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  1. da miller


    the orion no104 is for master lock same key you are locking for
  2. da miller

    Not a watch movement but clock movement

    clean the contact spade
  3. da miller


    at least some interest they all work i just need rid
  4. da miller


    i will try again for good home
  5. da miller

    Ebay sometimes staggers

    have the 3 phase version converted single phase no gripes do trade stitching as well all happy most times its user not machine had 2 as above worked well for years till parts became problem i will post some pics
  6. da miller

    Ebay sometimes staggers

    300 maybe
  7. east kilbride have you a price for all stock not n/p sorry read it wrong
  8. ok will u sent by carriage happy to pay
  9. da miller

    Auto locksmith

    futura vvdi sbb m box rw4 plus kd900 3 keyboards as astart up interested p m
  10. da miller

    shoes not collected signage

    if they pay you keep forever if they don,t pay you use the old serf's law 1 year and a day and your obligation is over still legal to this day
  11. da miller


    well done people had a good laugh but barber pod opened in glasgow recently so there very serious people
  12. da miller

    Need help for a old watch

    OR you could put some paraffin or lighter fuel in small container sit watch over it with back of for 30 mins job done
  13. da miller

    Need help for a old watch