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  1. I should have recorded and taken a picture of the first key I did. I'll be sure to do that next time
  2. hi, I programmed the A9 miracle to decode and cut S-Tech dimple laser keys. I've only done one so far but it worked. Thought it might be usual to any1 else that doesn't have a manual machine for these. The depths for the dimple cuts still has to be corrected but I just let the miracle cut those at what it measures. I'm quite confident the laser measurements are correct and the positions of the dimples too. I did have to program it as 2 separate keys as I dont think i can put laser and dimples onto one key. Anything unclear in the pictures, just ask
  3. with the work i've being doing to get this keys to work, i think doing them for free is going abit far lol I would be curious to see how another key cutter gets on. still waiting for her to reply but i'll update the forum when something happens.
  4. The first 2 copies are from genuine yale blanks, if the dimple cuts look too deep I had been advised to do that after they didn't work the first attempts. The 3 key I cut is from a ya-281d from sks and that doesn't work either. I have spoken to Peter from lockdecoder for advice and options. I'm going to ask my customer if I can file the shoulder of her original key so that it fits into my vice, so I can decode it with my A9 miracle. Hopefully she is up for trying and hopefully this works. I'm either going to work this key out or it will kill me
  5. I have tried 221 instead of 331 and the cuts are definitely not deep enough. Here is the latest key I cut for it that didn't work.
  6. still doesnt work. i've giving the customer her money back. and asked her if another key cutter is successful, to let me know. I'll call you tomorrow Peter, see if there is anything I missed
  7. customer has still to test the key. She said she will be in today but hopefully it does work.
  8. I've cut other yale superior keys before and after this key and had no problem. I think this is the first Yale superior that is too short to fit in the vice to be decoded. Hopefully I just over thought it and simply used the wrong drill and it works now. I'll hopefully find out today and update when i do. I've spent so much time on this one key it will be embarrassing to find out if i made such simple mistake
  9. Thanks Peter, I have just re-calibrated the machine and cut a new key. i went through the process for cutting a key again. I am wondering if i had the 0.6mm diameter tipped drill in, instead of the 1mm tipped drill. The customer will be in today or tomorrow, so i'll update my original post if the new key works, showing i just made dump mistake. If it doesn't work, I'll call you Peter Fingers crossed
  10. The copy key goes in the same distance as the original key. i.e. more of the copy key is sticking out. so i dont think it is passing them. I have tried the keys in the lock myself and felt the pinned going in the dimples But i guess as the original key is too short too fit in my A9 Miracle Vice, and cant read the key, that could be a factor. Seems like a poor designed vice for the yale superior keys if it cant accept all of them Where do you get the shorter key version from? I cant seem to find it
  11. is that different depths for the dimple, snake or both? I have tried programming some new keys on the A9. so i might give that a go. thanks
  12. that make feel so much lol. you dont even need to do the cuts at an angle. i'm surprised by that
  13. I have been to the customers hows and it appears to go in the lock the correct distance (goes as far in as the original key) Always thought if i jumped to the automatic machine i wouldnt need a manual machine but looks like simple machines are better sometimes like you said
  14. I've been to their house and checked and it goes in as far as the original key, so i'mm guessing that means the snake cuts are correct. I think i might have to cut my loses and tell the customer i cant do it. I cant remember the last time i had to do that :/ thanks for the advice and tips. I'll be getting a couple cylinders in the future to practice and/or manual machine.
  15. Hi, Anyone be able to help me with this key. I've spend many hours on it now. The original key is too short to fit in the voice correctly for the Miracle A9. So I cant decode the key on the machine but i read it as 2323-331-1321 I was thinking about 2323-221-1321 bit that doesn't go deep enough. I've put the copies through the machine many times now and not sure what to do. In the attached photos, the short key is the original. The longer ones are the copies. I have drilled the dimples abit deeper than I had originally and the machine read as not deep enough but starting to think that wasnt the problem. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated Cheers