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  1. Decided to bite the bullet and order the keys for my customer, it now appears my account is suspended, had a call from my Rep. who is looking into my problem after seeing this thread on here. Ah well time for a change.
  2. Yes but you do not live in Scotland, supposedly in the Highlands and Islands
  3. Yes mate, above Aberdeen on the Moray Firth, we in Scotland, lately, have this idiotic postcode lottery where we pay through the nose for all deliveries
  4. was only really needing the LB-3D x5 but added a few other keys for stock
  5. Because I need the keys (25) I placed the order, now the postage is £19.38 because I am based in Scotland, what a crock of shit, just cancelled the order. Looking to move to a different company
  6. Never noticed that, I am in a small town so key orders are on the low side, need 25 keys, jiffy bag size, but £16 for delivery is bad. Davenport only £5.95
  7. Just tried to do a small order from JMA for keys, get all the way through to paying and notice the delivery charge for a 2 day, is now £16.15. On asking JMA, they state this is the right starting delivery charge and that I have been paying the wrong price for 6 years. I find that hard to believe, then I am told this is set by DPD themselves. I also deal with trophy warehouses and their standard charge with DPD is £8.95 for a massive box. Anyone any comments?
  8. Still struggling to identify what cutters to use, understand the track part but not the dimple part and which cutters do what really
  9. I know its off topic, do you have any info on using the Mustang, just bought one, but dare I say it clueless Steve
  10. Well all of it really,the up down lever is really stiff and what does the corresponding lever opposite do?
  11. Taken the plunge and bought a RST Mustang. Instructions are woeful. Anyone know of any instructional (idiots guide) manuals or you tube videos to watch. In the process in getting some keys to practice on
  12. Next question, anyone got a list of the most popular keys to stock
  13. Looking to purchase a laser & Dimple Key Machine, any recommendations on models to look at. Cheers Steve
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