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Community Answers

  1. Have you got a better quality picture? The track is definitely wrong, but also maybe a couple of the pins as well. Like Graham said there is 4 heights, can’t see very well on your but the 1 and 2 can be close, think this could also be the case here.
  2. Do you know the section? There are two MLA section on flexcore think there F40K and F40L.
  3. I wouldn’t touch that for £90, a lot of work to make properly
  4. I would say lock looks like a copy of a Stuv. So would try Stuv blank
  5. You can’t really compare the Triax to the Futura, on quality. Triax is a far superior machine and if you want a machine got years and years, you won’t go wrong with it. The futura on the other hand will do more verity, so if you don’t have any other similar machines might be better. With the Triax just need to look at how old the model is, get a serial number to check age. If you have a new mother board fitted the key count is reset. She loads of machines with false key counts, trying to add value. With the Futura the older machines are really slow cutting and tablets can be an issue.
  6. Not unless it’s cut from a dealer, not sure about blank though. UK card and key profile is 3928 not seen 5928 but they can anchor pin position and heights giving lots of profiles.
  7. You can also get blanks direct as long as you are an MLA member, but you can only get them in quantities of 10 for some reason
  8. Anyone know where or what section they used on the old SC76. I’m sure I used to have some at some point with the larger centre grove, but only have the modern current sections.
  9. Your right its the 6-pin series and not the 5 or 7 you can always tell from the head shape. On the plus side the cutting card is easy to find, just search under ASSA, then change the columns for cuts and look for the 6 pin cards. I think its 345 from memory, so don't quote me as it might not be right. Just in my head with a load of other unless info I can check tomorrow if your stuck. And dont forget when decoding most Assa will be in reverse so a 9 height cut will be the highest and not lowest.
  10. We used to have to buy these as originals as Silca didn't all the Assa's. I have it down as AS9K from Key Secure but last ordered 2011 so better check references
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