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  1. check the battery and replace relay switch for doors had to this for 2 of these cars
  2. card is king covid just pushed it along quicker
  3. xhorse £2000 new key print edinburgh have a futura from new over priced parts are mental if you can get them this machine ideal small space and auto only would sell mine but hopefully have 3yrs left till retire so still in use
  4. i,ve still got one from 2000 asking £60 in my shop for the same amount of years sold well for bikers(motor) then just stopped
  5. my questions are the same is it all transfrable so i can use if so send price
  7. poor video used to take £25-30 for this do about 4 a year now as you say not alot out there now
  8. line up from tip not collar had this problem a few times this seemed to work
  9. hope u get someone for machine i've had a full kit in my back shop for at least 4yrs tried to give it away on this site for free
  10. a repair should cost 1/3 of the price you pay for shoes so sometimes the material has to suit the job as the man says dm soles 1/2the price pvc 1/3 of the price
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