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  1. We have decided to extend the Lockdecoders SuperVag promotional offers until end April 2020. Login into our website to see these amazing offers.
  2. i wouldnt connect the S10 tablet to that. Justsaying...................
  3. Well at least the copyright has expired.................. so you can copy it or make your own blank.
  4. Silca Triax. Unocode Ninja and i can go on. It is the start up that needs the power
  5. Electronic key machines should use sine wave of at least 2kw
  6. Totally agree Graham. Who the hell cares... He got Brexit done.
  7. Where are you? The Sec E9 is a Chinese counterfeit pirate of our machine.
  8. 1st 3 is the odd numbers on the dimple. 2nd is the even numbers and 3rd is the track.so in your example there are 5 dimple cuts and 4 track depths.
  9. Just about to test it but need a lock and some blanks. So just waiting for these
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