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  1. Brave man Who Dares Wins
  2. Fast Fix Elgin

    Shaped Watch Glass Cutting

    We have used this company and we were pleased with the service and quality CRYSTALFIT JR Centre 2A East St Bromley BR1 1QX www.crystalfit.co.uk OR CrystalFit PO Box 612 Sevenoaks TN13 9TP Hope this is helpful
  3. Fast Fix Elgin

    Embracing change

    I can see the world population going cashless in the next 5-10 years After the next global economic reset
  4. Fast Fix Elgin

    Good Idea or bad Idea

    We have a back room shoe repair workshop with a window into the front shop and a beep/bop door sensor it works for us
  5. Fast Fix Elgin

    Embracing change

    Do you have any card company charges to deal with? That's the Gripe
  6. The difference on trade price of keys are minuscule so put your prices up a £1 then take them down for quantity
  7. Fast Fix Elgin

    Description please

    Shoe care profitable..... I find that hard to believe especially with aggressive pricing
  8. Fast Fix Elgin

    posting key machine

    Depends on weight as well anything over 25kg will be expensive
  9. Fast Fix Elgin

    Can anyone vector this please

    Thanks all All in hand now Cheers
  10. Fast Fix Elgin

    Can anyone vector this please

    Not yet working on it
  11. Does the business have other services key cutting, watch repairs or engraving how big is the shop, what kind of area is it in, what is the ratable value If you have more information it might help in the sale
  12. Fast Fix Elgin

    Sole stain

    have you tried brushing on dark tan kiwi, it comes up very well
  13. Fast Fix Elgin

    Cast Brass Memorial Plaque

    Ohh wow how many cutters would you go through
  14. Fast Fix Elgin

    ASSA D12

    I don't usually like JMA blanks BUT if they work why not Anyone on this forum deal with KEYBLANKS.EU