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  1. Also look at our range of Magic machines. We have normal engravers to engrave almost anything apart from cups and tankards. We also do a range of laser engravers and cutters. We use German laser heads. THEY ARE NOT MADE IN CHINA. From 20 watt to 100 watt. From £6500.00 to about £20000.00
  2. Mario Wait until you try the Miracle S10. Super fast and super quiet.
  3. sorry been so long out of that it looked like a Chub padlock key
  4. Is this on Stainless Steel as this is really the only material you can do colours apart from Black and the natural colour of the material. Like on al the Magic Fibre laser if you go into edit you can enter the RGB colour and withing reason it will do it in colour.
  5. how many do you exactly have as i may take them all
  6. no sold it about 11 years ago and i dont think i had the manual. I just worked it out
  7. I used one for about 15 years or so. It cut a perfect cut. most of these other machines only pushed the key against a blade. This one it went all the way to the cut and past it so you got a perfect cut.
  8. Glasware will be a CO2 laser. Metals will be a Fibre laser. We only do fibre lasers with 100 000 cycles warranty on the laser.
  9. excellent machine. Very robust but very old.
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