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  1. Not in the shop today. Will look tomorrow and let you know
  2. After purchasing an MVP Pro, I messaged Hickleys to see if they wanted my old shape AD100. They told me that it was worth just over £1000 trade in against a new Smart Pro. So, if anybody is thinking of a new Smart Pro, let me know and we can sort something out.
  3. A guy on a local facebook group has a market stall selling sweets, toffee, chocolate etc, you know the kind.. "A quarter of Uncle Joes's Mintballs please". He had in his little facebook promotion that the council had told him he can open as he is essential. A lot of places that are open and claim to be essential are just telling porkies, but what to do? If one does, another one will.
  4. Hi guys. Keep your ears open. If anyone is thinking of trading in (or selling) their MVP pro, put them on to me. I'm after one to expand the car key programming.
  5. one would do mate, its for my shop. But if you don't need em, yeah brilliant. Will paypal?
  6. Anyone anything else on these? I have one shutter key left, and being locked out your own shop and ringing a fellow locksmith to borrow his jugglers to get in, doesn't go down well on social media amongst friends lol
  7. Did a Google search and landed on this post.. Anyone got any of these or knows a supplier? My shutter key on the shop. Down to 1
  8. 5 miles nearest one, and i get people coming in with keys they got there that don't work
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