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These blanks always break in the Unocode, when cutting Huwil and Steelcase keys to code.


The last cuts always make the side flap shear off the blank.


If one's lucky, one gets one side right, which can then be copied with a standard machine.


We've tried cutting the cuts individually, and of course buying the keys in frustration from Fastkeys.


The latter solution does work, they use Errebi blanks (I think).


Has this problem been encountered by others?





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Had a couple do that but mostly when the cutter was blunt.


We only use Silca blanks and i have also changed our machine to take the carbide cutters and adjusted the belts as required (Matt @ Silca can help with that).


Since the carbide blade has been in i cannot remember any key shearing off.


If there is enough clearence try the B jaw as more of the blank is then clamped.

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