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  1. Also better to go for the CB97 rather then CB87. same blank but the 97 has a longer shoulder on it. I would assume the over on is also a gatemate Key.
  2. Yes Card 868 is for the R11 master key.
  3. Iseo suites are done via M-Marcus and have a different profile blank. The blank you need is IE26 which will also pass R11 and R6 as well. You still cut under IE14 (R11MK) on Silca. always check your reading via eye as the 0 cuts worn keys will read as 1
  4. We not big on engraving really be we do have old versions of both machines. I have used the IS400vol now for the last 5 years or so so don’t remember everything about the universal and only used it a bit anyway. We got our universal donkeys years ago from master grave, and it’s been a great machine and very reliable. The software then was was Visual Tool Box 5 not sure what they are on now. Visual tool box did work differently to Gravo Style But it didn’t take long to switch from one to the other. For what we every used the universal for over the years it was more then capable. When we’re doing large plates etc. We just made the whole plate actual size then just moved engraving area and plate, then the plate around and so on without any really issue.
  5. Ok, I signed up as a Ultion centre through Nigel Rose and I get all my cylinders and key blanks through them. I don’t like dealing with certain type companies if I don’t have too.
  6. You are going to struggle on Kaba 20 as they want it to be a Kaba only product. The pins and tips on blanks have been changed to stop people doing keys. You can now only do the older systems. And you won’t get anything more or new from Silca, it’s finished.
  7. You should be careful doing a key for this system on a mastered blank. These system were never any good on a large scale and being a hospital I would assume It’s a large suite. They got round this problem with multi profile sections, you cut this key on a master blank and how know what else it will fit.
  8. I don’t like dealing brisant so we use Nigel Rose much better company and very good to deal with
  9. Your sister is right, a USB to serial adapter will work fine. It’s only send data via a cable to a port. You will just need to have the correct drivers so the usb can send data correctly. I’ve never done it on a tablet but used to have it on a pc without enough ports.
  10. Hi Chris The Air4 home kits are just a receiver box with a remote. The box allows you to wire into a new and existing garage door set up or similar controlled electronic door. They are just switching device.
  11. The trouble with the Viper is it only cuts laser and not dimple keys. Only worth the space if you just do auto other wise a Triax is a better fit
  12. They don’t come like that. Picture must be put together for some strange reason.
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