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  1. Send me a vnd file. I can test on Build 8 here. Build 8 should open any vnd file.
  2. Did you install from disc or download? If your files were created in the latest version but then you installed an earlier build, that might cause the issue.
  3. I'm afraid the default installation only contains those few tools. I do not have access to any complete tool databases. Building your own tools seems simple enough - in the tool database, select the first tab (conical cutter), enter the values, (width 4.36, angle 15 deg usually, but check for the tool you're adding, and tip size) then type a name and press Save. It's possible that the sales men around the time of install had a file, but I don't have a record of it. Maybe someone else on the forum is able to share theirs?
  4. You can only make Tool databases in Gravostyle. But you can copy the tool database file from one installation to another and/or keep a backup of the tool database file. GS7 Default tool database attached - copy it into C:/Gravostyle7000/Config Probably not compatible with other versions. GsToolDataBase.Dbt
  5. The database is corrupt. Check in c:/gravostyle7000/config for the file. It has a dbt extension. I think it's GStooldatabase.dbt or something. There should also be a fresh backup copy there. Delete the corrupt one and make a copy of the backup, renaming to match the original file name. Sorry I can't check the exact filenames right now. B
  6. Transfer error on the machine could be down to your serial port settings. Check for 9600 baud rate and flow control Hardware.
  7. Hello Sir Charles, Yes, 5.3 should run with a 5.1 dongle. Yes, fonts available are controlled by the dongle. We can't reprogram parallel dongles any more, so there's no way to activate those fonts unless you upgrade to GS8.
  8. I would echo all the above. The IS400V can tilt. Clamp your piece with anything as long as it's secure. You can use a nose cone with a diamond. Maybe a feathertouch, but it will give a lighter engraving.
  9. Turn it on and press X when screen says Gravograph. It's in there somewhere.
  10. https://gravotech-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/ben_warre_gravograph_co_uk/EZ3ALfbFZalHqbcPKgUMmYwByRoyUUKqZ7N_YilSX5e_Sw?e=FZuPCH
  11. Looking at the manual, the maximum ring diameter is 25mm. The maximum bangle diameter is 80mm. When doing inside bangle, you'd have to select bangle on the touch screen, rather than ring, and then you'd have to change the inside ring attachment diamond for the longer one. Manual attached. The M10J is just a RingCube without the touchscreen. RingCube.pdf
  12. 25mm sounds like a ring. I'd have to check, but you should be able to do proper sized bangles on the ring cube. You can on the M10J. Only problem with bangles is they have to be perfectly circular.
  13. Download for Gravostyle 5.3 Here is the link for the GS5 V3 bld 5 software – please note that this software is not compatible with Windows 7, 8 or 10. https://www.yousendit.com/download/Q01FdFdVNXY4aU5jR0E9PQ You will need to download all 23 files (each file is about 30mb) and extract them to an empty folder on your hard drive. You will only need to extract from one file as all of them are linked together. Use the extract all command and save to a new folder on your hard drive. If you cannot open the compressed files you can download a trial version of WinRar and other similar programs from http://www.download.com/ You may then run the software from the extracted files or burn them to DVD. To run direct from these files the setup file is in the Gravograph folder.
  14. Hi Steve Best to discuss with our Admin team. 01926884433 option 3. I'll let them know to expect your call. Thanks Ben
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