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  1. something from TITAN series, maybe TN20R or TN37R
  2. 1st-Silca HON31CP 2nd-Silca MRT1RP 3rd-maybe ... Silca DV1 4th-Silca HD1
  3. EST

    Key id

    School furniture key
  4. Blade: width 6,8mm length 18,8mm thickness 2,5mm
  5. I think MING-TAY ® Silca MTY1 , MTY2 or BASTA ® Silca BAS3RP
  6. maybe Silca BAS3RP
  7. Does any key blank manufacturer have the correct key for this boat key?
  8. EST

    Any ideas

    I would try from Silca MAZ20R
  9. key profile ZD24RDP but chip "TEX/MA 6B CANNOT DUPLICATE "
  10. KTM 990 Supermoto T 2010 key with immobilizer, is it possible to copy this key? Silca don`t show any info for this key.
  11. we do this on Silca ED2
  12. maybe ...or little too big
  13. EST

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    is anybody tried to read this Paxton fob with Silca RW4, maybe is possible to read and write those, some kind of proxy cards I have done.
  14. EST

    Pedestal key

    Charles Birch 7822 Errebi X6 Lotus NN1 HD and Silca NR1R