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Morning all, I have cut and cloned a non remote car key for a Vauxhall corsa D 2014. 

Key works fine, unlocks and locks the drivers door but will not operate the central locking so leaves the other doors and tailgate open. The customers original key does exactly the same. His key has buttons that does operate the central locking. 

I did explain the key that i will use will only work manually and will not have buttons. 

He is asking for a refund.

What would you do in this situation.


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this is the case with many modern vehicles , the manual key will not operate the central locking and will only lock and open the door the lock is on , also on some models and years if alarm is set it also wont silence the alarm.

whats important when asked for a cheaper manual key is if a model that a manual key wont operate the central locking , then this issue is explained to the customer and understood by them , but even then unless in writing its your word against theres .

same with explaining a clone key will stop working if the host key is ever deleted from the system so will only be an active key whilst its host remains in the system , so a clone key is just an emergency key and not a permanent solution for them.

its 1 customer one key , keep the peace and make the refund for quiet life for goodwill , or upsell a remote key to them by obd.


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You can lock a Vauxhall with a non remote key. Exit the vehicle and close drivers door, go to passenger door and open, then press the lock button on the dashboard. ALL DOORS WILL NOW LOCK. Make sure you have key in your hand and close door. This works on all ID46 Vauxhalls. We have done hundreds for local dealers who just want a backup spare to sell with the car.

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