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Help needed - Heel block replacement

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Heels in serious distress!


I hope its ok for me to post here!!


I've read most of the forum and I need advise/help urgently. My favorite boots have perspex heels which enclose a metal rod running down the middle.


On one heel the metal rod has slightly bent so the Perspex has cracked :(


I live in London and my local shoerepair guy wants to charge me £42!!!!!!!!! and its only 1 heel thats cracked!


What do I do???? :oops: Do I pay or not?? Another guy advised me to take them back to the shop where I brought the...umm which is out of the question..I brought the boots in Marbella Spain 1yr ago.


Any solutions, advise, ideas?


This this guy over charging right?? Plus the boots only cost £100 -repairing 1 CRACKED heel for £42 doesnt sound right!


I've put the pic in the gallery under members, "Heels in serious distress" please have a look and tell me what you think!.

thanks in advance!

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Hi and welcome to the forum Tinkerbell, First of all most good repairers would have to change both heels to match. £42 does seem a little over the top (in my opinion).It looks like a fairly straight forward job, except the colour, you may have to except the nearest match.

I would of thought £20/£25 was a little nearer the mark. Try to find a good alternative repairer who is willing to take on the job, As some lesser repairers overprice the job rather than say they can't do it, or just don't want to do it.


Good luck uk900 :wink:

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Just to save members clicking around heres the image



Can you give our members a closer location/area?


In the mean time I will make some inquiries to see whats available, I may be able to help mail order 8) , but again this all adds to the cost! :cry:



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If there is a manufacturer stamped inside then maybe Corlas might be able to get replacement heel blocks?


Blocks look like chrome finish and I doubt if there are many repairers having access to this style, they are available in Eastern Europe but that will not be an option unless you know manufacturers out there.


Repairing the damaged block will not be able to be done without some more damage to the block and this would not be able to be masked due to the Chrome finish. (you could ask for them to be sprayed black if you can get anyone to do it!!!) (common job years ago).


As for cost a major repair is estimated on one third of the cost of new.

The boots were overpriced to start with as the price has been inflated for high fashion. Replacement heel blocks should cost around £30 but you need to see the ones that the repairer intends to put on as you may not like the style/shape/colour.


After all that I feel sure there is someone who would take this repair on board, I would if I was still repairing.

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WOW what a great forum!


Im so happy all is not lost for my little boots


Thank you uk900 - u'll be hearing from me! 8)


Thank you Lee for adding the photo! :D I live in SW London - Battersea - if you know of anyone in the area or near by...im willing to travel a 20-30mile radius


Thank you Hugh for the info, much appreciated :wink:

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Complete new heels sprayed with metalic silver spray, Keeps the cost down and saves hunting for silver metalic Leather that is suitable for covering heels.

You would be very lucky to have in stock silver metalic leather. To go out and find a skin of a suitable colour and buy it, would blow the cost of the repair out of the water.

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Chrome finish elfman, why go to the trouble of removing the blocks on both to cover with leather?

a better match can be obtained with a spray, although not chrome some of the srays from Halfords/B&Q are nearer to the original.

The main problem is not the cover or colour but the repair of the block.

The insrtion of the hot tube has caused a void (air pocket)in the base of the heel allowing the bottom of the tube to be unattached, this void needs filling and the new or extended tube must go past this filling into the solid remaining base, otherwise the problem of fracture will re-occur.

UK nows what he's doing.

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