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  I got my mustang a couple of years ago, it really does feel like a slow burner kind of thing. I still only get about 1-2 dimples a week( and regularly none a week). Then you see people on the forum or the WhatsApp group saying they are doing 30plus a week. The buggers. I Don't regret buying the mustang, it's not only the sales you make, it's also the sales you turn away you should consider. (Quote by , I think Simes, on this forum.) Hope you get a good price for it.

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You get a name the more you cut especially the prices Timpsons are throwing out currently.

£55 for an Ultion key REALLY !!!.

You do not need to cut many at that price for the machine to pay for itself although most people would not even dream of paying that sort of price for a key.

Check if anyone else local is cutting them as if you are the only one the work will come.

Takes time to build up your sales but you get there in the end. Buy some locks to practice with, leave them on the counter top for customers to pick up and play with.

It's amazing how many say i didn't realise you could cut this type of key. Stick some poster in your windows and on the walls.

We cut way more than 30 per week now and that is why I invested in a new Triax pro.


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