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  1. Just as an add-on: This was, in fact, a Hooply key, and the Gatemate blank worked as well. Other keys they found for the same lock were cut on both sides.
  2. Winkhaus UK will know who the dealer is. For the Abus key, there is a nifty little decoding block. You put the key in, turn it and 7 dials show you the code to which to make it.
  3. Growster

    Key ID please

    Stuco could be a German company involved in window security. However, I can't find a link to your key.
  4. We've tried hard to learn how to decode Magnum keys by sight, but are still having trouble. We received one of those Magnums that our Triax wasn't decoding accurately, so we had to do it by sight. I've attached pictures of the original key (the plastic-topped Magnum) and of our copy which doesn't work (on Yale blank). The dimples look fine to me, but the track is clearly wrong. Here's what I thought the code is (from bow to the tip): A: 2231 B: 231 C: 1213 Can anyone show me where I went wrong, and does anybody have any advice on decoding these 'pesky blighters'?
  5. Growster


    I am having another Kavass key in my intray. Not LF4, not Renz, not LS13. Can't make it from the code.
  6. As this shows blanks mainly facing right, it would be good to also have a new JMA one with blanks facing left. The drawings on SKS' website are often not correct.
  7. The design reminds me of what I would imagine the new manifesto of the communist party of North Korea would look like, somehow. It is more useful, though.
  8. Growster

    Key id

    Global Locking should do these to code.
  9. http://www.silca.biz/en/catalogues/124088/silca-keys-catalogues.html Is it known, whether this will come out in paper form? In spite of all online facilities, I find myself heavily reliant on the Silca and JMA paper catalogues.
  10. Growster


    I vote for the forum administration. I am having fun here, as well as benefits. That combination is not always easy to find. I am grateful for this forum being run at all, and moreover, so peacefully and not in a draconian way Indefatigable Graham would obviously spring to mind as a second choice, even though his input on the shoe side of the forum is really very limited :-).
  11. Growster

    multit intergrator

    They will usually require the card to be shown.
  12. Growster

    Key id

    For some unknown reason, some of these will never copy right. Making them to code, if there is a code, works better. Any idea, why copying with Winkhaus so often fails? Or is it perhaps just me?
  13. Growster

    New Chavo

    There is a crude saying in German: As forgiving as a harbour-wh... If you have the double sided ones, then ED4/HLX1 worked for me, in spite of the lack of width.
  14. The stamping is 0037A, not too legible. Does anyone have any experience with these?