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  1. Quite possibly looking at the width yes but hard to see where the angles could be changed I think you are correct
  2. Yes blades are available and easy enough to remove without the tool. First you have to unscrew the bottom roller then get a screwdriver in one of the holes and a sharp tap with hammer loosens it enough to unscrew by hand (Note the blade is a left hand thread)
  3. Not quite - that is a splitter not a ranger or welt roller
  4. Yes they still make the Ranger/welt roller and the blades.
  5. Good answers and first things to check, take the screw out and spring off clean it and try again, whilst it is off look at the shuttle and see if the thread has worn a groove into it if so a little filing or dremmeling will help
  6. Assuming you are asking a question and not stating a fact then as Keith says but it could be so much more, it's not a new machine to you is it? Assume it was working ok and has stopped working ok? You should have a manual for it with some limited help inside it
  7. Hi there, this is about the best one I know of, you buy the machine then the dies to go with whatever eyelets you get (they are matched usually)
  8. So is the Chinese one 80 frame otherwise it will be bastard to fit one and the wheels must have 19mm holes, we sell double shafted motors. There will be another problem I can see doing this with a Chinese machine and that will be it will make the (very poor anyway) dust extraction redundant because it won't cope with the extra speed. 1ph double shafted motors are about £500 btw.
  9. Hi Dominique Like Michael says Cobalt is scratch resistant so normal engraving won't work or be permanent possibly only laser but that would be a specialist laser machine and for the inside of a ring is very doubtful you will find anywhere at all.
  10. If it's any help you should be able to import ai files into corel draw (as with many file types) probably worth sending one to try
  11. They're (rare) machines from Greece, at the moment it's very difficult to sell machinery people know never mind ones they don't and parts will be hard to come by. I can't think of any realistic price other than listing on somewhere like Ebay for a minimum amount you would consider and see if they sell.
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