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  1. Lock Stock

    Futura woes

    Is it decoding other keys correctly or doing this on all? Doesn’t seem electronic contact is being made through tracer
  2. Lock Stock

    Key ID

    Chinese cylinder Silca HO2R
  3. Lock Stock

    Nissan Juke case

    You probably won’t find it but it’s a X-trail and not a Juke
  4. Lock Stock

    Kiferm KS1 6 pin?

    KS4 is 6-pin But I would look at Silca DX3
  5. Lock Stock

    Vauxhall key

    Don't have any info on that I'm afraid but educated guess would be based on the door lock. If it has a cylinder within the handle I would look at the American BS Chevrolet keys (GM7) Etc. If it has a separate cylinder below the handle I would look at the early HUF & Ymos GM keys (HU33/35 or YM21). Hope it helps
  6. There's two cards on Silca under superior you want to use the (+) version, it has 4 heights just ignore the 4th and use the 3rd as the deepest. I have only once had to use the other card but its not a problem as its cuts are deeper and key will over cut.
  7. Lock Stock


    Ok Makes sense now.
  8. Lock Stock


    I don’t get it, What subcategory should it be?
  9. Lock Stock

    Alco key I.D

    Silca HM1R
  10. Didn't we already do this???
  11. Silca DAL2 is the correct blank (Dalwa), But no cutting card
  12. It a Mul-T-Lock MT5 special profile without the Alpha pin in the blank. The key is cut under the single pinning and not telescopic. It's exclusive profile for Trade Vehicle Locks/Proctor Van best give them a call Chris Trade Vehicle Locks LTD Address: Unit 38, Horndon Industrial Park, Brentwood CM13 3XL Phone: 0333 444 6600