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UAP and Fullex TV Advert

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Hi All,


Have you seen the UAP and Fullex TV advert yet advertising their cylinders and multipoint locks?

They sent out an email about it yesterday which can be viewed at http://uapcorporate.com/newsletter/w/L5KRXt4TabJcRWeR67F7sg?1499176007.


A TV schedule can be seen at https://uapcorporate.com/uap-tv-schedule/ and it is due to be shown on just under 200 TV channels!


The idea behind the advert is to get consumers to ask installers for UAP and Fullex locks when upgrading their doors and home security - good news for those of you already stocking UAP and Fullex locks!

For more information visit https://uapcorporate.com/tv-and-radio-campaigns/.

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Hi everyone,
Below is a sneak preview of the Find a Locksmith app TV advert that will be on over 200 channels from Friday 1st December 2017:



Sign up to get listed on the app for free at https://tradelocks.co.uk/register.html


You can select a number of different areas including:

Domestic Locksmith
House Key Cutting
Auto Locksmith
Car Key Cutting
Safe Locksmith 

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With regards to the Tradelocks website, the most a member of the public can do on there is buy a key blank. We don't cut keys for members of the general public, so they will have to find a local keycutters to cut the blank for them anyway.


If you have just tried searching on the www.carskeysandlocks.com website it is not 100% finished yet, but should be in the next couple of days. I'll let you know when it is all up and running.

For now, you can see the search facility at https://tradelocks.co.uk/find-a-locksmith.html

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It was more of a concern that customers can see the cost of a uap cylinder at just over £8.

I know of locksmiths charging £30 plus labour to fit these. Maybe they are over charging? But I doubt anyone would be charging less than twice what they pay.

Just gives the old gits and know it alls a bit of ammunition to moan

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