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  1. They are these funny brass ones with the offset blade. The Asec one cost something like a quarter of the original version. However: for us, the copies engender at times non-working keys, whereas the originals don't. Has anyone else experienced that?
  2. It's an Adapta key, we've had the brand here a few months ago.
  3. Does anyone have the clamps for this? We get about 10 enquiries a year for these.
  4. Having the blank is one thing, cutting this key another. I reckon that there is no pump key machine in the UK. Haven't tried yet, but I doubt the little side wheel on the Lancer, for example, will do these.
  5. https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32932384476.html Quality unknown.
  6. Is there a saying such as "Private jinx padlock" to signify when 2 people say the same thing at the same time?
  7. Adapta is run by Masterkey Systems. They will normally need the suite reference to identify the dealer in charge of this.
  8. I think (not sure) this is a Magnum Plus key. They seem straightforward to read. The top card is for the right hand key, the codes seem to start from the tip of the key. Who can cut these? Is there a card to make them ourselves?
  9. Profile Hardware made this one, I reckon.
  10. https://www.mesclefs.com/double-de-cle/pollux This site shows that these are also available at nearly twice the price.
  11. I find this topic very interesting. We're dabbling with Gate Remotes, an OK supplier, that makes it easy to ID and buy a spare remote on the client's behalf. This idea here sounds good. What's the difference to the Air4?
  12. This is an Abus E60, yes genuines are available.
  13. In case anyone is interested, here is a photo. Any idea on a blank? What seems be a little hook left and right in the first photo is, in fact, part of the shoulder.
  14. Is there a way to get ones hands on Kaba 8 original blanks? Kaba is unkeen on letting go of these in uncut form. I believe these are long out of copy protection.
  15. I would now print out this lovely profile guide from NW Keys and find a suitable target blank. Key with "&" in the code or brand are hard to google indeed.
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