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  1. I'm not an engineer I'm afraid. It will be in the top left, it sounds like it might be stuck in - the head *should* move left until it hits the switch and then move right by a predetermined amount. So if it's moving right, then the switch is active when it shouldn't be.
  2. That sounds more like your X axis limit switch, or a wiring issue. Best to email the office and an engineer can call to discuss. Support.uk@gravotech.com
  3. If GS98 is pointing to a driver, and the driver is pointing to the right port, the last thing to check is that "port" is selected in your machining window. Then, you should get something on the machine. If you don't, it's time to try different ports and configurations. Is it LPT or Serial?
  4. The first thing to check is if the auto focus works. If it works it's probably just off in your jobs. To test, move the head over the bed with the arrow keys, then press the auto focus button (two triangles and a square on top of each other). Be prepared to turn the laser off if something goes wrong.
  5. You need to add a generic text only print driver, pointing at the right port. Then in software, click Engrave, config machines, right click, properties on your machine, click Output and choose the driver.
  6. www.gravotechsupport.co.uk/DG7 But the BSOD is more than likely out of date dongle drivers www.gravotechsupport.co.uk/HAS Thanks Ben
  7. Sorry all, late to the thread. Seems you have identified the issue. IS400 coupling is about £20 off the top of my head.
  8. You can normally engrave both without a cover if your depth nose is clean and the pressure isn't too heavy, but you can get a good engrave by doing it through masking tape to avoid depth nose scratch. If you're burning the traffolyte, your cutters need sharpening.
  9. Hmmm. I can't think of anything else. You did say you were engraving traffolyte. Is it normal to use lube when engraving Traffolyte? I imagine the usual use for the lubricant is when doing a cylindrical item, and the lube should end up dripping directly under the item.
  10. As you spotted, there's no seal on that hole usually, so something is causing the lube to flow where it shouldn't - difficult to diagnose... is there something contacting the inside of the 'bath' that shouldn't be?
  11. Is it leaking there because you're filling it that far up? There's a max fill line. Also ensure you're using the foam strips and tray.
  12. Unfortunately it maybe more complex. The original CA is no more. We supply the V2 CA which is different AND requires GS8.
  13. If you're already familiar with the Gravograph systems, you'll be able to use an LS100IQ easily enough.
  14. Resolved via PM Technical Details: After a recent Windows 10 update by Microsoft, Laserstyle 7 and below (any/all versions of the LSolution driver) now has a bug which will turn the APF on and give APF Cycle fault errors on the laser. For some reason, it's related to the length of the file name - if you save your job with less than 16 characters, the issue goes away. Laserstyle 8 has fixed the bug. Side note: Another Microsoft update to Windows 10 broke all drivers prior to L-Solution 7.28. So if you experience slow connection to the machine, and are using Windows 10 a
  15. How is the machine connected? USB/Parallel/Serial? Which operating system and engraving software are you using? How old is the IS200?
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