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  1. @grahamparker get through this, hope it doesn't get worse
  2. The flip side I am taking is there's no penalty for deferring so I am squirrelling the money to one side as an "in case it goes on too long" fund ready to pay as soon as it's over.
  3. It is definitely optional - you can still pay and you have to cancel your DD if you don't want to otherwise it will be taken or you make the payment your usual way
  4. Little more business info today Posted at 16:1516:15 Staff can defer annual leave for two years, Sharma says Mr Sharma says that workers can now defer their annual leave for another two years. "This will protect staff from losing out, while providing businesses with flexibility when they need it most." He adds that banks are processing thousands of applications for loans designed to help businesses with an annual turnover below £45m. And he adds local authorities are beginning to receive funds in order to distribute as grants to small and medium businesses.
  5. Confirmation just received from HMRC about deferring VAT payments - you MUST cancel any direct debit as it is up to you to not pay This means that all businesses with a UK VAT registration have the option to defer VAT payments due between 20 March and 3‌0‌‌ June. You therefore have until 3‌1‌‌ March 2021 to pay any VAT deferred as a result of this announcement. You do not need to inform HMRC if you wish to defer payment. You can opt in to the deferral simply by not making VAT payments due in this period. If you pay by Direct Debit you should cancel this with your bank. You should do so in sufficient time so that HMRC does not attempt to automatically collect on receipt of their VAT return.
  6. More news from HMRC about furloughing, there will be a portal to claim and they are looking at the end of April which will fall in line with most paid monthly. Read through it is very interesting particularly if you had a better February last year you can base the 80% on that. Also a little more info for the self employed although I still can't work out if the £50000 profit ceiling is per person https://www.gov.uk/guidance/claim-for-wage-costs-through-the-coronavirus-job-retention-scheme
  7. Thank you Lee, I'm not doing much more than reporting what I am finding out about how Siserve will survive and hope everyone else does the same if they find stuff out. As for St John stuff that is really ramping up now although my involvement is in the background there is a ton of stuff going on - now we are providing as many ambulances from around the country into London which is struggling big time the new hospital in Excel centre is due to take patients from 1st April when nationally SJA are aiming to provide 100 ambulances and 500 personnel per day but that is a drop in the ocean if Covid takes hold let's keep our fingers crossed. If that doesn't scare people enough then over the next 2 weeks we are also providing first aid cover at secret locations while they build temporary morgues around the country because we won't be able to keep up with the deaths as you see in Italy.
  8. Same with our although they cost enough to start with, this is definitely one for your accountant to answer - perhaps you could post when you find out for us all to see
  9. @grahamparker By internet or did you get the letter?
  10. Might be worth looking at universal credit I don't know how difficult this is but surely worth looking - https://www.understandinguniversalcredit.gov.uk/coronavirus/
  11. Good information in one place: https://www.businesssupport.gov.uk/coronavirus-business-support/
  12. BUT they will be paid the 3 months in one lump when it does come
  13. JUST ANNOUNCED: Self employed will be given 80% of your average monthly profit for the last 3 years up to £2500, payments will be from June but earlier if they can make it. If you missed the January deadline it has been reopened for a short period. Access has been made to business interruption loans and Universal Credit This is for those with profits up to £50000 - The tax man will make direct contact with those eligible
  14. Don't worry your account number should be on the letter they send you Sorry @grahamparker
  15. UPDATE: some councils are now sending out letters to business customers who are eligible but they realise this is impractical and an online form is being produced to fill in but this is not immediate so be patient my guess is it won't affect how quickly you get a grant they are just gathering the information for now
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