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  1. should we start supplying each other at trade as i have been doing my own plates for years i will post pics if it is ethical to the forum rules also i think stock has become a problem for some where 5-10 prs at a time is no longer feasible i carry 20 -30 different types of soles rubber,pvc,nat brn,blk,sep,units yes i know silly!! but old world, must be hard for new gen,to give this variety to customer so what about a trade counter were we could offer 1 or 2 prs all our supplers will give 1 key 1tin 1spray 1tag but not one will give you 1pr of soles or heels
  2. do not sell i made that mistake and had to by another one
  3. iv'e got revolving cabinet you can have how you get it as im in glasgow will post pic if any good
  4. when you get them    would order from you 

    not willing to pay that kind of money for codes and claps but quite happy to

    make yours affordable

  5. facebook could not write what we know they publish what they think they know
  6. eggs in one basket as they say to many chiefs got rid or the indians was always going to happen watch for price increase and shop closures not pods or instores
  7. if you have flat feet and have irregular wear you need a good ortho insole
  8. some will win some will lose and some will lose there jobs and others will get payed for doing nothing sounds like the 1970s have returned
  9. been doing this job for 40+years worse than the masons trust me i know
  10. time to go it alone shop for sale in market town with flat in main town 5 miles away see my video on facebook davy'workshop
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