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  1. A9 Edge or A9 premium preferably, I doubt ill find any used S10s so soon within my budget. Thanks
  2. Looking for a Miracle A9 please, Preferably one of the newer versions, I have a standard A9 already in the shop and need one for Van. Thanks John
  3. Im pretty sure is a Silca Hon36r key Number is H4046 Cant seem to find one though.
  4. Just looking for some help please in Confirming this key id as i need to order about 200 for an apartment block, It doesn't seem to be a Cor-1D.
  5. Could anyone help me with key blank please, Ive ordered 4 different blanks now and all are incorrect. (HD23R, HON13R, HON15R, HOND8D) Its a Honda 50. Thanks John
  6. Ive just had a Ford Ranger come back, Was a spare key 8c cloned using mini VVDI in a Jma Blank, I think it was the Jma blank causing the issues, Was not starting sometimes if you rotated the key it would work the odd time, So I cut a spurious key and hopefully it has solved the problem, Like said it might be an issue with 8c not being close enough to coil.
  7. Looking for help please in id’ing these please there both for compartments on a volvo bus. thanks John
  8. Ford Tibbe machine wanted Must be willing to post to Southern Ireland. John
  9. It was just the standard A9 i had before one of the early ones. Looking for something that can cut Car,Cylinder,Dimple, Tibbe etc all in the one machine, Doesn't have to be miracle. Also looking for something second hand as trying to keep costs down for now.
  10. Looking for a code machine. Something that can cut Car and Cylinder, Dimple etc. I had a Miracle 9 previously would be happy with the likes of that again.
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