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  1. No I don't believe there is although it is something we are working on for SOMSR in the next 3 months. What town? There's Stony Service Centre which may be too far in Stony Stratford or Andy Shoesmiths in St Albans
  2. It's less to do with the piston more the cam and con rod, these are what seize in quiet compressors and thicker oil won't get to temperature to thin itself enough to lubricate these comparatively miniature items.
  3. But that's not for the quiet compressors like Bambi - it's for piston ones and relatively much thicker
  4. 20/50 is designed for piston engines in cars chances are high you will damage the Bambi, you should consider how much it will cost (£500-£600) to replace the Bambi versus the (around £35 per litre) cost of proper oil designed for it.
  5. Poor Dennis he's not that old maybe just never aged
  6. It's no problem Dennis is excellent, guessing independent is a different meaning for us machine repairers there's no multiple
  7. @billyshoes **Don't move the motor it's a pain in the arse and can't really be done easily** Look at the lever that brings the wheel up to change the band, see where it mounts the casting (inside the wheels) there is a bar with 2 x 13mm headed bolts these are slotted and the way to adjust the tension, loosen them then bring the wheel forward a little then tighten them again. You will regret trying to move the motor.
  8. No as soon as they extended the Furlough scheme in November they scrapped the £1000 grant
  9. Aha yes but I also found the below, seems it's a staggered claim process for some reason
  10. That advice was withdrawn I believe and a follow up says Late July to Sep to claim - https://www.which.co.uk/news/2021/07/government-announces-grants-for-self-employed-workers-during-coronavirus-outbreak/
  11. p.s. the other trick is to tape the cut up plastic windows you get in packaging on to the item this also does a good job
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