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  1. look in for sale forum under old stuff by gray there is an image there
  2. think gray was getting rid of one last week
  3. get hold of a birko box ,stand in the box to create a mould ,fill mould with casting plaster allow to set clean the mould then form footbed with low density evs micro and build from there
  4. you could just make a ski hook anvil ,pretty simple and easy to use ,you used to be able to get them from barnsleys
  5. try taking the plate of the needle clamp of give it a clean with some petrol then replace the plate is also movable from side to side which may tighten the grip on the needle
  6. there should also be a code on the heel block which will give a size and style match
  7. try algeos they did stock them not sure if they still do
  8. yep said they have had 23 mill in hanouts from government over the pandemic and made a few redundent
  9. not many of them service people around anymore ,as said depending on age of machine parts may be hard to come by and any parts that are aint cheap .the one i have is about 72 years old but been maintained by the same lad for the last 30 years ,he is retired now but often calls in for a chat and has a quick look at the machine while he is here
  10. renia multi colle all the way for pvc ,syntac total not to keen on ,if it was still avaiable the only ones i would use are the foss 2016 and gripsotite pta
  11. that would be funny if it was not so true
  12. got mine without even applying payed direct into account with no warning just a text from bank to say it had gone in
  13. the virius is real it is out there ,i have 1 sister works in whiston hospital get it ,one niece her mother and father had it ,another nephew and his wife have had it ,so yes its real but if its as deadly as they say it is that am not so sure about
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