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  1. Growster

    Key ID

    This is from International Door Controls, I reckon. They can make these to code, though copying these would be loads less money.
  2. Their new email behaviour may come from using a shared intray, whereby all staff has access to all email threads. While Nathan may have written the initial reply, someone else may suddenly have the time or knowledge to write the next reply within the thread. Anonymising the respondents may make the replies less confusing. At any rate, they do reply, and that's already better than many others.
  3. Milenco is represented here by Titon. They can get these to code, though probably not from just a single letter code.
  4. They could be the AA series codes on a different blank.
  5. Growster

    Yale Window Key

    Shh, don't mention the war. Nor prices .
  6. Growster

    Hafele drawer key

    No way to make these to code, right? That is, in a way, surprising for such keys.
  7. Growster

    SIlca MT4

    I know of no one in the UK with a machine to copy pump keys. I would be interested, though.
  8. Growster


    Maybe it's the same as MW013? Just being hopeful here.
  9. Growster

    Roof bar keys

    I reckon this could be a Menabo (M-Way) key. A lead I had for Menabo is one of their agents: www.shopandgoaccessories.com Dunno, if dey speake da Englishe.
  10. The client has 2 cabinets from the police in Ireland. Can these keys be made to code at all? Or are the locks available?
  11. Growster

    GIVI Security Key

    Has anyone a solution, 4 years later? Here's a xxxxGI photo:
  12. Growster


    The way the code is stamped on both sides of the key hole does point to Hekna, HN3 sounds like one to try.
  13. Growster

    Key ID please

    Aldridge might make these to code for a fiver.
  14. To get this to code sounds difficult. I only have the photos, any recommendations for a sure-fire blank? Code 131914
  15. Growster


    Mapedhelix should be able to supply these. They are not that easy to work with, though.