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  1. Thanks all for your help. I was attempted to cut it on BLA2 but it looked thicker , I finally did it on HF74R (see the photo) customer will come back to let me know if it worked and have few more. Will update once heard back from customer.
  2. Hi all, Any Blank recommendations for this caravan key please Thanks in advance
  3. Yes Graham, spot on .... Customer said some sort of Caravan alarm system locks keys
  4. Hi all, Can you guys advise if Blanks are available for these 2 union security keys please. None of the usual Union blanks work for these and not going in to the union security profile Guage. Thanks in advance
  5. I have been looking for this key for few years now but unable to obtain it anywhere. I have looked all 3 keys mentioned above and all are too short.
  6. Hi all, Any blanks available for this key or its a restricted profile ? Thanks for your assistance in advance.
  7. I will try all the mentioned keys when the customer comes back this Saturday. Thanks all for your kind help ..
  8. I have tried every key in the Yale security section on the board but none go in the padlock. It did look like couple of them but no luck.. I thought that could be a special profile key as Graham said above
  9. Can anyone please help with this Yale padlock key, its seems familiar but can't work out the correct blanks for it. Thanks in advance !
  10. Sorry Rick, I can not remember which one I have used, I will check it out and let you know.
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