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  1. stevecoco

    IS400 Volume

    There's a wire off on the motor behind the spindle. I have resoldered it this morning and so far its working fine. Panic over. Thanks for replying.
  2. Just fired up the machine to do some cutting engraving, blooming thing not spinning, normal drag engraving fine, using it most of the day. Anyone got any thoughts please. Cheers Steve
  3. stevecoco

    Lithium Batteries CR2450N

    No sorry Graham, had a few issues to contend with.
  4. stevecoco


    Hi Guys, just a quick one. I use a sharp XE-202 till. Today I was giving it a bit of a wipe down. NOW since the advent of plastic money some of it has found its way into the void space under the tray. So I am £65 up today on my takings, boost. Please have a look and see if you can beat my total.
  5. stevecoco

    Lithium Batteries CR2450N

    Whats a BMW. We still have horse and carts up here
  6. Made an error and ordered too many of these batteries 1 box dated 2024 the others 2025. Total of 30. Never going to use these in a month of Sundays (Cost 0.98p+VAT each) Looking to sell on anyone interested (obviously at a reduced price plus postage) Cheers for looking Steve
  7. Anyone know of a trade wholesaler that can supply these armbands/Bag reflectors for primary school kids. My local community council are looking to purchase about 1000
  8. OK guys, where does everyone purchase their BOFA filter spares from I have a AD350 conected to my laser. I think I need to replace both as its getting a wee bit pongy.
  9. stevecoco

    ls 100 LASER FAULT

    Finally fixed my machine. Not for the feint of heart though. Got my trusted volt meter out found a broken circuit to one of the microswitches. One on left in the black truncated flexible tubing. Wire was broken inside, re spliced it. working fine. Phew
  10. stevecoco

    ls 100 LASER FAULT

    Yes that's the first thing I did. Still doing the same. If you have facebook messenger I could actually show you what it is doing. Is there a magic reset back to factory settings button. I cannot afford to pull anymore hair out. lol
  11. stevecoco

    ls 100 LASER FAULT

    Maybe need to chat with "beware"
  12. stevecoco

    ls 100 LASER FAULT

    when I switch it on now its banging itself on the top wall
  13. Anyone able to help in resetting my laser , switch it on and now get "ERR. END OF TRAVEL" switch it on and off, boots up fine then bed moves down then error message.
  14. Sorry that's all my spare packs gone.
  15. No mate just lurking about and very busy