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  1. a repair should cost 1/3 of the price you pay for shoes so sometimes the material has to suit the job as the man says dm soles 1/2the price pvc 1/3 of the price
  2. cop a punch in the jaw (cop this) a well mellowed sole (lying pissed in the corner) channel (energy through the i of an needle)
  3. xhorse laser machine and rw4 plus obd2 keymaster shop based all that is required unless u want to do all keys lost etc; these machines will get u up and running for around 5grand while learning u will be able to add as required this will clone rw4 machine will cut xhorse keymaster will program remotes o u will need keydiy or xhorse vvdi to generate remote
  4. this mite be a long shot hedrege of glasgow locksmith supplies they went bust and name stock were bout out by staff i thing they know trade in GOVAN glasgow i did the same lock for a ships refit and they suppled the locks
  5. its a gate lock i used an old kaba blank worked well the lock is rubbish honda key would work so will any similar
  6. been repairing dm s for years where 1/2 sole and heel or unit and i still weld the unit
  7. put the stem in and pull out to calindar
  8. the key was supplied by keiosk services long time ago when i was in touch with b&q about keycutting
  9. the price was a guide for the resipeant not who charges what do u test with old seal or replace and test
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