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  1. IJ1 for sure. We cut a lot of these.
  2. keySolutions

    Knott trailer key

    I would go for Silca DM19. The head shape is definitely DOM. But I don't think it's JMA DOM-13D , because of the flat section at the bottom of the keyway.
  3. The way they are shown in the catalog is so that you can poke a blank on it and check if it lines up. Imagine poking the key through the page.
  4. I would try Silca ED2
  5. keySolutions

    Any ideas on this lock?

    My first guess would be CAX1R
  6. keySolutions

    Vespa moped key

    Silca MM1RP
  7. keySolutions

    Any ideas on this lock?

    Do you have a better pic of the keyway ?
  8. keySolutions

    Opsial key ID

    IE27R comes close. But wouldn't risk it in this case.
  9. keySolutions

    FTH key id

    Have a look at Silca RO41
  10. keySolutions


    What is this blank finder tool you speak of ? Here is a link to a manual for your machine. It will cover operation and all basic maintenance. http://www.randrsecurity.com/index.php?route=product/download/download&did=106 Blank catalogs can be had from your key supplier. Or online from their website. Silca just released their new 109 catalog. link: http://www.silca.biz/media/1524648/v1/File/00-catalogo-109.pdf My tip: download as many as you can find. Not all manufacturers cover the same keys. Like Graham said , this forum is a great place to visit if you're stuck. There are lot of knowledgeable people here that like to help others out. Graham himself is a great example.
  11. The bitting looks the same on both these keys. Would they all be keyed alike ?
  12. keySolutions

    Key to code

    Most likely it will be a Silca LF12. These are very common for automotive accessories. The codes fall in the 1-200 range. There are members here that can cut it to code.
  13. keySolutions

    Key ID assistance please

    BUR31 or BUR31R