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  1. Had a look at my Business Insurance terms and Clause. There are grounds that Claims can be made for Covid-19 pandemic .. just wondering if anyone already have made Claims on these grounds ?
  2. Just an update on this key, I have done one on JMA ABU29P (Silca AB38P) and it worked perfectly without any problems.The ABU29P is slightly shorter but still long enough to do the job. I cut it on JMA ECCO ABL machine. Hope this helps !
  3. My local Timpsons shut (temporally ) at the start of this last lockdown !
  4. Unless you legally required to close , you can stay open and there is a possibility that you wouldn't be eligible the 4k Grant ! However, there are differences between local Councils. I know some shops closed last Lockdown but they didn't get the grant but closed shops in the neibouring council in the same trade received it.
  5. Well ,my council said to me that we are classed as essential retail, can open and not entitled to Council help/grants. I open the shop but I know from previous lock downs that wouldn't be many people around the town and only few customers a day ! More or less just a fight to survive for now
  6. Thanks , it's for a friend and if you have an email address or phone number please message me I will pass it on to him .
  7. Hi all, Hope you all had a good Christmas time ! Can anyone recommend a blank for this key please . It's for a Van. Thanks
  8. I installed one in my shop 5 years ago, it never stopped working. The brand name is Zmodo, standalone camera, powered by wire connection and connected to my shop WiFi. Its live through an App, so can watch the shop live 24/7 from anywhere. Will send notification to my email or through the App ( can set up to send notification during night or day or some hours) It has own cloud storage for unlimited storage ( you have to pay monthly subscription) but I do not need that. Instead, I have put a 64gb memory card ( purchased separately) in to the memory card slot and this
  9. No blanks available, however you can cut these on flat steel keys without any problems. The other solution , buy couple from eBay and make few copies on steel key blanks for future.
  10. I have always used 5 & 6 pin Eurospec blanks for these without any issues.
  11. Have a look at Silca JC2R,JC1R & FTH Federal /Draper FH20R blanks
  12. Thanks Peter .. I did open for few hours a day during second lockdown, so my business considered as open and I do not think I am eligible to apply for a closed one.
  13. Hi All, Has anyone received the support Grant for the second lockdown ? Its seems ours refused or I might have applied for the wrong one !
  14. Thanks all for your replies. Customer advised that this key is for a garage door lock. My machine Clamps are in good condition and should hold the key to do the dimple cuts. I will give it a go ( taking above advise into consideration) see if it works as I have been asked if I can do these more than one time by different customers. I believe the locks are cheap Chines locks ..
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