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  1. 322, 220, 600, S154, S150, S324, S151, S153, but not 326. This is very slow moving stock, indeed.
  2. Growster

    Gerda H1

    https://www.gerdasecurity.co.uk They are widely installed in the council estates in Hackney in London. They also have their range of FB-style keys, which are less in the hands of truand hooligan brats than the regular FB keys. I am sure these can be copied in London, but I have no idea where.
  3. Does anyone recognise this? Doesn't look too Chinese to me. The code is 6516.
  4. I would normally prefer to order these from Kaba. In this case we can't. Our Triax R4 jaw doesn't seem to tilt enough to read the original. The red knob for tightening the blank in the clamp is in the way. Should we perhaps replace this with a fat grub-screw?
  5. Growster

    Odd cam locks

    This photo comes from the website of keysplease in Finchley. It seems to be a Herman Miller lock.
  6. TV-3D, I reckon. While I now feel like a key identifying genius, I have to admit, I got this from cracking this lovely site with MU site:https://shoerepairer.info
  7. The photos are a little on the fat side, unfortunately. Where could I source copies?
  8. Growster

    2803 key

    "2803 switch key" brings up plenty of sellers of precuts on Google. Including a few close-up photos.
  9. Growster

    Hegel cylinder lock

    Could it have been a Schlegel? I think I don't have enough work today :-).
  10. I think the angles are different from X-Plus to Abus Plus. That might rule out the jaw. Nevermind that the Abus Plus keys made on that jaw have a reputational whiff of not working. Abus supply alright, and even reasonably quickly, I find. But this makes the keys so expensive, that the tightwad customers only ever order 1 per key number.
  11. I have never had to copy one yet. Rather, I never offered to do that, cuz I can't. Most requests are for "to code", unfortunately, and I have to outsource that all.
  12. These are becoming a lot more frequent. The blank seems to exist, the codes are in Instacode, but how can they be made to code? Note the the pointy top, and the length, the main differences to an Abus Plus.
  13. Growster

    DOM Plura blank

    I have asked Dom in 2017 about these: Unfortunately we cannot get these keys here in the UK. It appears DOM in Holland now produce these, and they are restricted, it’s their own section, we cannot order them ( not even with a copy of the registration card). The Dutch are generally happy to sell to the UK, and that even without any demeaning Brexit jokes. I never got the order, so I don't know how easy they are to get.
  14. Growster

    More patent keys

    This seems to come with the Union locks from Screwfix.