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  1. beware

    ls 100 LASER FAULT

    Maybe.... End of travel error on a laser and the bed moving down usually means your auto focus flexible sensor is stuck up. Clean the auto z mechanism first. If it is currently moving upwards then the limit switch bottom left has been damaged. Contrary to popular belief we do try to diagnose issues before quoting high figures for repair and about 60% of the time can fix things over the phone. B
  2. beware

    Buy new or used

    Buying used gives you no warranty and no service history.
  3. In your install files the paramdlg file will have a different name like "paramdlg Master" and it will need renamong.
  4. You need a fresh paramdlg.bdv file from somewhere. That solves all the issues. After v5.4 there's a button in options to reset it for you but in 5.2 and 5.3 you have to replace the param file. Ben
  5. Mobile phone typing. "Plastic box on the side"
  6. The red pointer needs physically moving on the y axis. If you look on the left of the spindle the red pointer comes out of the bottom of a plastic box. Usually there's enough play to rotate it by hand until the red pointer is lined up. If there is no play you need to take the cover off the box and loosen the internal screws for adjustment.
  7. Quick method (only line red pointer up with spindle) : Clamp some metal Orange plus left, then press z and down to make a diamond mark Hold tick until red eye comes on and moves. Align red pointer with mark previously made. Press and hold tick. NB: this method is fnine if you always point and shoot but it is recommended to ensure the machine is properly aligned. If you have no centring tool, use black or wood ruler jigs and close them to make a centre Y line. Place ruler across the 0 marks for centre X line.
  8. You need to clamp something in the centre of the machine that you can line the cutter and red pointer against. New machines come with a metal disc with a hole in and a black plastic crosshair. Turn the machine off and on to ensure it's clear. Hold the orange pause button and press the left arrow button. Release the buttons when it starts moving. It will move out to the centre. You can use the arrow keys to move it to line up with your centre mark. You can press Z then down to move the cutter down to see better. If using the supplied metal disc try to get your diamond to go through the hole. When you're happy the diamond is centred, press and hold the tick button. The red pointer will come on and move to the centre. You can use the left and right arrow keys to align left right. Up down needs to be done physically. You can slightly rotate the plastic box o. The side of the head. When happy press and hold tick. Test.
  9. beware


    Graham knows his stuff.
  10. Not for text on leather...
  11. Brand new I think about 8k. 2nd hand may require a new tube at about 800 inc fitting.
  12. Entry level from Gravograph would be the LS100 Energy. 25w glass tube CO2.
  13. If the import was successful you will have a new font in the font list called "logo yourfilename" (so under L). Select this font then click the eye button to preview and select the logo. Ben
  14. beware

    Dog Tags

    True. That rules out M20 energy and M10 and puts you in the realm of M20IQ.