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  1. 10ringo10

    Regent bitting needed

    Code R203 Bitting is in instacode - see guide above cheers ringo
  2. 10ringo10

    Regent bitting needed

    Print the series off R008 TO R254 - Simply change code numbers R008 TO 700 till you get to 795 or R254 In sequence
  3. 10ringo10

    Regent bitting needed

    Regent codes unpublished as far as I know - but run 700 to 795 use R - Series progression R008 to R254 for bitting Glad I could help ! cheers ringo
  4. 10ringo10

    Regent bitting needed

    Maybe try Henderson code R109 - HEN1 - JMA on the 723 key a gamble there is no wafer in the lock in 6th position - nope its not there ! only 5 wafers & ( 4 depth cut LAST as a rule ) HENDERSON R-SERIES GUIDE BITTING looks like 223354 - on the 723 above 5 being the deepest cut 744 key would need a pic ! but would try R203 BITTING R008 - 700 R109 723 R203 744 PROGRESSION chees ringo
  5. 10ringo10

    Alternative key

    also less work than the Dat blanks as No tip - to CHOP off plug- barrel can be removed from front - grind around the cap - rim edge if unsure of code or not known as many are not stamped - making keys ! cheers ringo
  6. 10ringo10

    Mirror of Silca LF2

    Sounds like the JMA LF28 - small side warding in lock 95-97 - 87-91 or 36 series fits same as LF2 just as the small grove on flat side of blank... no wonky keys anymore or filing
  7. my security pro .com - in usa stock them no account required residential - commercial keys for best and arrow sfic cores small format interchangeable core
  8. I have one and use the same adaptor for the jaguar - numbered 1 to 4 on wheel if you see the grub screw on the side of wheel - not the one on top for locking keys Park the wheel just under 3 and tighten this screw .... gives you the number two cut required IF anyone as any other ADAPTORS for the CEA multi other than the FO21 .... cash waiting used it for a few years now ......AWwwwwSOME....MACHINE hope this helps
  9. Depth & spaces keys for FORD S-C MAX 2 TRACK need some of these and have a no luck finding a set please pm me with a price if you have a set and any other sets if there going at a good price thanks ringo
  10. 10ringo10

    Silca RC7R

    I have not heard of this silca key blank and on checking on the instacode and genericode drew a blank ! not found so I turned to a old 1974 silca catalogue and found a RO7R & RIQ7R only then checked these on the software which I found. unless its new and restricted ! ringo
  11. hi guys key print key suppliers based in Edinburgh as anyone bought from them ? really need to know asap before I send my money off. to buy or not to ?? any feedback would be great thanks in advance ringo
  12. Having been a lockie for many years and a cylindersmith of sorts !! 1. Abloy protec 2. CISA ASTRAL AGREED GREAT PICK PROTECTION AND ANTI SNAP 3. AVOCET ABS MARK 3.. 4. EVVA DPS/3ks WITH ANTI SNAP LOW COST EURO AS BE THE UAP + FOR ME FITTED WITH ANTI SNAP HANDLES I dont rate the m magnum can be picked in under 1min or raked,the iseo r6 great lock.. but have never seen this with antisnap feature and are tricky to pick open R12 would be better.