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  1. there just steel blanks, davenports do some the price is even keener
  2. k4mrc

    music license for shop

    the lads go thru spotify, then play that stuff download stuff etc I will try and get a link.
  3. k4mrc

    music license for shop

    I just had a bill from ppl / pro £200 which i have phoned them to say 'go away' nicely seems we do not need to pay anything IF we listen to copyright free music these are available on line etc radio stations from artist that want there music heard (free) so they have now cancelled all that they think we should have been paying - as now not needed result
  4. they're robbers! everyone I know that uses them - all in fact, when I say they charge Compliance fee EVEN IF you have passed the crappy test! (that even a child could pass) ITS IN THE SMALL PRINT OF THE INVOICE - even on calling them and writing they still refuse to refund!
  5. k4mrc

    Mate's rates

    no free lunches.
  6. I've done signatures on things for big orders which was good as presentation stuff - but like beware states too mush writing doesn't look that good
  7. k4mrc

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    ok, so I have been asked for these on a regular basis as most of you probably have too. So bought one with spare fobs sks after googling found this - https://pacsupplies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=paxton&pages=1-2#p1401 miffed as paid an awful lot more hope this helps some of you
  8. k4mrc

    Yale superior

    This bus the key I've ‘finally’ sorted it Apparently there are lots! time we get bigger key boards
  9. k4mrc

    Stainless circle

    I can engrave it, but it's the shapes i'm struggling with? I will call them thanks
  10. as per title, customer wants a stainless steel circle cut then engraved also diamond shape who can help? many thanks in advance. will donate (charity) if successful
  11. k4mrc

    Yale superior

    we use the Silca Evo that's the on we used,. black headed this was different (slightly) No. but hey that's another!
  12. k4mrc

    Yale superior

    says Yale Patented. but I have the newest one, (so I thought) this was different some how - if it does not fit it'll be back tomorrow and I'll get a pic. she had tried other key people tims etc so I guess it's new.