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  1. just had a customer, who has been in some 3 times with a key problem, we copied her key and didn't work - can happen but on the second time coming back - I said to her any more problems please bring the original one. this she has done and hey ho guess what it's a PATENTED yale key! some local DONKEY has adjusted the copy key that makes it work. cant some people look at the key and look for the word PATENTED it's right there on the key - this is cheap someone who cannot afford the extra 25p per key causes quite a few problems all. So look - it's right there on the key! PATENTED
  2. Tankards are slow now - we only benefit as can engrave them, interestingly i was offered a warehouse full from a large trophy distributor - which tells me it's the same all over?
  3. I've just been 'given' alight box - which i thought might just be good for graphics of watch repairs and battery repairs have any of you who have this kind of service got any images I could snatch? I'll gladly pay something to the forum charity - if you would share
  4. https://smallbusiness.co.uk/how-much-national-insurance-hike-will-cost-your-business-2557171/?msdynttrid=jT81Yvp8Sbv50YcuZH8BLKXkkbaImXI1RKAO8-aJHqU
  5. as above pm me if you have one
  6. been with them years - there the best
  7. call marino - he will sort for you
  8. thing is, there getting this kind of money, are we 'VERY BUSY FOOLS?' we also have two jewellers around our shop that are charging what we call ridicules prices - pens the question if they'd pay them why are we so cheap? Is our work not as good?
  9. Good news (i hope) I have just got a NO WIN NO FEE company to get my business interruption - my insurers have 'closed the door' on even giving proper advice towards a claim. My guess is if this company are willing to act on a no win no fee basis, i should get something let you know how this goes
  10. just had two people asking for "SPRAY PAINT" wtf why in the world would you think a Cobbler shop would sell Spray paint?
  11. space needed - about to scrap as no interest reduced to 250 pm offers
  12. Ebay and Amazon offer free engraving on most of their trophies? I've had this 'thrown in my face when talking to some customer's"
  13. as title V does anybody have this - I noticed on the Birch flyer - never tried it They also are doing a stand,cloths sponge etc, any feed back? https://bama-magicelements.eu/?lang=en
  14. was told that there is a 'pass key' about to launch onto the market - time is ticking away with this problem.
  15. not surprised - this is a poor service to offer - are they trying to steal peoples business by getting them direct to them? (as Glenway did years ago)
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