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    Shoplifting notice.

    Olde Worlde spelling? Distain is an archaic word not listed in all dictionaries. It meant for something to be stained or disgraced. However, generally it is most often seen in publications as a misspelling of disdain.
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    Hasn't stopped them
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    Oh dear they really want us to get a degree don't they
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    I think they did the one post then wanted more
  5. Think we may have a chinese member
  6. Yes all CE dates are Edinburgh 29 September 2019 and motorcycle museum 4 October 2020
  7. That's more or less what we will be doing now on, smaller show next year in Edinburgh then the larger one 2020 followed by a different regional one the year after. We just wanted to fall in line to alternate the years without the big locksmith show hence the gap this year.
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    Be very careful doing this, OK regular posters no problem but saying you have to make a donation first no longer makes it a donation. The tax man can be very awkward about this as i know.
  9. Like shoes you mean? It's definitely a changed market, our bread and butter is through repairs and spares it has been for a long time
  10. They always have but it's more prominent without the CE show
  11. T.Colledge are hosting a mini show at the Aztec Hotel in Bristol, a familiar venue to us and we will be there with a couple of small machines to chat to anyone about their needs. Along with us will be Davenport Burgess, U-Marq and Glenway
  12. NEC worked out 10 x the cost of our venues last time we looked. Our exhibitions don't cost a great deal relatively speaking and still it's hard to justify for many including us.
  13. But just in case 2020 is 4th October at Coventry Motorcycle Museum
  14. Mick, Specsavers have offers on you know