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  1. have you a link or phone number, as I'm looking for someone new
  2. <I'm with you there but this week I have 2 clubs putting there annual orders in, however they seem to 'expect' free engraving and more extra's - i'm having one haggling like mad at the moment.
  3. were all the same, to find the extra £9 on the bill without prior warning a bit of a shock but I do understand trophy distributors are still free. but depends on your location
  4. they were also on lockdown? according to lads (customers) this way I asked them they said most were furloughed seems same in lots of places
  5. i have an is200tx with pc and a volume with pc with softwares etc that i'm selling depending on how much this cost to fix might work out better for you pm if it's over the top money wise from gravo
  6. I'm offering paid hols on top of there money, that way they seem happier as having al the time off there bored stiff!
  7. I'll send you pics and prices - could you pm your email easier straight to that also will send a few video's
  8. how do the high street shops get on then? one man working within it - I know they seem to manage doing them - so this is a great service your missding out on. I do sell the boards with thew most popular on, and small out lay you will get the lot. pm if you want pics etc
  9. are you old bald and large LOL
  10. yes i did - and it's great thanks agian
  11. here you go - i knew one of my suppliers did them - https://www.lbslondon.co.uk/cms/cms.jsp?menu_id=26602&category=LBSLONDON&description=RECHARGEABLE
  12. add on to your key order @ davenport Burgess small orders or large - prices good to
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