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  1. easiest way is to check the key head to see if it is normal or Platinum and then i suggest counting the dimple pins will help a lot. So if you have 7 dimple pins then it would be 4.3.? the ? meaning the track.
  2. lockdecoders

    Miracle S10

    I wonder if they dropped it off the Empire State Building?
  3. We have a newer version of this in either the A9 Edge or the S10.
  4. lockdecoders

    Miracle S10

    Thanks. Despite the damage from the courier company............... lol
  5. At the moment with the Miracle S10 it would be this way but you can run Instacode on the same tablet. We are working on sorting this out.
  6. lockdecoders

    Miracle S10

    There are a few but i dont think they are on this forum.
  7. The A9E is a much more powerful and very quiet version of the A9 machines. All new machines now come with a 10 inch Microsoft Surface Go tablet.
  8. It should be no problem as the S10 motors are very powerful. They are twice the size and power of previous of our previous machines. Aannnd there are 2 of them.
  9. The new S10 is very very fast and is super quiet. Comes with most adaptors and jaws included
  10. lockdecoders

    2M2 Tank key machine

    Best of luck. A newer version of the x6/V8 counterfeit machine
  11. lockdecoders


    try advanced keys
  12. lockdecoders

    Card machine Merchant Rentals

    We use Zettle and the more you put in the cheaper your fee. We have it down at 1.25%. Dont use the invoicing facility
  13. lockdecoders

    Miracle a5 for sale

    Yes that has an upgrade kit in it as it shows 7.83
  14. lockdecoders

    Hello & Thank You

    Welcome Guy.