T-Lock 76 - Copies available and Work OK Avocet Diamond Head ;- have not seen blanks but genuine TColledge, DP or SKS Yale - genuine and blanks available but Keyline blanks recommended; available in DP or NW keys Gatmemate - genuine available at good price Ultian - Only blanks available unless you are the stock list , but Graham always can assist with these at best price and fast delivery. Iso IS6D /IE15 -blanks and genuine available Hope that helps a bit..
  13. exp121260

    HÖRMANN key

    What is it for?
  14. exp121260

    Mobility Scooter Key

    Have you looked at ALP4/ALP4R ?
  15. I did 2 last week on Slica ZO1 blank and both worked perfectly, However the unbranded blank I ordered from DP only worked in the main door but too thick for the apartment door and did not go into the lock. So, I recommend the SILCA ZO1 from CB or NW keys for these keys. I think the dimple cuts of all Eurospec MP10 keys starting with 'BGMK1' or 'BGMK2' followed by numbers only between 00000 to 09999 are the same but if the key starts with BG10 the Dimple cuts are different. You can order some blanks , next time someone wanted one of these , cut one for him/her and cut dimple blanks on some of the spare blanks for future requests.