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  1. any adheseve you use will no work to form a new footbed .i would suggest white high density plastasote which when heat wil l form to the exact shape of your foot as you stand on it the cover it and glue into place or you could use medium density eva
  2. afternoon gray 

     how much to do some vinyls for me ,

    vale shoe repairs and key cutting  about 6inch in size

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    2. elfman


      red would be good mate .how are you these days ,good and healthy i hope 

    3. Gray


      I'm good thanks mate, hope you and yours are all OK in these challenging times. 6" doesn't seem very big. What they going on?

      Screenshot (7).png

    4. elfman


      on the shop window mate if you think need bigger than fine whatever you think best mate just teel me cost and will transfer it to you ,as for health mine is as good as it can be under  circumstance mate 

  3. 1 strip of leather build up from birch and job is done
  4. I have a box of work sent down on a weekly basis for some hospitals in Scotland ,also need to go in to tidy up some more after being broken into over the weekend ,spent most of today fixing doors and locks
  5. repairable ,easy enough ,viable a different matter ,as stated they are not leather and the cracking and flaking is only going o get worse
  6. its not the first case of this ,its been getting done for a number of years
  7. I would second that rick ,far to low ,I was being paid that top amount 15 years ago ,so that makes it very poor
  8. oldest one I have used and yet to be beat was built 1939
  9. as x minit says just put a few stitchs on the top medial side
  10. you should have known about the thinners mat ,its old hat ,I mentioned it on the site about 5 years ago if not more
  11. wash with cleaner stirpper rub with coarse emery use multicolle no need for primer then for over kill use serated heel nails around it ,job done
  12. just did it and low and behold its the first up on the page
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