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  1. This Hadak Abloy safe key works but is about to break. The key number is A42152. We don't have a machine to copy this. Can this be decoded and made? Had-a-k-ey of this type a long while ago, they were very expensive then.
  2. I am now looking for DA154. From what I remember, this series does not repeat after DA150. Any good ideas how to get a bitting?
  3. Does anyone know who sells these 112A cylinders? I need to get one. I've a feeling it's one of the big sheds, but can't find it. Does the range have a name? Wherever I look, I can only find the UNI3-type cyl...
  4. We're having an issue decoding and copying this Keso 2000S. Instacode, with the Lips Octro card decodes the outer and side-cuts and the spacing OK it seems, but not the inner cuts. Is there perhaps a better card on the Silca software? We've ordered it, but it takes ages to come at the moment.
  5. Over the years I have tried to contact Securemme on various occasions and never received a reply.
  6. This looks like it could be Reention: Nick Xu Kunshan Reention Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd 350 Yanqiaobang Rd, Kunshan, Jiangsu, 215347, China. Ph.86 512 55181401 Mob. 86 135 0626 4110 Whatsapp/Facebook. 86 135 0626 4110 Wechat: xu13506264110 www.reention.com Nick actually replies
  7. I could see a feeder tray, and a decoding function. Perhaps it also has the Lector rolled into this?
  8. Thanks for all your help, guys! Graham, I shall take you up on your offer. Stan will write to you shortly.
  9. SKS is usually quite forthcoming with getting specials in from their Spanish mothership. Might get stuck at the ports, though.
  10. I make this a 6 pin key. The cutting card will be the next problem.
  11. In my youthful vigour I promised "no problem, I'll decode it from a photo and Bob's your uncle". Now my come-uppance has arrived, I am unsure about a suitable 6-pin blank.
  12. This often has a sort octagonal shape inside the hole, as a copy protection. Not always, and if not, then CH9T could do the trick. The octagonal shape ones are used on bike sheds on London's residential streets.
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