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Hi guys.


Right. I recently saw a laser engraver very very similar ro mine online. The only difference was that the one I say was split I to two bits. The 'base' with the power buttons and the electrical gubbins, and the 'table' with the post and the arm holding the laser bit 


Mine is all one piece, so I decided to undo the 8 screws holding the two bits together. It separates no problem. However, the wires/leads are not just unplug obviously. I need them to be 'unplugable'.

The black and red one can be split and male/female connectors fitted. One of the thick black ones is an old PC connector, which I am sure I can get an male/female extending lead. The other black on needs a proper look at (this was just a quick inspection).

My main issue is the yellow cable. Anyone know what it is? It feels coaxial maybe. Whatever it is there must be a way of splitting it and adding connectors.


I want to do this as its so heavy and not easy to put in my van for car boot sales and dog shows etc. In two halves it would be more manageable.


Any advice or help?





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I would think breaking into the data cable would give more problems than it would solve. I don't see an issue with the power leads you can get connections that would do that but if the other cable is a data cable cutting into it would likely damage the flow of data. I'm no expert, I no tap all about engravers. I suggest you find a geeky computer shop and see what they can suggest.

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2 minutes ago, beware said:

At a guess...

The laser source is in the control box and the yellow 'cable' is actually where the main laser beam is going to the scan head.  So no chance the extend it.  You may possibly contact the source manufacturer and get a longer one.

You are in dangerous laser safety territory here though. ;)

Yeah I realised that when I saw it was going into the big box bit. There was actually about 3 foot of it coiled up and cable tied, and same with the others. So i cut the cable ties and it can now be carried by two people into and from the van, so not all is lost ;)

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