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  1. I think that’s great hope mine will not take a break for some months till we get back into it,
  2. Another employment law that is making it harder and harder to actually employ any staff, why bother with making it law? This is going to be. Very bumpy ride for all businesses that have had to close - I’m told it will be about 11 weeks, them to really stick salt in the wound let your staff have holiday. Whoever makes this up obviously hasn’t got a small biz
  3. His defense to me stating he couldn’t do it I’m not open Jo but seems some are working
  4. My window cleaner at shop thinks he is ok to do the windows? according to Scotland minister Sturgeon he is - I’m not paying him if he does, asda we’re rammed with customers again today also Poundland very busy - Boris has shares in these companies I’m sure - he’s handed them unlimited business
  5. We have had deliveries each day, just has another 400 - we completely sold out so far 700 this is really good
  6. No he is a great guy, we had 400 delivered today. ALL sold!
  7. phone this guy - Meat (I call him) 07411072056
  8. just a quick note - order your LR41 batteries now we have been inundated for them, they are used in digital thermometers... LBS are doing a deal as well
  9. who doesn't like the Simpson's - they predicted loads of stuff way before the times...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmS9ptx8HsA
  10. we had a delivery yesterday - one box and sold all this morning NONE left I've just ordered another 200 - might have later today - where are you based?
  11. On the up side - i'm selling the hand sanitizes today and not even 9 am sold nearly 40 bottles not all bad then
  12. Our Charles Birch rep has it and it's full blown (he says very painful - the sports shop next door has closed due to advise to self isolate - there are others that i'm hearing about.... were in for a bumpy ride. HOLD ON TIGHT!
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