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  1. Brilliant machine this one, I have one and its the best Cylinder machine I have ever used ! Just wonder what you upgrading to as this one still look great ?
  2. Thanks ... I asked as someone have asked in one of the previous posts about same key and if anyone can do these to code and none responded ! so, thought these might need different Jaws /cutters and can't be done to code.
  3. Thanks Graham. Are you be able to cut this code ? Customer inquired today and might back on Monday
  4. Is Yale Superior blanks work for these PLATINUM 3 star keys ( none patent) D E F code please ? The one in first photo I mean .
  5. Thanks , this is the one Any Idea if substitute blanks out there or has to be this one ?
  6. Morning all Anyone can recommend a key blank for this key please. Silca EU11R goes in but not long enough even with Cutting shoulders.
  7. All suppliers stock these blanks but Davenport Burgess do most veriaty and best price !
  8. Thanks ....This Code worked .. much appreciated ! Keydiy NB11 2 Button & Citroen DS3 0523 FSK remote worked perfect for this as well.
  9. It worth trying Silca HU92 as it looks closest to this one.
  10. Tried top 2 codes , but both were incorrect , will try PQHT when the customer back .
  11. No , I used H dongle , the system says try A dongle for PIN code but the tester ask to swap back to H ?
  12. You can make this out of wide flat steel key. Cut the key on cylinder machine and make the grove on laser machine !
  13. Hi All , I was trying to extract Pin code for above car using MVP Pro but the Standard software did not read. Tried the the Bita software, come up with a list of possible codes , please wait and them screen went blank as you can see in the photos. Anyone have tried to extract Pin code from this car using MVP pro please ?
  14. Just asking as someone selling one for £50. I have keyline cloning machines but have no knowledge about silca machines , though this will be good buy
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