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Geneva stitching problem

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Hi all, 

I have a new to me Geneva blake that is running into an issue I'm having trouble resolving. The thread is getting caught between the bobbin case nub and the shaft wall (see picture). Does anyone have knowledge of this issue? I'm thinking either the vertical space between the shaft and bobbin case are not correct or the thread is perhaps playing a role. You can see the thread is also getting frayed, I presume, because of this catching action. 

I have replaced the bobbin case with a brand new one from Standard for good measure and the issue persists. Any help would be much appreciated. 



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1. the pull back arm that holds the lump is bent, very difficult to straighten without breaking the brazing but worth attempting as the lump should be inside the U more than that

2. new bobbin cases are usually a bitch to fit into existing housings, when you put it in is it easy to fit and does it rotate freely by hand when pushed up inside? I try to avoid changing these parts unless absolutely necessary

3. it needs plenty lubrication to spin freely when working

4. The lock mechanism may need adjusting

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Hi @petercoulson. Thanks so much for your help. 

1. Yes, the pull back arm that holds the lump is bent some creating a greater than 90 degree angle. I’m not sure I’ll have success bending it though this is certainly a problem to solve. 

2. The bobbin case fit easily and spins nicely. Maybe got lucky there but the issue persists with either case used. 

3. What should I lubricate? 

4. How might I tell if the lock mechanism needs adjusting? 

one additional detail that may be relevant - it does not catch like this every pass/stitch. Though when it does it’s enough to ruin the stitching. 

I would so very love to get this Blake up and running. Much appreciated, thanks again! 

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