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  1. Key ID is this somthing that can be done ? Trying it on a YA 17D but no feed back yet need 12 . TIA
  2. I have been surfing all the usual suppliers but with no luck ! Found someone on eBay selling them stupid money . Anybody ordered these from anywhere ? Or no a usual comparison. Thanks in advance and a happy Christmas!!!
  3. Shoeboy have you got code correct as college not finding it under HU 5P
  4. Where did you buy these from , looked on SKS keys but code not coming up ??
  5. Hi is there a case only for this VW transporter 2020 . Guy goes in the sea and wants one just lock doors . Can’t find anything to suit , thanks in advance !!!
  6. Cheers , I will give it a go on the Hudson blank !!! HowardK can’t find any off the usual supplier. Only get from the U. S. A . But that is the correct key for the job .
  7. Can’t get this blank from any key blank company in uk . Has anyone cut one these ? thanks in advance
  8. Blank ID Thanks in advance . Longer than all the normal shutter keys.
  9. That’s is the key Lock Stock , think it might be a bit rich for my customer tho !!!
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