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  1. We have many colours but not sure what LV yellow is?
  2. Hi All, Just a plug and reminder for the CE Show on 29th September. It takes place from 10am in the Edinburgh Airport Hilton Hotel, 100 Eastfield Rd, Ingliston, Edinburgh EH28 8LL. The forecast is looking good maybe you could make a weekend visit to this beautiful city. Always a well attended show where you can meet the best suppliers to the trade, pop along and say hello!
  3. Ah but is it really your ball? You might have paid for it but is it really yours?
  4. To be fair it's not all of them they didn't all vote against but the majority are as you say. Now they are trying to stop a non deal departure. Well that's going to work well isn't it......Let me see we go to Europe and say we are leaving but not without a deal. I'm thinking if there's a general election might just stand as an independent as the Piss up in brewery party. I think a general election will be a disaster for the main 2 parties and even if the cons won again what difference will that make, perhaps as suggested BJ will call an election for 14th Oct then delay it a little screw them and put Brexit through perhaps that's why JC now doesn't want one now after bleating all this time. The thought of him and Diane Abbot......... We're screwed whatever happens now.
  5. petercoulson

    How old?

    70s is about right, older than that were the Goodyears with exposed drive shafts and belts
  6. petercoulson

    logo conversion

    May have worked
  7. petercoulson

    Sand logo

    Sand logo View File As requested a plt file Submitter petercoulson Submitted 08/28/2019 Category Logos  
  8. petercoulson

    Sand logo

    Version 1.0.0


    As requested a plt file
  9. Would there be any mileage in Cutting edge looking at doing or promoting something like this? Whilst visiting Glastonbury Festival this year which is really big on recycling and saving the planet my wife was asked by OXFAM to sign up and pledge not to buy any clothes for the month of September, which saves loads going to landfill, which she did and a lot of people were, which got me thinking as a trade why we couldn't do this, say for instance January and February they pledge on a Facebook or Instagram, or Twitter or a petition in our customers shops not to BUY a pair of shoes but to recycle them by having them REPAIRED. By getting the younger people talking about recycling and shoe repairs it might get some into the shoe repair shops it seem every business is big into recycling and saving the planet our trade is sat on its hands where this is a good opportunity for the trade to get publicity or engage with the public.
  10. petercoulson

    Making Tax Digital.

    We use quickbooks and all you do now is press a button and it's done so yes feel the same way
  11. Doesn't look leather related to me, wrong type of blade for splitting looks more trophy related
  12. petercoulson

    Sneakers ER

    The machines in the video are Chinese and take up a lot of room so, Angelo is very good with trainers and it's something that so far hasn't taken off here. In Europe and the States it's big business at the moment using steam cleaners with some cleaning fluid, they are great at reviving and cleaning but not so good at stain removal although most of the time it's people who want their trainers reviving.
  13. We sell Guttermann thread alongside another one in many colours
  14. petercoulson

    Old books

    McKay is a cover all name and people sometimes refer to DNs as McKay so can be a chain stitcher or a lock stitcher
  15. petercoulson

    Problems with Gravograph

    The IS200 is quite adjustable to get it flat again