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  1. HowardK

    Land cruiser

    M6 Fuki TR 4 Curtis TP3 Ilco M44 Fuki JA57 Cole Nat'l A141 Kis TR 13 Curtis T74W Taylor TA11 Dominion TA11 Ilco T66W Taylor T61W Ilco TY12 Orion TY12 Lotus TT10 CEA M199 Fuki FO376 Cole Nat'l FO144 Cole Nat'l TOY10 Silca TYA35 RR T163W Keil C27¼ Edmonds
  2. HowardK

    cut to code yamaha

    OOPs I see you say top box which may not be Yamaha factory original to match bike what brand of top box ?? most of these we just impression
  3. Howdy Folks, A locksmith on this side of the pond is looking for a customer spare key, Apparently a French made lock ??, Looking for spare key, Sorry no photo of lock face Thanking You In Advance Howard
  4. HowardK

    CC2 Club Car Keys

    Ilco CU12 = Silca CY14
  5. HowardK

    key help

    That is a Cyber Lock key, from Asia, http://cyberlock.com.vn/ as apposed to Cyber Lock part of Videx here in the US, https://cyberlock.com/
  6. most likley can only be ordered by code, https://www.google.com/search?q=Rosengren+key+blanks&client=firefox-b-1&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwir8-7uhIDeAhWvd98KHQAICGMQ_AUIDygC&biw=1440&bih=766#imgrc=QMQNmz0oaAQZcM: http://www.safespares.co.uk/?s=+Rosengren+&post_type=product http://www.safespares.co.uk/product-category/keys/keys-safe/keys-safe-pre-cut/page/2/
  7. maybe JMA JTF4 ?? https://www.bluedogkeys.com/product/bd509/ I wonder if a Silca ISU-5 / JMA ISU-5 would work, though may need modifying length ?? but it does look like one blade side is wider / taller then the other to me so maybe not...
  8. HowardK

    CC2 Club Car Keys

    Ilco CC2 = JMA GOC-2D
  9. HowardK

    Key to Code

    per Instacode it is an Arregui key per the triangle logo
  10. a little more searching, assuming it is a Sandusky and not a knock off, and assuming it uses a double sided convenience key, look at L6FM / LS14 an Ilco 1545 has been used but with shoulders cut back and used as a tip stop key where as the L6FM / LS14 would be shoulder stopped
  11. HowardK

    Cruz keys

    Chevrolet Cruze ??
  12. that appears to be a Sandusky lock or an aftermarket copy sorry forgot key blank it appears to be single sided and has stepped master wafers best as I can tell from the photo, but could maybe be a double sided convenience key http://www.sanduskycabinets.com/products.php?action=viewcat&catid=all&sidebarcat=90
  13. HowardK

    ilco 1645 blank

    that would be correct
  14. Howdy Folks, Would anyone know of a source for this style Zadi Wafers, ( photos ) A locksmith over here is needing to rekey about 40 of these to all keyed alike, Even with shifting wafers around there is not enough to make it work out right even leaving some empty chambers, So he is looking for a source for the wafers, Thanking You In Advance Howard