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  1. This is sold thanks donation will be paid
  2. thought you were younger - Under the Juries Act 1974, to qualify for jury service, a person must be: between the ages of 18 and 70 years old; registered to vote in parliamentary or local government elections; a registered citizen in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man for at least five years since their 13th birthday.
  3. k4mrc


    Stand corrected oops
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    Nobody even asked for the pictures so I guess there are no Hungry cobblers out there?
  5. How to defer Write to the Jury Central Summoning Bureau explaining why you want to defer. Include evidence showing that you’ll not be available, for example: proof that you’ve booked a holiday a letter from your doctor a letter from your employer explaining why they’ll not give you time off You must also list the dates when you’ll be available in the 12 months after you were supposed to start jury duty. Jury Central Summoning Bureau jurysummoning@justice.gov.uk Telephone: 0300 456 1024 Welsh language telephone: 0300 303 5173 Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm Friday 9am to 3pm seems you can, but they still want you to go later
  6. Looks the same to me? can you put clearer pics up?
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    Quiet today

    careful, The dreaded Timpo jail guys will open more around you..
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    Quiet today

    It's because of Brexit..... lol
  9. Hi all just wondering what months for each sports for trophies awards So what months for hockey and the rest? is ther a list?
  10. get ready as I think there all about to do this? have we got enough key hooks?
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    does not matter really, but what great chance to help someone on the road.?
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    You'd had thought someone would 'snap your arm off' do the timpson lads have NO ambition to go it alone? such a shame,
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    New Moderator

    what he said lol
  14. Ok, so Glenway have discontinued this service however, I did pass on my details to some customer's that were 'in a hurry' I;e next day and I got the commission from that. My point is, one regular customer (who I still do engraving for?) have not ordered any trophies AT all since this started up? I wonder that if the customer still emails the ilovetrophies.com site do they still do the trophies and not send commission? or are they forwarding them to another email account? Strange to me anyway?