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1958 Vauxhall Victor trunk code ?

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Howdy Folks,

One of our locksmiths over here has a customer with a lost key to a 1958 Vauxhall Victor trunk lock,

Customer  brought the lock  to the locksmith,

On the tailpiece there is stamped the number 745,

On the housing is stamped the number WBB3,

He says the Curtis UN16 fits, which translated to a Silca uni20,

I do not know if the above is the correct key blank to use,

We forum locksmiths cannot seem to find any information on the code series or Depth & Space and or weather or not either of the 2 numbers is a code that can be found,

Any help appreciated, I can enquirer if more information is needed,

ADDED, he is not good at impressioning a key, so hoping for code and depth & space information, to fit key or help with impressoning,

Thank You Kindly For Looking

curtis in16.PNG

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12 hours ago, 10ringo10 said:

Classics usually have a 2 letter prefix

But not usually stamped on locks and used to have a second key for boot / trunk or tailgate locks and handles.

Union FS for years and FP etc.

Check FP745 in instacode see if there's a hit or not.

Wilmot breeden or union usually.

"Wilmot Breeden locks and (Union) keys.  https://www.bobine.nl/jaguar/12-body/wilmot-breeden-union-locks-and-keys/


I am impressed.

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Thank You All for responding,

It is greatly appreciated

I have forwarded the information,

Not a lot if information for us over here to find, though I did find they were sold here in the US when I was a child, I was 7 years old in 1958,


I also use this site for some help at times, and found if I typed Vauxhall into the search field some key information came up,


Again Thank You All For Your Help


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