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  1. anybody have ... ALBA T37, LOTUS TY11 or Charles Birch 5835
  2. http://www.tcolledgeandson.com/ site not working or ...
  3. original :DISCLOCK PRO profile A00 Canas: ABL44P
  4. maybe ... https://www.eurocarkeyshop.com/vw102cr-volkswagen-crafter-3-button-flip-remote-key-key-blade-hu64-after-market-product.html
  5. Hi, In eBay selling AUDI aftermarket smartkeys but they say: "Main dealers will not programme aftermarket keys as they are only able to programmeg genuine keys due to having limited software capabilities." Witch machine/programmer I need for this kind of job?
  6. somebody now's something about this key/blank
  7. key blank for this ... blade width: 4,8mm blade length: 12mm blade thickness: 1,5mm
  8. tcolledgeandson.com and search RR1
  9. Today already wednesday and still ...
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