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  1. So did American but it's a completely different language now
  2. Peter,

    Your manual has lifted the veil of ignorance from my eyes. Things that I had pondered for hours were made clear. I'll let you know of my progress as I set this old machine up. 

    Thanks again.


    Brent Chalmers

    Edmonton, Canada

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    2. Brent


      This machine must have been difficult to set up because there is not much wear anywhere. I suspected there would be a groove worn in the thread pincher/plunger....none. none of the pivot holes are work elliptical etc.

      I do have a question as I'm setting this machine up...

      How thick a thread should I use? I suspect I will never resole a shoe, probably just stitch 3 layers of leather together for a sandal sole, like a leather flip-flop; as Americans call them. BTW we knew them as thongs till a particular ladies undergarment became popular.


      Thanks for the help, I can see a light at the end.



    3. petercoulson


      We only use a nylon thread here just about equivalent to a 5 cord (1.6mm)

    4. Brent



      Do you need any wax or lubricant with nylon thread??

      This machine goes to great efforts to ensure that thread is well bathed lubricant. Using nylon thread will reduce the need to have oil in the thread oiler and make the shuttle warming element redundant then won't it?

      That heating element looked like an electrical disaster waiting to happen.

      Thanks for all your help!


  3. Insurance case to go to Supreme Court - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-54931145
  4. @Brent have added photo of one in the downloads section
  5. Simplex manual View File Photo of Simplex manual Submitter petercoulson Submitted 11/16/2020 Category Information  
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Photo of Simplex manual
  7. The original grants (£10000 + £25000) were yes but this time it's businesses told to close only, open to local council interpretation
  8. How did it break? The head looks new....
  9. This is purely a local government grant so it is up to your council whether you get it or not which is probably why there's so much different information
  10. The Government just announced that the funds for the grant will be distributed to local councils for distribution but it is up to £3000 per month fur businesses required to close so I am guessing that each council will have it's own interpretation of that.
  11. These grants come from local Government so c heck the website for the council your rates are with - ours isn't updated yet from 4th November
  12. I have a customer who has been told he won't receive any grant help to be closed as he is essential and should be open..........
  13. Furlough extension through to April now - https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-extends-furlough-to-march-and-increases-self-employed-support
  14. They are what would be classed as seconds and looking at how close to the edge of the sole that is they shouldn't really have been sold, if you look at the makers website the stitching is safely a good distance away from the edge of the welt. I think you will have issues with them although if the glue is good they won't come apart to look at them isn't nice though.
  15. If you mean the boot repair company in Southend then they are pretty good at this kind of work. if you want to speak to them have a word with Peter he will tell you straight what they can sort for you. If it's a location issues whereabouts are you based?
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