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  1. Still looking for this key if anyone can recommend a blank please. Trying to order below key , but need to be sure it works before order
  2. Can anyone assist with this key please. Thanks
  3. exp121260

    Union MN Keys

    What numbers you want? Or do want the full range?
  4. Thanks Micheal, much appropriated.
  5. Just had this ERA window lock key in , customer said brand new window ! I could not find a match in the main supplier websites, any recomendatio much appreciated.
  6. Thanks SteelCityShoes & Flash for the advise. I will upload some photos tomorrow . I was reading google about this issue and some advised coconut Oil will get rid of the waterproofing spray stains?
  7. Wife bought a pair black leather boots and paid ££££ for them. Applied TRG waterproofing spray to protect them, she probably did not shake the can properly and applied too close the leather and now left with white-gryish stains all over the Boots. Any suggestions how to remove this stains? My weekend seems to have been ruined as well, as I recommended the spray
  8. exp121260

    Ultion cutting

    The other option is order them from GrahamParker on this form, best price and free next day delivery. I have ordered many form Garaham and his keys never failed so far. All cut on original Blanks as well. Can cut to code or good quality picture. PM Graham and he will give you the price.
  9. Gray's brother Sorry misread the name ...
  10. Trying to take this pin out and replace the broken handle but it seems it's not screwed in as it turning both sides but no coming out . Any advice highly appreciated.
  11. exp121260

    KEY I.D. Please

    probably this one will do it.
  12. exp121260

    Key ID please

    One of these ZADI keys should do it without issue ! Silca ZD24RDP, Silca ZD23RBP Silca ZD10P