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16 hours ago, jimbo6930 said:

would anyone know the approximate weight of an old 700 finisher and if its possible to fit wheels to them, im a one man operation and that would make life so much simpler if i have to access the back of the machine for changing bags etc

Lots of factors here, machine weighs around 300kg for wheels your floor would have to be very level and would raise the machine a fair bit higher. You shouldn't need to move the machine very often if you're worried about dust bags etc but more than how much it weighs is the technique you use. I can move Power Masters which are quite a bit heavier on my own. Get a couple of large metal spanners, I use 17mm ones but nut size doesn't matter its the shaft that counts, tip the machine back and slide a spanner sideways just under the front at each end. once you've done this it's easy to pull the machine out. Opposite to move it back.

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12 hours ago, da miller said:

this is a 2 man job and it can be done

quite easily but not on your own trust me


i have a lynx and it is quite easy to move with 1 scissor jack and 2 short lengths of scaffold bar

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