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  1. k4mrc

    Request for keys

    Hey I thought you could cut keys?? LOL
  2. Hi Rick if this is still available, I'll take it - I've no idea's on it all but am after a colour photo printer and seems a bargain £120...
  3. k4mrc


    LOL this comment had me 'crying' with laughter - love it!!
  4. Davenport Burgess now offer a free key cutting course helping you learn to cut any key, I sent one of my team along and have been reaping the benefits since, it's amazing how much confidence he has now he has been there
  5. If at all you can afford to do this then great but an add on, Tell the local Timpson staff each customer they send you (as they cannot do it themselves) give them a couple of quid (drop it to them personally) - maybe drop your biz card in and the staff can put there name's on the back so they will benefit there customer's will appreciate this also and you can gain good business from it
  6. k4mrc


    davenport burgess they do a great range of boards with ALL the popular keys on, and you can even have them customised at no extra charge with your company name on every one
  7. k4mrc


    sorry, but I have had great service from them and to be honest if they closed tomorrow it would be a very DARK day for this trade.
  8. k4mrc


    how many are you after?
  9. k4mrc

    shoes not collected signage

    OK what's the legal wording supposed to be? does anyone have a photo of there own sign that they could please show?
  10. k4mrc


    This is probably the hardest thing to get right, one of my brothers has a really good eBay account which the feedback is somewhere around 40,000 last time I looked and talking to him he gats more business on his web biz from people who visit whilst buying off of eBay - when they go to the checkout he has the page similar to the bay one and for some reason they buy more whilst there - most don't . He also links everything else to his web page, facebook linked in twitter etc.
  11. I had a customer into my shop and was asking for parts of materials that I'd never been asked for before - she explained she was making her own shoes which she read on the internet. After a little searching I fond this - https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Shoes Maybe this site should adopt similar themes?
  12. k4mrc

    Dimple keys

    yes, v popular yes advertise in your window
  13. hi mate could you send your details so i can send key for easy entry copys cheers

    1. k4mrc


      Hi Joe

      shop address -




      B61 8DD

      01527 576560

      immediate turn around, all you will have to do is cut the key.

      bear in m ind - old/worn cutting blades will damage the blank, so cut v slowly

      thans Martin