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  1. lockdecoders

    A9 calibration bar

    as long as it is perfectly stright and at least 20mm wide
  2. lockdecoders

    Miracle A9

    the A9P and A9S and A9S auto have codes built into the machine. It is not every code but as we go along we will be adding more
  3. lockdecoders

    Instacode Live - FREE Coupon / Code

    unit 14 park rd ind est park rd swanley kent br88ah
  4. lockdecoders

    Instacode Live - FREE Coupon / Code

    send the missing codes to me and will get them added.
  5. lockdecoders

    engraving machine which one?

    You need to make blocks for that and it needs a cutting machine to make these blocks.
  6. lockdecoders

    Miracle a9 fault need help

    I have asked him to send his machine in for a look at on Friday and today.
  7. That looks like the old crafter key.
  8. lockdecoders

    just seen this

    and a burnishing compound and then wiped off. Should be easy to do.
  9. lockdecoders

    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    if we stopped building then the Chinese would have nothing to copy and then where would you guys be??????
  10. lockdecoders

    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    Red technology builds the Miracle Key Machines and they are in South Korea and we are the sole supplier for these machines in 40% of the world. The SEC9 is a Chinese counterfeit machine that has copied the Miracle Machine. RedT has a patent on various parts and the SEC9 is infringining on these patents.
  11. lockdecoders

    Items for sale

    You need the A9 Auto Jaw for calibration.
  12. I did speak to them on your behalf.
  13. They will reply to you. I would wait a short bit. They have been on a months holiday.
  14. lockdecoders

    Miraclone wanted

    what has a Viper to do with a cloning device?