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  1. keySolutions

    Ronis key to code 3063

    Did you tip align it or shoulder align it ?
  2. keySolutions

    Key ID Please?

    There are a few profiles that look like it, but none that I would be sure enough. I would suggest to look at the back of the cylinder. There is sometimes (usually ?) a code stamped on it. The letters in the code refer to for the key profile.
  3. Hope this helps , i didn't remove the switch.
  4. Check out page 21 (25 )of the manual https://mbausa.com/content/downloadfiles/bravo-iii-user-manual.pdf
  5. keySolutions

    Abs key

    I don't get these in my area , are they the same as Mul-T-Lock ?
  6. keySolutions

    Joma key id

    EU13R The code matches the bitting.
  7. That poor abused thing. Where is the rest of it ?
  8. keySolutions

    Key marked 'T'

    Silca IJ1 It's been posted a few times before, but seeing as there is no brandname on the key, it's not easy to search for them.
  9. keySolutions

    JMA key ID

    That looks like a Silca LAP1 edit: LAP1 does not match the code series, PR5 does.
  10. keySolutions

    Key blank help

    Sorry , i had read your original post too fast, missed the shoulder bit. Sorry about that.
  11. keySolutions

    Key blank help

    My first goto with anything like this is KYM1 or KYM1RP.
  12. keySolutions

    Urgent key assistance

    Silca SM1R should be the correct blank.
  13. keySolutions

    Snap On codes

    My ancient version of Instacode (2014) has it as Card 890 ISN 3824
  14. keySolutions

    Gerda H Plus Blank

    Have a look at MC14R
  15. keySolutions

    Snap on Code?

    Looking at the 2 cards , the difference seems to be how the wafers are grouped. I would blacken a key blank with a marker pen and see where the wafers rub it off. Either that or take the lock apart. It seems to have a nut at the back so it shouldn't be that hard.