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  1. I have a hunch I have seen these before, but I have no idea what these are.
  2. I have just had 5 x UL054 come back. Could it be that the universal is simply smaller than the Versa and not so good on any no-depth cut?
  3. Are the pics actually visible in the amended first post or not? To me, they're clearly visible.
  4. Maybe this is better now.
  5. I am near-sure, that such a key has been here before. I just do not know what to search for.
  6. Growster

    Union lock (no key)

    The search feature on their website is like my mother: It always says: No.
  7. Growster

    Union lock (no key)

    Best one, if Instacode is no help, is Nukey in Littlehampton. They have untold amounts of these Ministry of Works keys and codes.
  8. This is a master or a removal key. Fastkeys do them. Differs can take a while, these ones they ought to have in stock locally.
  9. I don't know, LockStock, but I have seen the light and I agree with all contributors.
  10. I will try on ED4. If there is no further entry here, then it has worked.
  11. That is the ED2 / ART1 Seen from the left, the Everreign key has the top flute 1st, not the bottom one
  12. The bottom blue-topped key does not enter into the key hole. The card looks does not look right somehow, or perhaps it is just old. Where could I get this blank?
  13. These Chinese locks can be as forgiving as a harbourwhxxx. A Silca JU11, filed thinner perhaps, but the JU11 is not wide enough. What blank could work here?
  14. Growster

    key identify?

    I think I have some of these blanks. No idea why and how I have them. Please advise an address.