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  1. Could the second one be LS1? WA10 = 13313 With a bit of taking ones glasses off, this could be a fit.
  2. I kind of dislike toolboxes, one can never make any bloody keys for them. Here's a photo of a Kennedy toolbox lock, key A1893. Any suggestion on how this can be made to code?
  3. I might not be the only one coming across this. The original is quite thin. Hooply and Gatemate blanks are no good.
  4. The "S" suited keys are often available via Allgoods. At a not all good price, though.
  5. They seem to have jo-joed into bankruptcy again. From what I hear, the locking side was sold to UAP.
  6. Possibly not worth knowing. Best waiting for Howard. Name:Lori Lock Street: 384 OLD TURNPIKE ROAD ZIP Code/City: 06489 Southington State: Connecticut Phone: (860) 621-3605
  7. JMA BUR 24? This is a link to the BUR-24D. The BUR-24 is just not on the JMA UK site https://www.sks.co.uk/jma-burg-cylinder-key-blank-2256
  8. This is an Evva GPi key, there are around 200 different blanks and many do not circulate. You' have there a quality product which seems to have benefitted you for over 60 years. As one of the Platzhirsche on this forum often says: Buy cheap, buy twice. To spend some extra time on a small problem, you could look at keymax.de
  9. Evva have a dedicated sales rep for the Steiermark: https://www.evva.com/at-de/ueber-uns/kontakt/aussendienst/?no_cache=1 The reference printed on the key will often help to identify the blank. Oddly and inexplicably, the German word "Rohling" translates as "key blank" and as "ruffian"
  10. Hi Nathan, while on the topic of your website: I find it hard to search for stuff on it. Just for example: Tesa returns 2 TSA padlocks, that's it. I have had many similar problems lately. Has something changed with the search algo?
  11. I can't find the codes, let alone the blank. Have seen multiple photos of these pagoda-style keys. Any ideas?
  12. Your key looks like you've tried with a sort of plasticine impression.
  13. We have had Forma ones that were 18 series MLM keys
  14. 50 quid is the min for a lock order. Key order min is £12.50.
  15. LF themselves offer that service. Around £15 plus VAT for a pair, delivered.
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