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  1. We will be demonstrating our new 30 watt fibre laser.
  2. sorry should have put that in on top of the pdf.
  3. Lockdecoders are having an open day at our offices next saturday the 25Th May 9.30am to 4.30pm with new machines being launched and prizes etc. Giving away a SuperVag and a MiraClone in different competitions and loads of discounts. RSVP if you are coming to admin@lockdecoders.com event4.pdf
  4. The KeyPro M8 is a counterfeit machine.
  5. call us at the office. And lets see if we can sort it out. peter
  6. call us please
  7. lockdecoders

    RIP David

    He was a great guy. I always got on with him and had a good laugh. Sad news.
  8. lockdecoders

    3D Closed

    Martin i totally agree with you on your points. All the speculation and inuendo was wrong and uncalled for. It is worrying that this can happen and they are not even interested in the persons opinion on facts and just take away your OEM stock from legitimate sources. We all know when you buy an some Opel / vauxhall keys from the dealer it does not have a bag or box. And they are not the only dealer like this. I would love to see the resellers of keys who have dodgy invoices with ultra low values to avoid duties and tax stopped from duing this.
  9. lockdecoders

    3D Closed

    I agree with you totally there. There are so many companies shipping goods into the UK with dodgy invoices and then the tax man doesnt get his fair share of the tax. If you are vat registered it doesnt matter as you get it back. When ever we get goods in from around the world we make sure we get correct invoices which match the payments we sent.
  10. lockdecoders

    A9 calibration bar

    But i thought you had a Miracle A6 and not a Miracle A9? But it doesnt matter on the bar as long as it is perfectly straight.
  11. lockdecoders

    A9 calibration bar

    as long as it is perfectly stright and at least 20mm wide
  12. lockdecoders

    Miracle A9

    the A9P and A9S and A9S auto have codes built into the machine. It is not every code but as we go along we will be adding more
  13. lockdecoders

    Instacode Live - FREE Coupon / Code

    unit 14 park rd ind est park rd swanley kent br88ah
  14. lockdecoders

    Instacode Live - FREE Coupon / Code

    send the missing codes to me and will get them added.