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  1. Rick, that's not it. I don't know if there is a Silca blank available for it, we use original Abus for these. - Edit: i stand corrected Börkey has the 1940P for these.
  2. Try here http://www.hudsonlock.com/codemax-update.html
  3. We stock the originals for this one. The neck on the Silca blank is not long enough to fit the lock.
  4. Adaptor B1 for Silca unocode We still have ours. Had to dig deep, but I've found it. I can cut a key to code or depths, and send it to you, if noone closer can do it (I'm in Belgium)
  5. I think WK53R, but there are a lot of similar profiles, it's not easy to make out from the photo. The pass key blank may be WK62R.
  6. That would also be my first guess. I would try code FH101.
  7. Could it be that you started cutting 1 position too far ?
  8. Tibbe keys that lock , but will not open are and indication that the bitting is not correct. You can even lock them with a blank key. Keys stuck in the ignition are caused by the dust cover flap catching on a ridge in your key. Use a pick or a wire to push the dust cover away to get your key out.
  9. The Abus is the reversed profile of the Cisa TSP. As far as i know, these are still protected.
  10. The internal cuts remind me of a Zadi key, Silca ZD20. But i have never seen this type of external cuts.
  11. I am seeing less and less Tibbe keys in my area. I used to make them almost every day, now weeks go by without one. I don't know if it is still something you need when just starting out. The machine we use is a Silca GT40. It also does Abloy and Abus disc detainer keys.
  12. Is this it ? http://www.multikey.com/en/product/CP15290/348371
  13. Probably Abus. Can you show the front ?
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