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Phenix Stitcher- parts wanted

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Hey everyone. I'm up in York and have got an old "Phenix" Blake stitcher from Standard up and running again with thanks to Keith at SiServe for helpful insight and advice. I saw another one in a window display last weekend in Eastbourne and Argy Bargy on here had mentioned one in past posts which leads me to the subject of my post. Mine came with the beat up old manual which I have finally gotten around to scanning and putting into a PDF. If anyone or the site file section is interested in a copy of it I would be happy to share it. I know I have learned a lot from manuals I have found online in the past.


Secondly, I'd really like to get hold of a feed point for this stitcher. It has a presser foot at the moment but for the in the channel Blake stitching I am doing with it, a feed point would be better.


If anyone has one they would part with I would be really interested. Thanks for your time.

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Sure, thanks for having a look. Here is the presser foot on my stitcher:




Here is a feed point image gleaned from t'interweb I'm looking for:




And here is the drawing from the manual showing the feedpoint:




I'm glad to have the presser foot, and have experimented with stitching around a wet formed knife sheath using the chain stitch as a decorative feature, (which I had to trim back to the stitches afterwards though). But it tends to push the lip down when Blake stitching in the channel.

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