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  1. Is anybody have JMA ALF-20 or ALF-21 and willing (agrees) to send them to Estonia, please (need minimum 2 pcs. 5 will be awesome)
  2. Silca CHU7, JMA CHU-10 we copy those with Silca GT-40 (not perfect, but can be done)
  3. maybe this ... Aliexpress and search "key blank A008" 18 pcs. 8£
  4. I don`t see any transponder chip! https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/suzukimotors-dop-net/klrm111914.html# 9323yen = 69£ (This item is out of stock and takes time to ship)
  5. maybe ... Canas MS5 (Mesan)
  6. Hi, Can anyone tell is the VOLVO truck key from 2004-2005 is cloneable? ... or which transponder inside (I don't have key to check it by myself)
  7. http://www.ukdoorlocks.co.uk/product/greentec-key-wkey11c/ http://www.lockstocker.co.uk/product/greentec-key-wkey11c/
  8. MARTVAL very bad cylinder Silca UL050 don't work
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