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  1. Can you upload a photo of the Blanks you need , can't find any on supplier website . I have some very Old keys and can have a look for you tomorrow .
  2. Lee please recommend a good/ right case opener, I have few but not happy with them .. Thanks
  3. SILCA UL064 should do this if UL054 not wide enough..
  4. Any idea if there are any blanks out there to copy this key or its restricted profile only can be done by profile owner? The key is for Safe / Deposit box. Thanks in advance .
  5. Yes, you have used the correct blank and SKS comparison section will confirm this.
  6. Thanks for swift response. I cut the Timpson one on 01EL (JAM COR-32 ) but the customer says it is not smooth going in and out of the padlock. I remember I used to use another key for these but cant remember which one was it. Used Cisa CS206 for the ASEC one , should work if universal works for these , but if does't I will try UL1 . Thanks again ...
  7. ID46 is £69.95 but Ford Tibbe is 4D chip, their price is lower and price is fluctuating all the time. I have heard many different prices for Ford Tibbe keys that is why I asked here..
  8. Thanks for the info Count Muppet .. area is Nottinghamshire
  9. Had a customer today wanting a spare Ford Tibbe key and said Timpson's quoted him £25 including programming. Can Timpson guys on here confirm if this is the case..
  10. Thanks all for you assassinate... Did cut one , leveled up from the tip but it didn't work, then put it back together using super glue and cut another one . Customer works next door , she will let me know if it worked or not tomorrow.. It was broken in a kind of awkward place, otherwise have done many broken ones in the past and all worked somehow
  11. Just wondering if this key can be obtained pre cut? Thanks
  12. I have been through stages 1,2,3 then did a full shave and now on final stage and will try to stay safe on that stage for unforceable future
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