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Forgive me as I am new to this forum, things might not be formatted correctly.

I could use some help on a boot repair. My favorite pair of boots has started to rust  around the eyelets and I am unsure how they got this bad or what could be done to save them. (and when saved how to prevent it from happening again). Will all the eyelets have to be replaced (can that even be done on such a boot)?

Picture attached via link. https://ibb.co/4SnjgT3

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Thank you so much for responding.

To my knowledge they haven't been near salt water but I did have my flat flood (faulty washing machine) and the humidity went way up. They really shouldn't have even gotten wet.

I feared as much as far needing to replace all the eyelets but I am glad to know they can still be salvageable. I am looking at repair places now to see what can be done to replace them. Its a fair bit of eyelets so not many people seem willing to take on the job. Do you know of any resources where one could find a cobbler willing to take on such a job? 

In the interim I have cleaned off some of the rust using citric acid and then moisturized the leather. Hopefully it will buy me time, or at least keep the rust from discolouring or damaging the leather. Do you know of anything more I can do to prevent damage to the boot leather while I am finding a repair place?

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