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  1. superglue has its uses but would be better if you used the flexable one ,normal one tends to break up and seperate with the flexing of the joint thus weakening the bond
  2. as rick says try put kumzof on it brush it with saude brush to give it a key allow to dry then put thin layer of adhesive on leave to dry over night then second thin coat of adhesive
  3. i suspect that the second payout may not happen as i suspect there will not be a second lockdown ,any lockdown will be confined to local areas there is no way they are going to bail out everything again ,the cost long term would prove to high ,at this moment in time we are in unknown territory ,i do not think anyone knows for sure how this is going to end
  4. second lockdown will be the very last thing they will implement it will only happen as a very last resort
  5. the outside of the heel will always wear down no mater what you put on them putting rubber segs on may prove just as pointless as steel ones unless you know the correct adhesive to use for the material that the sole unit is made of there is no such thing as one glue sticks all ,plus the fact you could end up taking the pitch and balance out of the shoe creating wear on the medial side of the shoe
  6. thats the problem with trophys they are great to recieve at the time but soon lose there value to you and become a pain to keep and store
  7. none of us stop learning no matter how long you have been in the trade , the way fashion and material constantly change means we have to learn on the go
  8. looked a bit sheepish using that stitcher as well gray
  9. ii would guess that if they are on furlough and your getting the 80% from they government then there holidays would or should be accrued pro rata ,as for the legal route then not sure if there is one been set out
  10. go to your local diy shop rick get a range of wood dies and experiment with them
  11. the company i worked for had one coupled up with an fs stitcher in the new factory managers view it was obsolete so he had it cut off and skipped big mistake ,made sure it did not happen to the fs ,standards knew that stitcher well it was nickname the beast because of its size quite a few would not use it as it scared them
  12. top one is splitter ,2nd is skiver ,3rd is ranger
  13. as stated dr martin unit are available plus its an easy enough job to do ,in fact 1 of the easiest cost will depend on the location you are ,do not believe anyone that says they can not be done were you choose to go
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