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  1. as far as i know gray its about 60 odd years old and is still in a working order ,the gent is 83 and still likes to go out on it but has lost the key he says he has a code but unable to find someone to cut it as its so old the can find a record of the code ,if that makes sense
  2. ok gents got a customer here wants to know if any of you locksmiths can make a key for him
  3. yes its a fibre board heel block and a rubber toplift ,so the comtesse will do and heels of that sort are normally 6 mm thick
  4. at a rough guess would say that is 21/4 by 2 5/8 beige comtesse top lift
  5. best of luck with that one ,been after one for a few years .used to get them from standerds but they no longer do them
  6. have a look at tandy leather rick
  7. warm it up roll it along a strip of leather or around the heel and you get the imprinted pattern on the item
  8. i normally cherge 4.50 for a sale of just the battery however i do explain to the customer that they can purchse the same size but not make of battery from the pound shop across the road but if you choose to go over and get them check the dates on the card ,plus they tens to leak after a few weeks in the watch ,normally always get the sale
  9. north west keys do 3 wms precut wms keys kb 102 ,104 ,106 looks like its the 106
  10. look in for sale forum under old stuff by gray there is an image there
  11. think gray was getting rid of one last week
  12. get hold of a birko box ,stand in the box to create a mould ,fill mould with casting plaster allow to set clean the mould then form footbed with low density evs micro and build from there
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