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  1. Might be the wrong place to post. Im looking for a set of Door handles which I'm not sure exist. Its a split spindle lock which the customer doesn't want, The handles are different centres for exterior/interior, Im looking for a pair the same with Interior centres. 45mm Thanks John
  2. Got Sorted , Thanks I filed down the key to the door locks in the end, There wasn't much in them and both door locks had different wafers.
  3. Where you have circled to be the key code is just Two digits, Ill have to check the digits Tomorrow but there no other markings on it. Do you know what positions the 3-3 cuts on Key are. Thanks Auto Key Wizard
  4. Customer has brought in these two Door Locks and Blanks off a Chevette Locks has 6 wafers, Instacode says there 5 up 5 down. Wafers are not stamped Not really sure where to start. If anyone has any experience with these Blanks. Thanks
  5. Looks bigger than it is in the photo, Tried a u5d and the profile is similar but just slightly to think. Off a Burton safe. Thanks
  6. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.ie%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F322996009878
  7. Customer case is Vw Touareg, The new one youve pictured is New style Mk6 case, They are different you need to get a specific Touareg case, They are available.
  8. Im looking for info please on these key blanks, Ive found some posts already on the Forum from people suggesting Aldridge's, But i don't have an account with them at present, Is there anywhere else that these can be got? Thanks
  9. Problem Solved, Thanks everyone code was TC0128, Cuts 1212224. If i put in 128 under Ford Escort on instacode it brought up a different code.
  10. Trying to make up a key for this ignition, Customer says its from a 1976 Escort, Instacode says Jma Fo-TX which is a 7 cut key, Barrel has 128 stamped on it so i cut a key using this code at the start but didn't work, I removed circlip and pulled out barrel to revel its got 10 wafers, Maz13dp also fits into lock and is listed on instacode in older fords so i stated cutting this in stages but couldn't get them wafers to sit flush, Does anyone know what the correct blank is ? Thanks
  11. A9 Edge or A9 premium preferably, I doubt ill find any used S10s so soon within my budget. Thanks
  12. Looking for a Miracle A9 please, Preferably one of the newer versions, I have a standard A9 already in the shop and need one for Van. Thanks John
  13. Im pretty sure is a Silca Hon36r key Number is H4046 Cant seem to find one though.
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