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  1. great news, the saying "you cant keep a good man down" is apt! you can still buy the coffee at my shop lol
  2. Just had Marino come to 'rescue me' my laser ls100 decided to play around, he was brilliant! spent quite a bit of time checking everything that needed checking, realigned everything that had somehow 'moved independently' and found the problem and sorted it. I had to but a new part but hey ho. roughly 10 years old, lots of use - these things happe, whilst here he gave my is400 volume the once over, and even though it's only about 3 years old, I was quite staggered on how many things were wrong with it! seems that it wasn't set properly from the start! Anyhow, I have booked
  3. there is bad news i have to tell - our smart card 'packed up' but, i didn't know this - RW4 programs them! so don't bother with it Terry let me know, GENIOUS
  4. just look on the gov.uk website - all answers are there
  5. Hi there not mine, but if you PM me your phone number i'll pass it on and the guy will be in touch (most are still available)
  6. yes - HD davenport Burgess sell them we just copy it so don't know on the futura (even though we have one)
  7. we have that one, this has a very slight groove down the side
  8. use the HD ASEC2 never had a problem, we but around 250 each time (for years now)
  9. looks like a Sophisticated 'tibbe' but not mne sorry.
  10. you can also 'farm the work out' £2-5 incl posting busy fools https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sports-Trophy-Engraved-Plate-Plaque-Picture-Frame-Engraved-Gift-Label/111182456770?hash=item19e2fda7c2:g:bNgAAMXQ0v1RZILC
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