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  1. ciawest

    Hoopla key ID

    thanks grahamparker, I have looked at the selection of keys, hooply doesn't do very clear pictures. I'd say none of them are the right one but if i had to choose i'd have to go with the S3D30. How would i go about getting blanks? would it be direct from hooply?
  2. Hi, I can't find a suitable blank for this key. I have asked SKS but they have had no puck either. Any suggestions?
  3. ciawest

    Dimple Key ID

    thanks, I always like finding out and learning new things. I've only ever had to do ultion U keys from the brisant section so far, are there more brisant cards than the ones that appear on the A9 Miracle :S Anyway, I've made my first copy and it has came out great thanks for the help every1. Just not sure how to price now, I'm think the same price as my ultion keys but since i had to do a lot more work for them i was thinking maybe making them dearer? Any suggestions/advice/opinions?
  4. ciawest

    Dimple Key ID

    Looks like you are correct none of those key cards got all the measurements. I decided to work out the measurements myself. I think it has turned out quite well just need to get the WJ1R blanks in and see if they cut correctly, fingers crossed
  5. ciawest

    Dimple Key ID

    Thanks dave Hopefully i'll manage to add the data to my A9 correctly and be able to make copies of the key
  6. ciawest

    Dimple Key ID

    wow, I didn't know you could do that. Hopefully i'll manage to add the data to my machine It will be interesting if i can work out other unknown keys and add the data i think it should be myself, hmm.
  7. ciawest

    Dimple Key ID

    Hooply, doesn't seem to appear on the A9 miracle I think i should maybe invest in a Magnum now
  8. ciawest

    Dimple Key ID

    Thanks Graham, So that would be long enough? I can't find that key on the A9 miracle. I'm guessing it can't cut those Would you or anyone be able to make copies from the picture?
  9. ciawest

    Dimple Key ID

    i didn't think of that one lol. Looked like a good match too but it is over 5mm too short or would that not matter? Could i cut it on the A9 Miracle?
  10. The profile is very similar to ya-281d (JMA) but that doesn't fit the lock. The Customers key is a bit thinner and shorter. The Dimensions of the key are 37.5x8.75x2.38mm. I've been looking myself and think the 'KGBM1' Gatemate key or ' wan-1d' Wanjin, might be suitable but i don't have in stock so I can't check atm. Any thoughts?
  11. are these keys still not possible to do?
  12. I've contacted safespares.co.uk but they say they cant do it said "Unfortunately we cannot get the Safe Lock version of that Rosengren Key lock. From what I’ve been told that key design is old and was also used on the Rosengren safety deposit locks before they changed it."trying to get in contact with Rosengren directly now, hopefully get somewhere with them
  13. thanks for the link, i do not see a way of ordering that specific key but i have emailed them to ask if they can do it. Hopefully it will lead somewhere
  14. Hi everyone, I joined the site when i first started cutting keys 5 years ago and thought it was time i said hello... better late than never I've gained a lot of useful knowledge from here and put up my first topic last week and got very helpful advise I hope i can do the same at some point.
  15. Hi, A customer would like copies of this key made but i cant get them from sks and i'm doubtful i can get them anywhere. Anyone know if its possible to get these key blanks? cheers