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  1. Anyone come across this window key and if any of the suppliers stock these please. Thanks in advance !
  2. Hi all, Just had this key in , did it on a Newhall blank, but I am not sure if it works .. Any assistance much appreciated!
  3. Yes, just need to de-registered it from the previous tester it was registered to and re register it to the new tester. You can not use it with 2 testers at the same time. You need ADC241 cable/ adapter to be able to register/update & use the Smart Dongle with a new tester.
  4. I have ordered this key from SKS couple of years a go, It was for a customer's Keyed alike locking system. I have one blank left now , it has no number/reference on it. I remember I could not find the key on SKS website , so emailed them the photo and they sent me some. Hope this helps
  5. Hi , No worries,I will keep the keys. Yes, it can be copied on HPP1R. I didn't order one from replacement keys, I looked at the photo in their website ( see my previous post) , using my cylinder machine , cut it on HPP1R , after couple of tries , it worked. Below photo is the actual working key I managed to cut.
  6. Thanks all for your help with this Window Handle key. Finally managed to find the correct key for it winch is Hoppe H001, also known as " Hoppe 1884371 , Hoo1-2321707" . This no available by regular suppliers we order from and only can be found on Replacementkeys website incase anyone come across them in the future.
  7. Can't find it on SKS website ! Can you post the website link please ?
  8. Follow the procedures/steps the machine tells and you should be OK. Never heard of Renault procedure and have been using Mini for 6 years now.
  9. Hi OS Keys, Keys arrived next day .. Thanks Unfortunately none worked ! Any other suggestions ?
  10. Thanks OS Keys , JMA KYM1DP worked OK for this one . I have not tried YH28 as originally cut it on KYM1DP and customer said it worked.
  11. Thanks EST Hpp1r is a blank Key , are there any general pre cut keys for these Handles or each handle requires a specific cut key ?
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