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  1. Looks like Silca LF13 to me but as already said LF4 will work.
  2. Didn’t like look YH35R to thin between the flutes. Used MAZ24R looked better suited to me, but did need to cut down the neck width when cutting key but worked fine. Chip wise was a 4D-60 chip if anyone else needs to know.
  3. You could try Silca Ass1, if you don’t haven’t any I can you send you one
  4. Ingersoll M section. Silca don’t do it and the HD key looks wrong on davenports site. But a original M is the right blank
  5. Have you got a picture from the side Chris? Looks like your first cut is wrong. It should be B1, looks like you have done C2
  6. I think it’s for an electric bike, I had one the other day but customer couldn’t leave it with to look into.
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