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  1. Defiantly aftermarket, Check to see if theres any names on the rear or inside fob, eBays your best bet, Otherwise i send them away.
  2. Im looking For a replacement lock please for this Small Drop Safe, Its fitted with a Multlock latch type lock, The Key is Very Difficult to put in and once its in is Very Difficult to Remove, I believe it could be down to the worn tip. Thanks
  3. Can anyone give me an idiots guide on making it by hand please, I had a go and it works kinda but only on the inside of the lock, The Key isnt a mirror image and this is obviously my problem. Thanks
  4. Customer has brought in a Lock from A security cabin with no key, Its a Chubb 3g115 (i think), Lock Body is welded onto a panel which sits into the door, Apparently there is 3 locks with the same key, Ive removed the Levers and read them but ive no machine that will cut a mortice key to code, If someone can help me. I am in Ireland.
  5. Im thinking its Tesa T-10 If anyone can confirm or Correct me Please
  6. Customer had some Original Keys he sent me on a picture, Should help narrow it down. Says ABA on the Key.
  7. My local Council are looking for keys for these lockers. They brought one into me which i impressioned a key for. But they are Lockers in the lifeguard huts placed at the beaches throughout the county and they need keys for all of them. He brought me a list of the numbers stamped on the barrels 6061,6077,6189,6173,6079,6136,6098. Ive ran them through instacode but theres two many options and im not sure what card or blank etc. Do they look familiar to anyone? John
  8. Might be the wrong place to post. Im looking for a set of Door handles which I'm not sure exist. Its a split spindle lock which the customer doesn't want, The handles are different centres for exterior/interior, Im looking for a pair the same with Interior centres. 45mm Thanks John
  9. Got Sorted , Thanks I filed down the key to the door locks in the end, There wasn't much in them and both door locks had different wafers.
  10. Where you have circled to be the key code is just Two digits, Ill have to check the digits Tomorrow but there no other markings on it. Do you know what positions the 3-3 cuts on Key are. Thanks Auto Key Wizard
  11. Customer has brought in these two Door Locks and Blanks off a Chevette Locks has 6 wafers, Instacode says there 5 up 5 down. Wafers are not stamped Not really sure where to start. If anyone has any experience with these Blanks. Thanks
  12. Looks bigger than it is in the photo, Tried a u5d and the profile is similar but just slightly to think. Off a Burton safe. Thanks
  13. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.ie%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F322996009878
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