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  1. The user manual mentions programming keys, so it should have a transponder http://ktm950.info/library/assets/pdfs/2010_ktm990_owner_manual.pdf looks like a ZD30 to me. Probably a ID11.
  2. keySolutions

    GIVI Security Key

    Made 2 of these today. I used EU17 and card 2583. There is no code list in the Silca Key Program or (my old version of) Instacode.
  3. keySolutions


    I sent you a PM yesterday with a possible solution.
  4. keySolutions


    This is a JuNie lock. I use HN3 for this. They can't be cut to code, but it's east to take the core out
  5. keySolutions

    AXA Dutch Bike Key

    ASS96RP We used to cut loads of these.
  6. keySolutions

    Car Remotes

    Simon, what do you charge for recplacing a button ? And how much for a shell ?
  7. keySolutions

    Restricted key system

    The first cut doesn't look that deep. Pfaffenhain/ Abus are very beefy keys. We have a couple of profiles in them and breakages are very few, and mostly with very deep cuts. I fully agree with Simon1 that something more is going on here. Schools, in my expercience, have very neglegted doors and locks.
  8. keySolutions

    Car Remotes

    When i was first introduced to EEPROM, i wanted to practice desoldering and soldering chips. I went to the thrift store and got an old DVD player. Nobody wants these anymore these days and they go really cheap (<10€). Took off all the 8 pin chips and practiced reading out every EEPROM chip it had. Put everything back together and it all still worked. It had a bunch of small buttons on the front panel, but i didn't bother with those. All in all, it was a great confidence building exercise.
  9. keySolutions

    mlm lehmann cam lock

    You can push the retaining wafer down with a lock pick. The wafer is 17mm from the front of the core.
  10. keySolutions

    Ronis key to code 3063

    Did you tip align it or shoulder align it ?
  11. keySolutions

    Key ID Please?

    There are a few profiles that look like it, but none that I would be sure enough. I would suggest to look at the back of the cylinder. There is sometimes (usually ?) a code stamped on it. The letters in the code refer to for the key profile.
  12. Hope this helps , i didn't remove the switch.
  13. Check out page 21 (25 )of the manual https://mbausa.com/content/downloadfiles/bravo-iii-user-manual.pdf
  14. keySolutions

    Abs key

    I don't get these in my area , are they the same as Mul-T-Lock ?
  15. keySolutions

    Joma key id

    EU13R The code matches the bitting.