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  1. Just this week I had a customer come in announcing that he has been to the pound shop but couldn't find the battery he needed in the pack he was looking at, Number 395 No problem sir I said we have one here, £3 £3 he said disgusted, but I can buy a whole card full for £1 Yes but it doesn't have a 395 in it, so would you like this 395 battery for £3 "No", and left the shop in disgust. I'm passed caring about these type of customers, I tell every customer what the price of the service will be before commencing then its a simple yes go ahead or no thanks from the customer, you got to laugh at the thinking thou
  2. Again with me I use to do this kind of job but not worth the time and effort, in fact the reason i stopped was a customer saying it wasn't tight enough please do it again free of charge, I did it again customer said its to tight now do it again free of charge, what a mess it turned out to be, no one was happy so no more. life is to short for jobs like that
  3. Hi Graham Yes a bit Bizzar, we did think about filing it back and thats what we might have to do Thanks
  4. https://www.em-b.co.uk/products/architectural-hardware/supporting-products/cylinders/H2001/
  5. Hello everyone is there a 6pin equivalent to a ABUS Silca AB54 5pin? Thanks
  6. Key ID please very similar to YA42A but not wedged Collier and is 6 pin Thanks in advance
  7. How much is your hourly wage (what would you like to make per hour) x 3 at least
  8. Thanks yes it will make a difference on the delivery price, it will make it cheaper Thanks
  9. Based Elgin Scotland IV30 1BW The machine is about 4years old
  10. The Original package sticker, so i don't know i don't have a set of scales
  11. Lancer Plus for sale in very good condition £1700 Weight 52kg on a pallet Been on parcelmonkey.co.uk Quoted £75 Delivery
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