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  1. completelocks


    and its not very professional carry on
  2. completelocks


    Several phone calls. First on the morning the first order arrived with missing items and no engraving plates. The second call the day after, when the same wrong engraving plates arrived (that was on the morning of the school assembly) the third call when it arrived with the very same wrong plates. I was told someone would get back to me and sort it out. This happend the next 3 days. Rang, "we'll get back to you" and nothing. Much better to phone? Tell them that !!
  3. completelocks


    And when bad service from said company loses said customers? I emailed the MD (Tim) and got this reply: "I’m out the country at the moment. I will make sure someone who like me cares about customer service , gets back within 30 minutes Apologies if I was in the office it would have been sorted by me personally Regards" I responded saying they would get in touch quick when they wanted money. I got an email 30 mins later saying they were looking into it and would get back to me. The next contact I had was the bill. I forwarded it to Tim with "I was saying?...." on the 1st August. Nothing back yet. I have lost a big customer due to this.
  4. completelocks

    RST mortice machine

    Still got this? where are you based if so.
  5. completelocks


    His guys. Totally disgusted with Glenavy and their lack of response to my complaint email. Who do you recommend as an alternative? Ta
  6. completelocks

    watch movements

    Good supplier of low end watch movements, miyota etc, anyone?
  7. completelocks

    Chinese mailbox camlock blanks

    A junkmail box?
  8. I know what it means. I was asking who decides "right, stop making parts for this now"
  9. Can I ask who decides when a machine becomes `obsolete`? Surely there are people still using them. Seems a bit unfair really.
  10. completelocks

    Supplier Price Survey 2017

    Is there not gonna be a yearly price survey as normal?
  11. completelocks

    Charles Birch

    The "price per 10" gets me, when it says underneath it "Min order 30". So basically that's the price of a third of the minimum order.