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  1. you should have known about the thinners mat ,its old hat ,I mentioned it on the site about 5 years ago if not more
  2. elfman

    Reattach unit ?

    wash with cleaner stirpper rub with coarse emery use multicolle no need for primer then for over kill use serated heel nails around it ,job done
  3. elfman

    Micro Sheeting

    just did it and low and behold its the first up on the page
  4. elfman

    Micro Sheeting

    even misspelt ,will bet yo a fiver it can be found with google search without much of a problem
  5. elfman

    Micro Sheeting

    sevella componats are your best bet ,they have a wider range of colours 3 shades of grey ,taupe,mushroom,blue,burgandy ,in 6 ,8 12mm
  6. elfman


    just don't retire you grumpy old git
  7. I aint that far behind you gray the only time I get bored is with the flaming handbag repairs ,oh and cleaning the no nails off diy jobs that they try themselves ,as for timpsons level one exam ,if we are all honest about it how many of us would accept it as a benchmark for hiring them ,would not mind betting most of us would use it as a starting point and then change what he has been tought
  8. am fine gray ,have used them welters ,an older model big effer it was ,bit like the beast fs built in 1939 not used a better stitcher yet
  9. elfman

    Best finisher...

    standard lynx all the way for me ,only god or keith would know how old the one I have is .model 902 s/n 85022
  10. do you mean the fs or the welt stitcher gray ,them welt stitchers can be a real scare to a novice lol
  11. caswells still in existence just owned by someone else ,its a subsidiary of ai systems
  12. 396 is not something I would use after trying it ,as for a contact adhesive that sticks plastic to plastic with no problem it has been invented and used fo a number of years before being discontinued as far as I know but do not know why as it was a very good one and would only ever use it for plastic if I could still get it
  13. you may well be able to get replacement units but n that particular shoe how do you propose the stich the new unit on as in the original manufacture
  14. elfman


    there are a few independents that turn work away saying they can not be done also gray ,as with everything its not that they cant be done just they can not do them
  15. do not worry gray has had more names than most