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MARINO MANCA service engineer

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this is to 'HIGHLY RECOMMEND'  Marino, I know most of you probably use him, but just before Christmas I decided to move all my engraving equipment from downstairs in my shop to it's own room upstairs, and luckily enough penciled Marino in to help!

looking back I should have done this after Christmas but sometimes you have to do them as and when.

Anyhow Marino not only helped but a few days later i realized a couple of bits were not doing 100% what I wanted and he did them over the internet - then called as was passing to check all ok

great guy great service and knows the Gravogrph machines better than the gravograph guys do. As we had our Volume delivered and no known to me but Marino 'spotted' the faults and put then right.

07853 236686 is the number to call. you will be amazed at the pricing structure as well 

(don't tell him - he is too cheap. )

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8 minutes ago, hakeemz said:

you guys down south are lucky to have him, in Scotland here i have been waiting for 2 years for him come up..anyone else wants to make it worth his while , please let me know if you are in scotland and want to service or repair your machine so we can get him to come

that's a good idea, the more the merrier - you will find compainies to others he is well worth it


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