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is this a 2007 Suzuki, FL125 Address ?

it has a magnetic shutter assembly,

have to find a key on alibaba, aliexpress, ebay, amazon...with the seperate installable magnets and cap ,

most heads have 4 open hole positions and use 3 magnets, placement of magnets must be correct holes  as well as the magnets north / south orientation,

or remove shutter assembly permanently and fit key for which I think ?... ? you can use the Silca KW15BP to copy but again you need to remove the shutter assembly to work

might contact Suzuki to see if they supply magnetic keys with  open head and replacement magnets & cap

possible aftermarket sources ?



Could also try and contact the place on the If Found Return to ... yellow tag attached to the key to see if they supply replacement magnetic head keys with the parts

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something like these replacement magnetic type heads may be available for your make & model  from somewhere aftermarket ?? don't really know...

they are made to open the shutter assembly minus key,

but due to shutter being in place, a regular blank may be to short and require the head to be cut back to insert fully and or the grooves lengthened as well ?


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