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  1. Genuine Tango Added Softewares pictured €800/£705 Orange 5 Immo plus All cables and Adapters €800/£705 Based in Southern Ireland, Postage Extra.
  2. Based In Southren Ireland, Will post at Buyers expense. Email- masterkey01@live.co.uk Miracle A9 Perfect Condition Comes with Standard Clamp, Household Cylinder clamp, Dimple key clamp + cutters, Hu66 Clamp, Sx9 Clamp, Tibboe Clamp. 10x Spare cutters & 10x Spare decoders. €5000.00/£4380 Ford Tibbie Machine Silca Delta FO Good Condition, Minimal use €900.00/£788.00
  3. Asking €30.00/£26.00 per pick Based in Southern Ireland, Will post at buyers expense. Email - masterkey01@live.co.uk Lishi Picks List First Call Lockouts Lishi Nsn11 Nsn14 Hu49 Hu64 Va2 x2 (one Filed) Ne72 Hu66 x2 Hu83 Toy43at Renault A Hu58 Gt10 Toy48 Ym28 Hu46 Lishi Tibbe Catapilar x2 Sip22 Hu101 x3 Sx9 Va6 Wt47 Hyn11 Hy16 Ky14 Hu87 Toy43r Dwo4r Ym15 Gt15 Hu43 Ne66 Ym30 Ne78 Hy20r Hy22 Hy20 Toy40 Hu100r Ne71r Hyn7r Laguna3 Maz24 Hu56 Hu162t Mit8 Toy43r Hon58r Tr56 Fd40 Ft22 Vag2015 Mit11 Hu100 Hu92
  4. Email now added. I do not visit the forum everyday, I have yet to clean out my van to list and price everything. Nothing has been sold yet, I have a new job in a completely new field, Please bear with me.
  5. Email - masterkey01@live.co.uk Based in Southren Ireland, Will post at buyers Expense. Avdi Masterkey package €12,000.00 Mvp Pro (about 80-90 tokens) Orange 5 Immo plus package €800.00 Code X lite Tango (with Various softwares) €800.00 Zedbull Ad900 X100 programmer Cn900 cloner with id60+id46 clone boxes Skp900 Vcds Key Diy Kd200 Skp,Bmw ews Programmer,T300, Carprog Miracle A9 key machine (Tibbe adapter, Dimple adapter, Household adapter, Sx9 and Hu66 clamps Lots of spare cutters and Decoder bits) Chukka bay electronic cutter (Back up machine) Silca Ford/Jaguar Tibbe machine €1000.00 Silca Delta cylinder machine Silca Lancer mortice machine Hurricane Laser Lots of 2in1 lishi picks (probably 50+) Domestic tools (Cylinder snappers, Mortice Jig, Picks, Pick Gun, Letter box tool) Various Bench rigs + Cables Household domestic Locks, Cylinders, Mortice, Gearboxes, Handles etc Good selcetion of New car remote keys Genuine+Asian. Large stock of Transponders Keys blanks, Blades, Cases, Horesshoes etc KeysBoards
  6. Masterkey01

    Business Start Up

    Am i missing something ?
  7. https://www.donedeal.ie/businessopportunities-for-sale/locksmith-business-setup/17843580?campaign=3
  8. Masterkey01

    Avdi wanted

    Currently Trying to sell all equipment as a lot, Im going to give it maybe a month, if fails i will split and post everything in an ad here.
  9. Masterkey01

    Avdi wanted

    Ive got a Avdi Masterkey package Which ill be selling in Jan/Feb if your still looking.
  10. Hi Guys Im stuck for the following key blank,Customer needs key by the end of the week If anybody could send me maybe 10 of them, Im in southren Ireland and ill give card details to payment. Please & Thanks
  11. Looking for a A Miracle A9 Newer version SKS Hurricane Tibbe machine(open to options) Must be willing to send to Ireland, I will pay courier costs Thanks
  12. Hi Guys I know this has been asked a few times. Who does Phone repairs, Is it a profitable one. Buisness is quite the last 2 moths and probably will be up until march. I am a mobile locksmith doing specilising in car keys. But ive been looking at a few ideas to keep the kitty topped up. The fear i have of phone repairs though is customers coming back saying you broke such and such, Our problems occurring while doing the repair. Is it somthing i could do while at home on the evenings. Anybody any insight our ideas Thanks
  13. Masterkey01


    Thanks for the input lads Ya i suppose i am saying a quarter of the population in town will get a key cut my maths are sounding to ye like there way off but some people might get 4/5 keys cut at a time equaling this out no ? Im hoping to do all this to make my road business more known and I'm convinced in my head that having this premises in the only shopping centre/park in the county that every tom,dick and harry will have been into the centre as theres no where else to go and it will educate people not only that i can cut there keys and fix there remotes etc but when they loose there keys out at the beach to call that fella in the (shopping centre). I'm based in Ireland and the auto locksmith side of things is quite small at least not as big as over with ye, theres only one timpsons in Ireland and not to many "beer money locksmiths" defiantly not down my quiet side of the country anyway as said "get it right and i wont regret it" My idea is to put my business right in front of people when they do they shopping which they'll hopefully remember when they need a call out service so that it'll work like this for years and years to come.
  14. Masterkey01


    I don't think i have over estimated the market my idea was my idea was if everyone of the towns population got one key cut year(i know this wont be happening but some might get two our three cut at a time our 10 of them for there new office etc, I then quartered this number given some people will go to the well know fella our might get them cut in a differnt town, This would still give me a healty flow in my mind. Are my maths expectations way off I know about the rents probably a bad question to ask as mentioned rents will vary on many different factors, I'm also based in southern Ireland to let everyone know. Im the only locksmith in town doing cars so i assume that they might find me anyway, Im the only one with a website and its on top also the kiosk will be in a heavy traffic location so id hope that people would start to know me over a 6 month period But i do have the dreaded feeling if i do open having to tell my mate in town.
  15. Hi guys this is my first post only been on here a week I am a mobile based locksmith prominently specialising in the car side of things,i do the odd domestic job here and there, Ive been in business for three years. I did a job for a relation of mine who is tied into a partnership in the towns shopping centre/retail park and we were throwing ideas of a putting a shop in the centre back and fort but nothing serious, I have absolutely no idea the cost of rent on a premises etc, so i didn't want to say anything until i had a think about it. Now that i have thought about it over the last few weeks i think it is doable, Its the only shopping centre in the town with heavy traffic. There is only one other well know key cutters in the area,we have a good relationship together he doesn't do cars at all and passes it to me He's been around for donkeys years and personally not trying to be rude but i don't think he's moving with the times. By the impression i got he wants me to set up a kiosk like thing in the shopping centre,ideally id like something close to the car park giving easy access,with no experience with a shop can i get your guys views etc Any idea what the going rent rate is Thanks