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  1. the grant for small business was to be used as you saw fit not just for landlords 9weeks and rent paid no income don't be daft pay what you can or get a default account for 12months were you paid as you go until you reach your level some will win some will lose
  2. done course cheers no harm letting customers know you're aware
  3. no drink just a good Scotsman's rant!!!!!
  4. utter nonsense instore is not the same as in branch this is all about money big business dictating the score to how we get back to work at our risk not there's listen to all the ceo's get the economy going piss they are not front line they risk the fodder us working up front
  5. timpson puts 2 fingers up to the rest of the country who are closed within gov guide lines we are not out of this by a long way and this is tory recklessness with people s lives if 1 member of his staff gets ill i hope he will relies how wrong this is
  6. now opening 40 instore units read news bbc
  7. buy chinese infact by 3! set them up for the keys u won't to cut very cheap outlay i know cos have silca futura 500 quid every time new key comes on market this is a cheap way to test market
  8. if you find the right blank and do not have the amount needed post me will look them out
  9. main source is in ireland tried for months tryed to get cylinder no luck
  10. the union of the crowns came about because England was bankrupt too many wars and infighting brought king James to a union of both kingdoms Britannia flourished with sterling being a world currency then Scotland got shafted !!! 3 centuries later we strike oil we got the Barnett formula?? England got the oil revenues i should say west minster got it so go learn some history of our great island an see why independence is so strong in Scotland its not because of us the people(UK) its because of them the MPs , prime ministers, pole tax the waste of oil revenue which in any other country has made them extremely wealthy and ofcourse the loss of the industrial stable nation look at London our capital greed murder stabbing robbery all the wrong capitals for this city we need structure not destruction or we will divide we have to look inward at ourselves before we implode
  11. went to show well done to those that attended agree with most all services must combine and listen to us the the customer we are there front line and they don,t see it we must all start to pull together supply and sell STILL GOT TO BUY 10 of every thing UNLESSS ITS A KEY OR POLISH SHOE REPAIRS ARE STILL THERE BUT NOT THE VOLUME but the stock still has to be sold to us as they did 40years ago they need to look at what we are not what we were
  12. if looking for eta movement replacement(obsolete) use ronda movements
  13. as always only those that can repair bought machines that do the job that,s the decline in our trade we forgot about it because keys and watches were easy money and less hassle and less cost
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