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  1. Sad news Phil I wish you all the very best in the future.. Martin Bromsgrove
  2. heads up, according to a 'nameless t employee' the question should be how close are 'us' independents to them? namely on services etc I think they feel were nowhere near them! LOL
  3. minimum pay is first problem but under 21 look it up, it's all hassle employment laws (I think) are ruining it all, yes have protection but in this environment? just interviewing people comes with all sort of problems, Age race and this goes on, if you don.t reply to letters someone will complain. I just took a guy on but did not advertise as haven't got the time, just get chatting to someone to fit the criteria of what your after - you'd be amazed how easy it can be.
  4. bit close but, it can only be good for your business. did you open first?
  5. just talked to the rep - he says there clearing it all
  6. When I take my shoes off my wife thinks they should be quarantined forever
  7. I'm more than surprised - they have been brilliant for us, and have sent stuff back etc.
  8. seems the only - but there coming thru so damn fast now, are the cylinder keys on there way out?
  9. i'm struggling to find enough spaces on my key boards for the track and dimple keys - already have 4! any solution to this from a manufacturer? I have the ones from HD but added blank ones as they are increased.
  10. I'd put money that they wont be an insurer that will pay out - all under the carpet if they do pay as would make all the insurers bankrupt. Imagine paying us all loss of income or profits for the 12 weeks or so. 100 billion our gov have had to loan.
  11. my 'new accountant' been with them about 8 years now, do all my payroll, vat, bookkeeping etc -did all my furloughing etc - charged me about £50 extra to me that is very acceptable, they need to make a bit too - with the cheque's in every month for salary etc more than worth it
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