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  1. Seems OK on my end: https://shoerepairer.info/files/category/2-engraveable-files/
  2. Here is the link for the GS7 bld 6 software https://www.hightail.com/download/bXBZY05uTWNGR0YzZU5Vag You will need to download this file and extract it to an empty folder on your hard drive. Use the extract all command and save to a new folder on your hard drive. You may then run the software from the extracted files or burn them to DVD. The Set Up file to install the software is located in the Gravograph folder in the files extracted. New Installation of an Engraver on GS7-Win7 - non-USB.pdf New Installation of an Engraver on GS7-Win7 - USB.pdf New Installation of GravoStyle 7 on Windows 7 PC.pdf
  3. Since you're based in America, there's not too much point. Both are one-man businesses based in the UK. You may want to check with GV USA if they are able to help. Alternatively I believe the Sawmill forums are US based. Ben
  4. 1) it depends on the sort of work you do, and the sort of work you wish to do. 2) you can install it on as many PCs as you wish, but it will only run with the dongle connected.
  5. Quick bodge for convert to curves when you don't have Graphic - export as EPS then import back in again.
  6. I'm afraid I'm the software guy. IM4s are quite hard to take apart...
  7. We (Gravograph) cannot repair IM4 machines any more. Either Marino or Microwhite should be able to help. From the description of the problem, the limit switch that detects where the arm should stop is faulty (or the wiring to it). On boot, a machine will check it's limits. If it doesn't detect the limit, then it will continue to try and move in that direction. Ben GV Support
  8. Turn the machine on, and when the screen says Gravograph, press the orange pause button. Press tick to run. (and then possibly green to go maybe?). Not available on every machine.
  9. I reread your post. A GS7 dongle will run any build of GS7.
  10. The info above is generated from Gravostyle. Click the ? and then About. GS7 B6 and above are compatible with Windows 10
  11. You could look for fonts with finger prints (Although I can't remember if you can use TTF fonts with QuickPix)
  12. Quick Pix is only able to do images and text. ABC is able to do drag marking but doesn't have many options for drawing things.
  13. One of my customers exclusively engraves lego. You can make jigs with the bricks to hold the bricks in place well.
  14. Run gs98. Click Help, About. In the texty bit, look for VERSION: to X.X.0.0. GS98 is version 4. If it says to version 5.1, 5.3 will work too. Ben
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