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  1. Growster

    Key ID please

    Aldridge might make these to code for a fiver.
  2. To get this to code sounds difficult. I only have the photos, any recommendations for a sure-fire blank? Code 131914
  3. Growster


    Mapedhelix should be able to supply these. They are not that easy to work with, though.
  4. Instacode does not show anything easy for this. It does not look like the AB93R to me Here is the AB93R, and the next question. Is the slant in the right hand flute meant to be indicative of the slant in the profile when seen from the bottom? It would indicate, that the Abus key would have a square edged flute and not a slanted one.
  5. Growster

    Key ID Please

    Frivo is very old German caravan stuff. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/westfalia-oldtimer-anhaenger-tuerschloss-frivo-perohaus/1061429385-223-1182 Ebay Kleinanzeigen is the German Gumtree or Loot. There it mentions Frivo-Perohaus somewhere https://www.hood.de/baumarkt-garten/sicherheitstechnik/sicherung-fuer-fenster-tueren/sonstige?p=7 If on that page you search for Perohaus, you get to a Boerkey blank, which looks reasonable (without glasses).
  6. Growster

    Rock Door key

    Howard is the way foward. He knows everything that man can know about keys. He's probably still sleeping, though.
  7. Growster

    Sudhaus DBGM key

    Which number are you after?
  8. As it's a little quiet here...... I am being asked to provide copies for these Union mortice keys. Don't look like Butters System keys to me. Any ideas?
  9. Has this developed in any way? Did Rosengren give a positive reply? I have a different key of exactly that type I am after.
  10. This is a Decayeux key, more info probably via Dad letterbox company.
  11. Perhaps RU14 / ASS155R? If in doubt, Laidlaw can cut them from the code.
  12. Yes, available as precuts......
  13. 322, 220, 600, S154, S150, S324, S151, S153, but not 326. This is very slow moving stock, indeed.
  14. Growster

    Gerda H1

    https://www.gerdasecurity.co.uk They are widely installed in the council estates in Hackney in London. They also have their range of FB-style keys, which are less in the hands of truand hooligan brats than the regular FB keys. I am sure these can be copied in London, but I have no idea where.
  15. Does anyone recognise this? Doesn't look too Chinese to me. The code is 6516.