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  1. key blank for this ... blade width: 4,8mm blade length: 12mm blade thickness: 1,5mm
  2. EST


    Now working
  3. EST

    Silca RR1

    tcolledgeandson.com and search RR1
  4. EST


    Today already wednesday and still ...
  5. Somebody selling car door lock that's called "face cup" (30mm) in Europe?
  6. need minimum 2 pictures to decode tibbe key.
  7. EST

    VAC 64S key cutting

    maybe ... Silca Record2000
  8. maybe ... Silca WAS11R, WAS12R (WASO) or DM17 (DOM)
  9. EST

    Post box key

    AliExpress and search "key blank A105"
  10. https://www.welovekeys.co.uk/product/abus-double-sided-key-t83/ ABUS T83 keys are common in bike locks (especially ABUS Amparo locks); locks for e-bikes e-bike accessories; and padlocks. Key codes are usually written on a card that was originally supplied with the lock, or on the key itself. Key codes begin with T83, followed by 4 digits, e.g. T83 1817. Simply type the code in the box above, and we will make your key for you! T83 keys are made in Germany and can take up to four weeks to be delivered
  11. I find 3 different LOB COMFORT picture from internet but not one is like I need. And it patented to 2035