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  1. Does anyone know where to get these? they wrap around the ribbon
  2. Isn't this how you market yourself? instead of offering free engraving as most are doing, perhaps just the printed labels as 'free' and charge for the engraved type? I don't like them either, but maybe some of the people shopping around might take that instead? and then as the plates are easy to print yu wont waste any time on them. -
  3. good salary to be fair, however on an interview (trade test) you might go up a bit, but usually from the people i have seen quality is far far away.
  4. Does any1 know where to get these?
  5. Probably wil be cleaned up though - the guy has closed two shops so, given the tree hassle etc?
  6. there is still a connection? https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/02147692/officers tampon address for some of the shareholders? smelly that
  7. as title - fire extinguisher contract Just had the same company that I had used for over 20 years send me a cancellation demand Last year I noticed the 'price increase' which seemed crazy, so i told them to not bother when they wanted to call this year, I just had an email with a demand for a fee for cancelling. over £50 seems in the SMALL PRINT they have even got this covered..... BEWARE every year what you'r signing.
  8. hi I bought one, after being asked a few times, Not sold one yet. some mo nth in, I would recommend NOT
  9. sorry to keep you waiting, selling for someone else who has had to close two shops, I am waiting for pics from him - you can imagine he is sorting thru the stuff etc I am promised Friday... will post them straight away
  10. there just steel blanks, davenports do some the price is even keener
  11. the lads go thru spotify, then play that stuff download stuff etc I will try and get a link.
  12. I just had a bill from ppl / pro £200 which i have phoned them to say 'go away' nicely seems we do not need to pay anything IF we listen to copyright free music these are available on line etc radio stations from artist that want there music heard (free) so they have now cancelled all that they think we should have been paying - as now not needed result
  13. they're robbers! everyone I know that uses them - all in fact, when I say they charge Compliance fee EVEN IF you have passed the crappy test! (that even a child could pass) ITS IN THE SMALL PRINT OF THE INVOICE - even on calling them and writing they still refuse to refund!
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