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  1. StevenB

    Cast Brass Memorial Plaque

    You could set up the job to engrave the main area of the plaque away, leaving the text raised?
  2. StevenB


    £3 an inch here, and given that it's rarely short zips that go, that usually means a minimum of £30 per zip. If the boots are worth it, folks generally agree to get the job done, and on the odd occasion that they don't, that's fair enough. I'd rather not do the job than do it for a silly price that doesn't turn a profit.
  3. As I understand it, the customer can use your discount code (account number) to get 2% discount off their order. This is apparently enough discount to persuade them to use the code & get the sale linked to you, though I remain to be convinced... If they don't use your code, the sale gets allocated to the nearest 'loyal' retailer by post code. Though the precise criteria for becoming considered a 'loyal' customer haven't been explained. And after 23 years of Glenway being our main supplier, I fear I've made enough comments online to no longer be classed as 'loyal', time will tell...
  4. If the machine was too tall to work at, you didn't need to go to all that trouble - I'm sure Keith could have provided a shorter base. Or a box to stand on.
  5. I think the new logo is more 'corporate' than the old one, and I really like it.
  6. I haven't changed mine for so long, I've forgotten what I actually look like!
  7. Like Rick, I didn't know Chris, clearly he will be massively missed, however it sounds as though his legacy will live on for many years to come.
  8. StevenB


    I second that - Graham will do you a top job quickly & efficiently, and at the right price.
  9. Not heard of it - we use the regular Reina adhesives, how does this one differ?
  10. StevenB

    Federal 5R23

    Yes, hopefully it is now..
  11. StevenB

    cutting edge show

    For what it's worth, my opinion is as follows. Wherever the exhibition is, it's a long way - it's a minimum 5 hour round trip for me (Kettering) or 7 hours (Sandown). Both these are locations at which I have attended the show. Whilst it is a good way to find out about what's new in the trade, there's not sufficient reinvention & new product year on year to make me want to visit every time. Maybe 1 year in 3 is the most I am likely to attend - and researching new kit or machinery is the likeliest reason to get me there. Another honest opinion regards the time of year - mid September, if it's a nice day, it always feels like it could be the last nice weekend to be with the family before the rubbish autumn weather arrives, and that alone is enough to affect my decision as to whether to go or not. So, in my opinion, a single annual exhibition is sufficient, move it around more than now - how about a 4 year cycle along the lines of Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Exeter... get up & down the country so that at some point it is within around 100-150 miles of the majority of repairers. (Although these 4 suggestions are no closer to me than 170 miles...)
  12. StevenB

    cutting edge show

    Along with others (I assume), I got an email from cutting edge yesterday afternoon promoting the show. I looked back & it was the first email from them for months. Too little, too late. In comparison, the trophex show sent me 27 emails from October till the show date (plus any others I may have deleted!) Yes, they probably got a bit annoying, but kept me informed, and kept the show in my consciousness.