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  1. beware

    is400g software issues

    No code needed. As long as the dongle is connected. If it's asking for codes the time and date on your PC is incorrect.
  2. beware

    David Mcwilliam

    Thank you for your kind words.
  3. beware

    M20 Pix

    Hi, Very sorry. I have your email. I will respond with some options in the morning. Thanks Ben
  4. beware

    M20 Pix

    Hi Den Please email me direct. Support@gravograph.co.uk
  5. beware

    M20 Pix

    The head is springy. Controlled by the tension knob on the right. So treat your curved bracelet as flat, but ensure it z's at a low point.
  6. When installed, the GTSmartstream driver should be in c:/program files x86/gravostyle quickpix/driver. Thanks Ben
  7. beware

    AlumaMark Settings

    From GV Engraving Source catalog: Power sensitive material, If image is gray, reduce power. If image is tan, increase power.Engraving quality is improved using 50% speed. recommended power/speed for 35w: 30%/80% DPI 500 1 pass
  8. Not that I have found. I have a jar of Gedeo gilding wax which seemed as good when I started testing, but being a jar, it has started to dry and go clumpy. My random tubes of Rub n Buff last for years. Sometimes for a quick picture or some contrast, just a felt pen is enough.
  9. https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/rMe9K GS98 - Windows XP only. If you need a new PC, £825 plus V.A.T to upgrade to GS8.
  10. GS98: (yellow parallel dongle) deleted (Windows XP only) GS5.3: deleted (Windows XP only) GS5.4 : deleted (Windows XP - Windows 7 possibly, but doesn't usually work) I will remove this post in 7 days (or when I remember!) Remember, GS5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 dongles will all work with GS5.3. GS5.4 is a different software. @grahamparker you need to check which version you are running.
  11. beware

    Pet Tag Engraving Machine

    The one on ebay? You will need some additional support to make it work properly, as it is a customised machine which will need de-customising. A general M20 ABC is a good machine but it might be worth ignoring the ABC part and running it from a laptop. Ben
  12. Anecdote alert... There exists a GV machine that uses a gold marker pen instead of a diamond to mark on glass bottles. One of the options in the software is for customers to 'write' on the screen, and then the machine will write on the bottle. It always struck me that someone spent a long time making that work without realising you could just hand a gold marker pen to the customer....
  13. We no longer supply the Model B (manual ring engraver). The IM4RM is solid, but we cannot repair them any more if they fail (other repair services might be available). On a Technical note, if you need to run on Windows 7/8/10, Quick Click 3.08 is required, and NOT 3.29 - 3.29 has a bug with IM4RM. The cost for the latest version of Quick click is £185. version 1.6 would need windows XP to run. I would place the resale value of a working IM4RM at around £4-500. Bear in mind it is Serial port only - USB->Serial adaptors can cause issues. The M10J can do bangles as well. If the quoted price is a little too high, consider enquiring about exdemo machines, as our demo M10Js get very light use. For 3-4 rings a week, I would personally continue to outsource. Ben (Gravograph)