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  1. keySolutions

    Gerda H Plus Blank

    Have a look at MC14R
  2. keySolutions

    Snap on Code?

    Looking at the 2 cards , the difference seems to be how the wafers are grouped. I would blacken a key blank with a marker pen and see where the wafers rub it off. Either that or take the lock apart. It seems to have a nut at the back so it shouldn't be that hard.
  3. keySolutions

    Yamaha bike key I.D.

    YM63 isn't the Silca reference. YM in Silca refers to Ymos. I think that's the Ilco reference. Silca YH35R is what you're after.
  4. keySolutions

    DOM Plura blank

    Silca DM151R.
  5. keySolutions

    Snap on Code?

    LF2 can be used for that code.
  6. keySolutions


    Its the same serie. Silca shows it as 4000-4100.
  7. keySolutions


    Silca Key Program has it as bitting 21232.
  8. keySolutions


    Graham, are you sure ? Silca BES16 looks like it would be a match.
  9. keySolutions

    Bitting needed

    I would rather say it's a 132322 The 3rd and last 2 cuts look the same to me. Same with the 2nd and 4th. But i have no experience with this serie.
  10. keySolutions

    Any ideas?

    Could be any of these: HF75R HW4R (not likely, usually has a hole for removing the core) BMB5 (numbering is usually smaller) Or is could be LF30R on code 869
  11. keySolutions

    Anyone know this code?

    I was just confirming what Count Muppet suggested. He deserves most of the credit for this.
  12. keySolutions

    The Silca 109 catalogue

    I got mine in Essen september last year.
  13. keySolutions

    Anyone know this code?

    78281 = 2212232 , so that could be it.
  14. keySolutions

    Abus Extra Classe?

    AB48, we cut loads of these every day. (Located in belgium)
  15. keySolutions

    Bike key I.D.

    No , i don't know if it will.