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  1. So they came back to me this is the reply - Dear Martin Further to your query on business interruption, we’ve further reviewed your policy, which does include business interruption under specified circumstances. The result of the court case does not impact potential cover under the disease cover clause, as the diseases covered are listed and do not include Covid-19. However, there is some wording under the ‘Denial of access (non-damage) cover’ clause, that is worth further exploring: We will cover you for any loss insured by this section resulting from inter
  2. thats obvious, why oh why when the footfall is slow?
  3. just had a customer, ask if we could her watch battery to which we said yes - however according to mr t's it's not essential so cannot be done? it was a nurses watch? surely that classed as essential? either way we do it. I'm not looking for an excuse to get up[ and do my job
  4. Just informed my insurer that had evaded all conversations about it. but today I now have this reply so thanks guys - I will let you know for any step forwards "Thank you for your query. We are aware of the Supreme Court judgement released on Friday 15 January, and are working with insurers to understand their next steps as quickly as possible. I’m happy to discuss further and will look to provide a further update within the next 7 days, or sooner should we have clarity from your insurer. Please be assured we will update you as soon as we can"
  5. so sad all this - it's like life has been stopped for us all. Look forward to next year's Chin up
  6. Just talking to a repairers one is not open. applied for the grant - REFUSED as he can be open? check your local Councils
  7. talking to otheres in this trade, there are NOT OPENING as they think they might get 4K grant.
  8. yes,essential services Key Cutting. Locksmith's Mr Tims got this started
  9. this is a true story, I have dealt with lots of Sikh over the years one guy I did biz with we used to deal with an item that used to cost £9 each, as time went on over the years I used to buy 50 at a time.. this was great biz, at the start I would check the quantity he would check the cash, it got to be so often we'd do biz that he didn't check the cash, i didn't check quantity... One time i went to him to collect the next batch and he asked if I'd lost something last visit? i said no,. he gave me £100 cash stating I'd given too much - I don't know any others that would ha
  10. Thank you Pete will have to find out the local one near them.
  11. Great service (again) this company every single time I have ordered I have had it the next day - even Christmas eve TODAY - never let me down and (not shoe repair related) I wish all my other suppliers were as reliable, only once they have not been in stock of one product - but got advised and delivered within a week. If your a wholesale person, try to strive to this standard they are PRINCE WHOLESALE LONDON I would buy them a crate of whiskey in a token of thanks, but there Sikh - what to get them? suggestions please, or I will send a nice trophy?
  12. where are you based? if your local to us pop in easy Bromsgrove Worcestershire
  13. just had a customer who wanted her new watch to have the strap adjusted, I joked after doing it @£25' to see if she was awake -= to which she was very happy and proceeded to pay me? Obviously I stopped her saying i was pulling her leg, and she said it seemed cheap as had been into 'Finds' the jewelers who wanted £30-00!! ffs simple job two minutes - but they are asking for it? NOW, the question is - am I too cheap? (£5-99) or are they even cleverer?
  14. lloks v impressive, however it would be nice to see it in action - i;e cut key engrave and see the finished item, with out the music.
  15. I did look - but searched the site nothing? at least you get a few more looking Merry Christmas
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