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  1. Again with me I use to do this kind of job but not worth the time and effort, in fact the reason i stopped was a customer saying it wasn't tight enough please do it again free of charge, I did it again customer said its to tight now do it again free of charge, what a mess it turned out to be, no one was happy so no more. life is to short for jobs like that
  2. Hi Graham Yes a bit Bizzar, we did think about filing it back and thats what we might have to do Thanks
  3. https://www.em-b.co.uk/products/architectural-hardware/supporting-products/cylinders/H2001/
  4. Hello everyone is there a 6pin equivalent to a ABUS Silca AB54 5pin? Thanks
  5. Key ID please very similar to YA42A but not wedged Collier and is 6 pin Thanks in advance
  6. How much is your hourly wage (what would you like to make per hour) x 3 at least
  7. Thanks yes it will make a difference on the delivery price, it will make it cheaper Thanks
  8. Based Elgin Scotland IV30 1BW The machine is about 4years old
  9. The Original package sticker, so i don't know i don't have a set of scales
  10. Lancer Plus for sale in very good condition £1700 Weight 52kg on a pallet Been on parcelmonkey.co.uk Quoted £75 Delivery
  11. Yes and as an independent I'm happy to give them Dividends
  12. 9 hours a day times 6 = 54 hours, 54 divided by £450 = £8.33 per hour, Bonus £378 divided by 54 = £7 Total per Hour for a 54 hour working week £15.33 per hour solo working poor bugger. Minus Holidays 5.6 Weeks Earn £45,000 in 2020/2021 and you'll take home £34,242. This means £2,853 in your pocket a month. Over the year you'll pay £6,498 income tax and £4,260 in National Insurance Poor Poor Bugger No Quality of life.....but if there is a hard working man like that well done you and give me a call I'll hire you
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