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  1. Is this blank available in the UK or what substitute blank will do this key please? It is for a holiday home in Portugal.
  2. I usually buy this key from T. Colledge & Son works out a lot cheaper than elsewhere when buy 50+
  3. exp121260

    Key id caravan key

    JAM EU15P
  4. exp121260

    Micro Sheeting

    Have a look at this on CB website https://www.charlesbirch.com/p-7005-zephir-sky-micro-sheet-8mm-tan-size-910-x-750mm.aspx
  5. One on Gumtree https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-power-tools/rst-mustang-key-cutting-machine/1339451362
  6. Thanks All, its CEN1 , Do not know how I missed it
  7. Just had this key in , code 9029 , it looks like century lock key couldn't find Silva equivalent for it and it not going into any of the keyway panel profiles. If anyone can help please
  8. exp121260

    trading standards

    I used to have price list on the wall, but it resulted in arguments all day long! i.e Ladies Heels From £5.99 , or keys from £3.99 Customers always missed the From even thou it was 5 font size larger ! Customers turn up with 3" ladies Heels, or a worn down Heel that needed build up , and when I Said £11:99 , they were straightaway saying why it says £5.99 on there?, its not fair , it against trading standards or marketing/pricing laws/rules ect... 3 years ago , I put the price list down, and now when they say how much is a key or shoe repairs, I say can Isee it? then give them the price, if they happy , take the payment and offer the service. If not happy, they leave but after a visit to Timpsons they come back after 10 Mins , and happily pay ! Now, no arguments and no accusations .....
  9. Thanks Graham, the blanks are considerably expensive and I do not want to stock anything that doesn't sell. Could do with some YA1 for now. Thanks again.
  10. Well, thinking of some extras as well, so need to save some more cash. Thanks for the offer by the way
  11. Does she offer same service at £30 to Hairy man?
  12. What length are the Davenport's keyboard Hooks? are they the same as Yellow CB ones?