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Singer patch machine

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Thanks actually quite cool, My lad would like customized shoes like that. I might have a go at that idea myself!


The machine looks good too, but I would still try to get in touch with them first, before giving them your money!



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If they don't answer the phone or emails, then I wouldn't deal with em. What will happen if the machine doesn't work, or there is some other problem :?

PS the rolling eyes were because you put your question in the machinery section sponsored by Standard engineering :roll: But no offence intended, just trying to help you out :wink:

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something is slightly odd with the advert. 29s171 sounds more like a long arm patcher to me - the S denotes where it was made i believe but the 171 would normally be 71 for short arm. what you have to be careful of is that the modern singers are not always manufactured as well as the older ones. we sell 29k71 fairly regularly although supply is less than demand as always.


as everyone says get replies from them and they may turn out to be ok, in america arent they?


what the disclaimer is implying is that they are not owned by singer but are an official dealer so in the same way you pay a £1000 deposit for a new motorbike at an approved dealer but lose it when the dealer goes bust you cannot claim from the manufacturer.

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