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  1. the virius is real it is out there ,i have 1 sister works in whiston hospital get it ,one niece her mother and father had it ,another nephew and his wife have had it ,so yes its real but if its as deadly as they say it is that am not so sure about
  2. not to sure on that either however i do get a box of surgicals from the hospitals every week so think that may be classed as essential
  3. er if you want to keep it rick i have a few of those feet in pairs you can have just drive down and collect them
  4. oh he knows his work and the construction of shoes and boots there is no doubt about that ,however he does say in one of his q and a that you should repair like for like maybe its just a case of the yanks not knowing how to do doc martins like for like
  5. agree a lot of the videos for repairing doc martins were actually remodelling the with differing sole construction so not actually repairing them
  6. would have to agree with planet repairs should always be done with like for like materials or at the very least the closest you can get to them
  7. if i get a box of surgical orthotic come in then everything waits till that is done ,everyone of my regular customers know and accept it .stitching and patching waits just like everything else waits its turn ,no special treatment even if they offer to pay extra
  8. same here planet sewing and patching either 1st thing in morning or last thing at night ,never while you wait or same day
  9. miminmum price for zip 25 , reattach shoulder strap 5 ,patching depends on time spent doing it , as for some turning it away more fool them its money for old rope
  10. yep looking at that video makes it look easy ,but notice the boot was now no longer shaped at the back plus he took it all off one side which means either the front or back seem will be centre to the leg so should have taken equal amount from both sides of seem, now some choose to do it at the inside of the boot where the zip is this again will alter the seem alignment on the front or the back
  11. looks like an eva midsole and seperate top unit available from birch ,foura sole unit
  12. when foss 8016 was available it was the only one i would use for p.v.c or doc martins used it first time in 1971 never lost faith in it since it appears to have vanished from the market trid a number of others the best i found comparable to the 8016 is the multi colle , bostik i have tried just do not like it one bit
  13. 1st choice would be foss 8016 ,2nd choice would be renia multi colle ,bostik would only be used as a very last resort
  14. try nwks they have that in stock as a precut key and a few more besides that on
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