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  1. https://gravotech-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/ben_warre_gravograph_co_uk/EZ3ALfbFZalHqbcPKgUMmYwByRoyUUKqZ7N_YilSX5e_Sw?e=FZuPCH
  2. Looking at the manual, the maximum ring diameter is 25mm. The maximum bangle diameter is 80mm. When doing inside bangle, you'd have to select bangle on the touch screen, rather than ring, and then you'd have to change the inside ring attachment diamond for the longer one. Manual attached. The M10J is just a RingCube without the touchscreen. RingCube.pdf
  3. 25mm sounds like a ring. I'd have to check, but you should be able to do proper sized bangles on the ring cube. You can on the M10J. Only problem with bangles is they have to be perfectly circular.
  4. Download for Gravostyle 5.3 Here is the link for the GS5 V3 bld 5 software – please note that this software is not compatible with Windows 7, 8 or 10. https://www.yousendit.com/download/Q01FdFdVNXY4aU5jR0E9PQ You will need to download all 23 files (each file is about 30mb) and extract them to an empty folder on your hard drive. You will only need to extract from one file as all of them are linked together. Use the extract all command and save to a new folder on your hard drive. If you cannot open the compressed files you can download a trial version of WinRar and other similar programs from http://www.download.com/ You may then run the software from the extracted files or burn them to DVD. To run direct from these files the setup file is in the Gravograph folder.
  5. Hi Steve Best to discuss with our Admin team. 01926884433 option 3. I'll let them know to expect your call. Thanks Ben
  6. We have an Engineer based in Paisley, but I'm aware that may still be a long way.
  7. Hi Steve, If it doesn't rotate it's one or more of the below.. Cable Motor Board inside machine. Because the board maybe faulty we'd need to see the whole machine. Callout and labour charges plus parts would probably put your repair cost to between 400 and 800 quid. (yes, I work for GV, but estimated pricing should not be read as anything offical. I am not a hardware engineer)
  8. Seems OK on my end: https://shoerepairer.info/files/category/2-engraveable-files/
  9. Here is the link for the GS7 bld 6 software https://www.hightail.com/download/bXBZY05uTWNGR0YzZU5Vag You will need to download this file and extract it to an empty folder on your hard drive. Use the extract all command and save to a new folder on your hard drive. You may then run the software from the extracted files or burn them to DVD. The Set Up file to install the software is located in the Gravograph folder in the files extracted. New Installation of an Engraver on GS7-Win7 - non-USB.pdf New Installation of an Engraver on GS7-Win7 - USB.pdf New Installation of GravoStyle 7 on Windows 7 PC.pdf
  10. Since you're based in America, there's not too much point. Both are one-man businesses based in the UK. You may want to check with GV USA if they are able to help. Alternatively I believe the Sawmill forums are US based. Ben
  11. 1) it depends on the sort of work you do, and the sort of work you wish to do. 2) you can install it on as many PCs as you wish, but it will only run with the dongle connected.
  12. Quick bodge for convert to curves when you don't have Graphic - export as EPS then import back in again.
  13. I'm afraid I'm the software guy. IM4s are quite hard to take apart...
  14. We (Gravograph) cannot repair IM4 machines any more. Either Marino or Microwhite should be able to help. From the description of the problem, the limit switch that detects where the arm should stop is faulty (or the wiring to it). On boot, a machine will check it's limits. If it doesn't detect the limit, then it will continue to try and move in that direction. Ben GV Support
  15. Turn the machine on, and when the screen says Gravograph, press the orange pause button. Press tick to run. (and then possibly green to go maybe?). Not available on every machine.
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