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  1. Sorry Rick , The ones I have no good to you. The pre cuts are TM211 The blanks are KS700
  2. Why you guys not messaging greg privately and negotiate your purchase ??!! He only posted on here to let you know he has a machine for sale not to complete the purchase on here ! So, send a PM, get his number, negotiate price /collection and get the job done..
  3. I have pre cuts and blanks ( Not sure if they are the same) but if they are the same I can post them to you tomorrow
  4. They might take some business off you at start but it also gives you the opportunity to revise your prices and increase your prices slightly. This can compensate for the business lost and customers can't complain about your prices !
  5. I have Silca Rekord 2000 (Grey) and Silca Rekord ( Red one), sell one of the two if interested. Both if perfect condition like New, both have new Genuine Slica cutter on them. Message me for prices and photos if you still need one. Location Nottingham
  6. It takes time and sadly might take very long time until we back to previous normality. One fact we should all know, even if streets get busier , it does't mean people coming to the shops and spending money. I am based on a high street which is busy most of the day , but people barely going into the shops... People start prioritising what they buy and only spend on goods and services they real need not what they want ! Good luck everyone ...
  7. Thanks for your swift replay, UNI10 did the job.. I just noticed Silca TOU2R has the same profile but no sure if it works for this ..
  8. Could anyone assist with correct blank for this key please
  9. This as sexy key ( KWL13 ) worked for the window handle lock ! Number 13 not always that Bad : )
  10. Mortice key for Rishi's office door ??
  11. They have been known for ridiculous high prices for long time now ! But.... They are still in business, paying wages & making a profit ! So, he is doing something right that many other high street shops & independents in the same trade don't ! Taking advantage of people's laziness by being everywhere , stupidise people with a Big Brand name, dodgy offers and guarantees.... In short, knowing people's attitude and practicing his business tactics in a capitalist economy which focuses on naive customer base .
  12. I have added both to my order for Monday. I think KWL39 is probably the correct one..
  13. I usually use Eurospec blank for this key and always works fine..
  14. Yes, Flash is right, I have numerous window handles and first thing I said " just have a new handle with 2 keys" they said all the windows in the house fitted with the same handle/ lock and if possible they would like to get a key for it... I had a closer look today at the profile and it's obvious that it takes as double bit Mortice style key.. I shorten the KWL11 sides and now it's going in but would not turn, so may be something similar to KWL11 would do This lock but which one I have no idea
  15. No, it's Not damaged .. All the windows in the the house are fitted with the same handle and they do not have any keys for them ! This one is in unlock position, so they just taken it off and brought to me ..
  16. Nice job Graham ! Not seen it before but it looks like a good quality and robust lock ..
  17. I have the window handle with me in the shop... I have tried all the ones I have on my window keyboard !! I usually can spot the key looking at the handle and the profile , but this one is very old handle and says "patent pending" on the back of the handle. I do order a Titon key see if that one works ... thanks all for you help ...
  18. KWL11 is not the correct key for this handle !
  19. Thanks all for your replies . I have asked customer to draw the picture of the key (the best she remembers) it and she draw this photo. This looks like KWL11 , I have ordered KWL11 as suggested above, see if it works , if not I have to try these other possible options ...
  20. Silca AB14 worked for this Key, Thanks all for your help !
  21. LF28R worked perfect for this key ..... Thanks all for your help
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