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  1. petercoulson

    Vintage Machinery

    The chain stitcher was made by Pedersen of Denmark and would probably have been split to get it in. Chances are it's around 70 years old - is there an age in the catalogue at all?
  2. Do they look like a left and right or both the same shape? We didn't start having lefts and rights until 1818 so that might help a little dating
  3. petercoulson


    PR88 is the one we sell and people who use it find it works well its like having a pair of gloves on until you wash then apply again - it seems to be the best one looking at reviews - I think it's £11 from us plus post maybe worth shopping around
  4. petercoulson


    Have you tried barrier cream at all?
  5. petercoulson

    Converter for 3 phase

    Yes and yes but simple enough for you so long as motors are dual voltage.
  6. petercoulson

    Converter for 3 phase

    Hi Payson, depends on the stitcher motors and the voltages they can run at, if they are dual voltage 200/400 3ph you can do this relatively cheaply around £150-£200 if not it could be expensive
  7. petercoulson

    pederson thor

    We have manuals for the 309 through to the Rapid II - the Thor is a 311 from memory
  8. petercoulson

    pederson thor

  9. petercoulson


    If you mean the 317 we have manuals for them i believe but nothing electronic
  10. petercoulson


    What machine?
  11. petercoulson

    Crash in 'company' vehicle

    It's less than an excess would be anyway but as for who pays it depends on what your contract of employment and driving policy says
  12. petercoulson

    RIP David

    Very sad, a good shoe repairer and customer
  13. petercoulson

    Advice with standard 842

    Ah you see, different minds
  14. petercoulson

    Advice with standard 842

    I don't think it's a joke Neil, you asked : After saying about using cable ties then mentioned moving the machine so a perfectly good question. That may be why a joke doesn't make any sense
  15. But that would ruin democracy. Have another referendum that says stay by a small majority so we have another and another, where does it stop? There was a piece I read the other day, what if the referendum had voted Stay but the MPs were convinced the electorate were wrong and pushed through a leave deal, how much uproar would that cause?