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  1. They need a special cutter to duplicate them on the Triax. Instacode shows just one 10 pin series, R.O.C. We have copied these successfully in the past, though not from the code.
  2. Some of these locks are as accommodating as a harbour-xxxxx. Could EU10R BT3R etc do the trick. The lovely list from NW Keys refers.
  3. I think LF43R looks different, but it'll work. We've had 2 orders in the last couple of years without complaints.
  4. You need to know the suite reference. That usually starts with MK and is printed only on the masterkey.
  5. I have just seen such a key on here - I think. Any suggestions - can this be done to code?
  6. DA164 - I received payment and made these yesterday. Fingers crossed. If I don't add anything to this thread, then it probably means the customer hasn't moaned. Or isn't bothered to complain Thanks again!
  7. https://schlosser.co.uk/product/keys/ Haven't tried these yet. Schlosser is German for "locksmith".
  8. Bingo. Finally. https://www.yalelock.it/en/yale/yale-italy/products/mechanical/keys/ Unclear whether getting these will be worth the hassle.
  9. How the Dickens....? Many thanks, will try.
  10. Haha, I am grappling with just this problem. The IC series ends at DA150. And I need DA164 or something like that.
  11. Please note the tapered end. My hunch goes towards Italy, though I don't quite know why. Has anyone come across this blank before?
  12. This is the CCP AG series. Just did 2 yesterday, with an RO4R. Quite a struggle. The RO4R has to be significantly thinned down, and the shoulder cut back. Instacode wants these done on a Bluedog BD661. No bitting for yours in IC, but 31121 may do yours. Luckily, I had the lock to hand. Oh, JMA FLT-1 could also be OK.
  13. Oxford themselves supply these to code, if I remember correctly. Maybe they can do them to photo? They made you go through a questionnaire first, that felt like a mortgage application.
  14. Something I just found out the hard way: The RC7F code card looks good, but puts the cuts in the wrong places.
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