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  1. am fine gray ,have used them welters ,an older model big effer it was ,bit like the beast fs built in 1939 not used a better stitcher yet
  2. elfman

    Best finisher...

    standard lynx all the way for me ,only god or keith would know how old the one I have is .model 902 s/n 85022
  3. do you mean the fs or the welt stitcher gray ,them welt stitchers can be a real scare to a novice lol
  4. caswells still in existence just owned by someone else ,its a subsidiary of ai systems
  5. 396 is not something I would use after trying it ,as for a contact adhesive that sticks plastic to plastic with no problem it has been invented and used fo a number of years before being discontinued as far as I know but do not know why as it was a very good one and would only ever use it for plastic if I could still get it
  6. you may well be able to get replacement units but n that particular shoe how do you propose the stich the new unit on as in the original manufacture
  7. elfman


    there are a few independents that turn work away saying they can not be done also gray ,as with everything its not that they cant be done just they can not do them
  8. do not worry gray has had more names than most
  9. would only ever use the fossplast 8016 when it was available failing that it would have been gripsotite pta but that is also no long available so left with the next best thing reinia multi colle or the syntac total ,cut unit off scour apply glue ,its always a case of the key you have before gluing them up ,
  10. would not use bostik if you paid me to
  11. try comfort or reeds of blackburn
  12. me i would remove the sole unit fill split with either stormsure aor quick sohl hack out the honeycomb centre fill it with a light weight micro and put the unit back on
  13. elfman

    Storing sheeting

    build a rack for differing thickness of sheets
  14. personally if i was going to glue doc martins i would not use 5050 ,the best was the foss8016 or the gripsotite pta as these seem to be no longer available then the chocie is either syntac total ,multicol colle de clogne or 5050 my prefered choice is multicol ,never really been over keen on any bostik adhesives
  15. no your a cheapskate for asking how to do them if you do not have a clue then leave it alone ,plus if as you say you have pulled them off then you my wel have done more harm than good ,plus the fact who ever told you they could not be repaired should not be in the trade as they are easy to do
  16. elfman

    New Era Key ID

    nwks have them rick
  17. elfman

    Ball and ring stretcher

    imho i think they are to small to do the job correctly i ended up giving the 2 i had away as they just did not cut it
  18. elfman

    Ball and ring stretcher

    try algeos , i think they refer to them as a bunnion stretcher they do not actually work very well,failing that you could try woodware repititions
  19. the second some one says now to me they get the short answer i do while you wait and asap if it is possable but i never do now i do not take commands from anyone
  20. you can try the sanding pads that look like scouring pads rick scouring pads rick, you can get it in different grit ,it just takes the top surface off which is generally the wax works for me
  21. are you talking about a machine to stitch the welts on to the shoe or an outsole stitcher as they are 2 differing machines i have used both and the 2 i used must have been a good few years old the outsole stitcher was built in 1939 and the welt machine not much later both beutiful machines far better than there modern day counterparts ,personally i would rather stitch the welt on by hand